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The department and CIRA jointly host weekly colloquia held Friday mornings in room 101 (large classroom) of the main building. Refreshments are served at 10:45 a.m. in the weather lab (room 105 ATS) with the presentation starting at 11:15 a.m. The department also hosts other seminars generally announced on the associated mailing list. You can subscribe to the list by sending a message to using "subscribe colloquium" as the subject.

If you would like to invite a speaker, please see the colloquium guidelines and timeline for host and contact Michael Bell (, Jeff Pierce ( or Torrie Moss ( with questions. Here is a template for a visit schedule for our speakers.

Upcoming Colloquia

January 26, 2018 Title to be announced
Brooke Anderson from Colorado State University
Hosted by Michael Bell
February 2, 2018 The Land-Atmosphere Feedback Experiment
Dave Turner from NOAA
Hosted by Sue van den Heever
February 9, 2018 A Comprehensive Observational Study of Graupel and Hail Properties
Andrew Heymsfield from NCAR
Hosted by Chris Kummerow
March 23, 2018 Title to be announced
Walker Ashley from Northern Illinois University
Hosted by Russ Schumacher
March 30, 2018 Title to be announced
Imme Ebert-Uphoff from CSU Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Hosted by Libby Barnes
April 6, 2018 Title to be announced
Chris Fairall from NOAA
Hosted by Dave Randall
April 13, 2018 Title to be announced
Giuseppe Torri from Harvard
Hosted by Sue van den Heever
April 27, 2018 Title to be announced
Kelly Lombardo from University of Connecticut
Hosted by Michael Bell

Past Colloquia

2018 Spring Fall
2017 Spring Fall
2016 Spring Fall
2015 Spring Fall
2014 Spring Fall
2013 Spring Fall
2012 Spring Fall
2011 Spring Fall
2010 Spring Fall
2009 Spring Fall
2008 Spring Fall
2007 Spring Fall