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M.S. to Ph.D. Transition

Applying to Ph.D. program for M.S. Atmospheric Science students

Before an ATS master’s student can be admitted to the ATS Ph.D. program, they need to undergo an internal review process. The review process needs to be complete and official forms submitted to the Graduate School before the first day of the semester the student will start the Ph.D. program.

  1. The student/advisor assemble the following to submit to the Graduate Coordinator:
    • A nomination letter, written by the proposed Ph.D. advisor, indicating that the faculty member agrees to advise the student and indicating the means of financial support
    • A statement of research interests/goals (including statement of when preliminary exam will be taken) prepared by the student
    • A brief c.v. that includes any publications the student has been involved in, prepared by the student
  2. The Graduate Coordinator adds the recommendation memo from the master’s committee.
  3. Application is passed to the Associate Department Head, Department Head and a third faculty member for review.
  4. When all three of the above make an admission decision, the student and advisor will be informed via email from the Graduate Coordinator.
  5. Upon admission, the following forms need to be completed (the department will send these forms to you and your advisor for completion):
    • Graduate student position change form will need to be processed in order to change the student’s pay status to Ph.D. I
    • GS7 form will need to be submitted to Graduate School in order to change student from M.S. to Ph.D. in the University system