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Climate and Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics

Vorticity animation

Our research focuses on large-scale dynamics of climate, including atmospheric and oceanic circulation systems, ocean-atmosphere interaction, interactions among physics, chemistry and biology of the coupled atmosphere-ocean-land system, stratosphere-troposphere coupling, and the dynamics of geophysical vortices such as the circumpolar vortex/current, extratropical cyclones and hurricanes. Research is being conducted on the dynamics of annular modes and the climate response to anthropogenic forcing. Extensive work is also being done in tropical meteorology, including interactions between tropical precipitation and the large-scale flow, monsoons, tropical cyclogenesis, hurricane dynamics, and interactions between hurricanes and climate.


Sample Coursework During First Two Years of Graduate Program

Fall, Year 1

ATS 601: Atmospheric Dynamics I
ATS 620: Thermodynamics and Cloud Physics
ATS 621: Atmospheric Chemistry
ATS 640: Synoptic Meteorology

Spring, Year 1

*ATS 602: Atmospheric Dynamics II
ATS 606: Introduction to Climate
ATS 622: Atmospheric Radiation
*ATS 655: Objective Analysis
ATS 693: Responsible Research in Atmospheric Science

Fall, Year 2

*ATS 750: Climate Dynamics: Atmospheric Variability

Spring, Year 2

*ATS 605: General Circulation of the Atmosphere

* Elective

Other classes of interest

ATS 604: Atmospheric Modeling
ATS 607: Computational Methods for Atmospheric Science
ATS 623: Atmospheric Boundary Layer
ATS 641: Mesoscale Meteorology
ATS 703: Numerical Weather Prediction
ATS 704: Large-Scale Atmospheric Dynamics
ATS 707: Atmospheric Waves and Vortices
ATS 708: Middle Atmosphere Dynamics
ATS 722: Atmospheric Radiation and Energetics
ATS 742: Tropical Meteorology
ATS 743: Interactions of the Ocean and Atmosphere
ATS 745: Atmospheric General Circulation Modeling
ATS 750: Climate Dynamics: Atmospheric Variability
ATS 753: Global Hydrologic Cycle
ATS 760: Global Carbon Cycle
ATS 761: Land-Atmosphere Interactions