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Global Biogeochemical Cycles and Ecosystems

Cycling of chemical elements within and across atmospheric, oceanic and land reservoirs is essential for shaping the Earth’s chemical environment, sustaining living organisms and regulating greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Topics in this research area include fundamental process studies in oceanic and atmospheric biogeochemical cycles; numerical model development to better understand and simulate marine and terrestrial biospheres; modeling of the interactions between climate and biosphere; analysis of remote sensing and in situ data; and fusion of observational data and numerical models to uncover underlying processes related to global change.

In addition to theoretical studies and mathematical analyses of datasets, we apply the following tools and approaches in our research:

Field Programs
Numerical Modeling


Sample Coursework During First Two Years of Graduate Program

Fall, Year 1

ATS 601: Atmospheric Dynamics I
ATS 620: Thermodynamics and Cloud Physics
ATS 606: Introduction to Climate

Spring, Year 1

ATS 602: Atmospheric Dynamics II
ATS 610: Physical Oceanography
ATS 655: Objective Analysis

Fall, Year 2

ATS 760: Global Carbon Cycle
ATS 621: Atmospheric Chemistry

Spring, Year 2

ATS 770: Ocean Modeling

Other classes of interest

ATS 540: Daily Weather Laboratory I
ATS 541: Daily Weather Laboratory II
ATS 762: Biosphere-Chemistry-Climate Interactions