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December 15, 2023

Congratulations to Our Fall 2023 Graduates!

The department celebrated fall graduates (and those who defended earlier this semester) at a ceremony on December 7, 2023. Advisers shared information about each graduate, and family and friends were able to attend.

We asked our graduating students about their plans following graduation and the most important thing they learned at CSU. Here are their responses.

Emily Gordon

“Postdoc at Stanford University.”

“The most transformative thing I learned at CSU was the cultivation and refinement of my research skills and instincts.”

Zaibeth Carlo-Frontera

“Teaching at a STEAM School.”

“How to conduct good and reliable science while learning and discovering new and fascinating things!”

Amanda Bowden

“University of Colorado at Boulder.”

“When opportunity presents itself, don’t be afraid to go after it.”

Andrey Marsavin

“I’m staying at CSU for the Ph.D.!”

“It’s OK to sometimes feel like you are working in circles. Those moments are not a waste of time but rather opportunities for growth and learning.”

Julieta Juncosa Calahorrano

“University of Minnesota.”

“I was always amazed by the Atmos department’s capacity to NOT shy away from problems/challenges. I was surprised mainly by how faculty, staff, and students would take immediate action to find ways (and work hard!) to improve those and provide a better space for everyone. I am committed to bringing this lesson to wherever I end up working.”

Emily Lill

“Continuing onto ATS Ph.D. program.”

“How to work in extreme temperatures :).”

En Li

“Staying for Ph.D.”

“It takes a village.”

Olivia Sablan

“Staying at CSU for my Ph.D.!”

“I learned how to better communicate my work with different audiences.”

James Larson

“I’ll be staying in the Atmospheric Science department for a Ph.D., the great people, and the good skiing.”

“I learned how important is a holistic support system: great friends, family, and mentors make it all possible.”

Ryan Patnaude

“Staying at CSU for Post doc.”

“The work never ends.”

Kevin Barry

“Staying in the department as a Postdoc.”

“Work hard, but don’t take yourself too seriously. There’s always time to do the right thing.”

Kathryn Moore


“The importance of occasionally saying ‘no’ and being able to prioritize yourself.”

Kyle Hilburn


“Never stop asking questions.”

Ann Casey Hughes

“Staying on for a Ph.D.!”

“Focus on what you can control of and take it one day at a time.”

Lexi Sherman

“I am continuing my education at CSU and will be pursuing my Ph.D.!”

“I learned the importance of continued self-growth. Developing new skills, experiencing new things, and pushing myself outside my bubble have helped me build my confidence as well as become a better student and person.”

Zoe Douglas

“I am staying at CSU to work toward my Ph.D.”

“Be patient with yourself as you learn how to become a more effective researcher and science communicator; you don’t have to know everything from the very first day. The students, faculty, and staff are always willing to help as long as you aren’t afraid to ask!”

Eric James

“NOAA Global Systems Laboratory.”

“Data assimilation theory, and how different algorithms work practically.”

Christine Neumaier

“I am staying at CSU to do my Ph.D.!”

“The most important thing I’ve learned is how to collaborate and ask for help.”

Photo collage, from left to right, top to bottom row: Ben Ascher, Jack Cahill, En Li, Lexi Sherman, Zaibeth Carlo-Frontera, Kyle Hilburn, Julieta Juncosa Calahorrano, Andrey Marsavin, Kevin Barry, Christine Neumaier, Amanda Bowden, Emily Lill, Zoe Douglas, Ann Casey Hughes, Emily Gordon, James Larson, Olivia Sablan, Eric James, Kathryn Moore, Ryan Patnaude.

Fall 2023 Graduates

Ben Ascher * M.S. Adviser: Sue van den Heever
Kevin Barry * Ph.D. Advisers: Sonia Kreidenweis and Paul DeMott
Amanda Bowden M.S. Adviser: Eric Maloney
Jack Cahill M.S. Advisers: Libby Barnes and Eric Maloney
Zaibeth Carlo-Frontera * M.S. Advisers: Libby Barnes and Eric Maloney
Zoe Douglas * M.S. Adviser: Kristen Rasmussen
Emily Gordon Ph.D. Adviser: Libby Barnes
Kyle Hilburn Ph.D. Adviser: Steve Miller
Ann Casey Hughes M.S. Adviser: Dave Randall
Eric James Ph.D. Adviser: Russ Schumacher
Julieta Juncosa Calahorrano * Ph.D. Adviser: Emily Fischer
James Larson * M.S. Advisers: Jim Hurrell and Dave Thompson
En Li M.S. Advisers: Jeff Pierce and Emily Fischer
Emily Lill * M.S. Advisers: Emily Fischer and Jessie Creamean
Andrey Marsavin M.S. Adviser: Jeff Collett
Kathryn Moore Ph.D. Advisers: Sonia Kreidenweis and Paul DeMott
Christine Neumaier Ph.D. Adviser: Sue van den Heever
Ryan Patnaude M.S. Advisers: Sonia Kreidenweis and Paul DeMott
Olivia Sablan Ph.D. Advisers: Jeff Pierce and Emily Fischer
Lexi Sherman M.S. Adviser: Kristen Rasmussen

* Completed defense before December 7 but technically will graduate spring semester