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Radiation and Remote Sensing

Research focuses on understanding the interactions between solar and terrestrial radiation and the atmosphere, including clouds, water vapor, aerosols and precipitation. Current active areas of research include advances in retrieval theory; radar meteorology; the use of multiple sensors as well as cloud-resolving numerical models to derive descriptions of clouds and precipitation that are physically and dynamically consistent; applications of models and observations to constrain the global water and energy budgets; and participating in the development of new space-based measurements aimed at outstanding global climate and climate change questions.

In addition to theoretical studies and mathematical analyses of datasets, we apply the following tools and approaches in our research:

Field Programs
Numerical Modeling


Sample Coursework During First Two Years of Graduate Program

Fall, Year 1

ATS 601: Atmospheric Dynamics I
ATS 620: Thermodynamics and Cloud Physics
ATS 606: Introduction to Climate ATS 601: Atmospheric Dynamics II

Spring, Year 1

ATS 622: Atmospheric Radiation
ATS 605: General Circulation of the Atmosphere

Fall, Year 2

ATS 721: Theoretical Topics in Radiative Transfer
ATS 652: Remote Sensing

Spring, Year 2

ATS 753: Global Hydrologic Cycle

Other classes of interest

ATS 540: Daily Weather Laboratory I
ATS 541: Daily Weather Laboratory II
ATS 650: Measurement Systems and Theory
ATS 722: Atmospheric Radiation and Energetics
ATS 737: Satellite Observation of Atmosphere and Earth
ATS 741: Radar Meteorology
ATS 742: Tropical Meteorology