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Department Staff

Human Resources

Heather Packard

Heather Packard – Human Resources Services Manager
ATS West 104 • 970-491-8356 •

  • Assists faculty and their respective research groups with hiring, including searches, search waivers, promotions, background checks and new employee onboarding (hiring paperwork)
  • Facilitates visa applications, renewals and extensions
  • Payroll questions for all employee groups
  • Tuition payments for GRAs
  • Employment verification letters
  • Employee changes including address, direct deposit, name and tax withholding
  • Benefits for all employee groups including family medical leave (FMLA), parental leave and GRA parental leave

Graduate Advising/Department Head Liaison

Sarah Tisdale

Sarah Tisdale – Graduate Adviser
ATS West 126 • 970-491-8360 •

  • Academic advising on university and departmental degree requirements
  • Assists with questions on Graduate School paperwork, registration and other issues
  • Assists prospective students with general questions on the department and application process
  • Manages applications and admissions during recruiting season
  • Assists Curriculum Committee with drafting class schedules; handles updates to the CSU Course Catalog; sends out class schedules and updates each semester
  • Serves as resource to faculty on course evaluations, grade change requests, registration overrides and Canvas logistics
  • Liaison for the department head, including scheduling meetings and assisting with signatures
  • Coordinates department events including faculty retreats, faculty meetings, AMS Student Career Fair, AMS annual alumni reception and new student orientation

Travel and Purchasing

Amanda Davey

Amanda Davey – Assistant Operations Manager/Travel and Purchasing Unit Manager
ATS West 127 • 970-491-8590 •

  • Processes travel authorizations and reimbursements
  • Books airfare, rental cars and helps with other travel arrangements
  • Reimburses moving expenses
  • Processes purchasing documents for faculty and their research teams
  • Submits PO’s to vendors
  • Places orders through CSU shop catalogs
  • Processes reimbursement requests
  • Processes internal order requests, including CSU Motorpool vehicle rentals
  • Orders Procurement Cards (PCARDs) for department employees
  • Reallocates PCARDs for the department
  • Tracks department’s capital assets
  • Loans capital assets to other institutions
  • Manages equipment capital asset inventory
  • Processes surplus of department equipment


Darby Nabors

Darby Nabors – Manager of Business Operations
ATS West 124 • 970-491-6960 •

  • Manages department budgets and operations
  • Manages department staffing
  • Supervises department staff
  • Monitors and assigns department space allocation
  • Liaison with WSCOE and university financial and operational staff


Jayme DeLoss

Jayme DeLoss – Communications Manager, Atmospheric Science and Civil and Environmental Engineering Departments
ATS West 110 • 970-491-8904 •

  • Manages website content (contact Jayme for updates and corrections to the department website)
  • Writes articles and announcements promoting the department and its members (contact Jayme with story ideas or for award announcements)
  • Manages social media accounts (contact Jayme with ideas for social posts)
  • Media liaison: arranges interviews with experts from ATS and CEE

Research Project Managers

Adam Finefrock

Adam Finefrock
ATS West 108 • 970-491-3396 •

Supports the following faculty/groups:
  • Christine Chiu
  • Jeff Collett
  • Richard Johnson
  • Sonia Kreidenweis/Paul DeMott
  • Kristen Rasmussen
  • Steven Rutledge
  • Wayne Schubert
  • David Thompson
  • Peter Jan van Leeuwen
Jared Pelton

Jared Pelton
ATS West 107 • 970-491-8758 •

  • Elizabeth Barnes
  • Melissa Burt
  • Colorado Climate Center
  • Scott Denning
  • Emily Fischer
  • Jeff Pierce
  • David Randall
  • Russ Schumacher
  • Tom Vonder Haar
Samantha Reynolds

Samantha Reynolds
ATS West 109 • 970-491-8680 •

  • Michael Bell
  • James Hurrell
  • Chris Kummerow
  • Eric Maloney/Charlotte DeMott
  • Steven Miller
  • Maria Rugenstein
  • Sue van den Heever