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Ph.D. Degrees Awarded

M.S. Degrees Awarded


Akherati, Ali
“Organic Aerosol Modeling of Wildfires”
Advisors: Shantanu Jathar and Jeff Pierce
Bukowski, Jennie
“Mineral Dust Lofting and Interactions with Cold Pools”
Advisor: Sue van den Heever
Naegele, Alexandra
“The Influence of Cloud Radiative Effects on Hydrologic Sensitivity and Variability”
Advisors: David Randall


Atwood, Sam
“Variability in Observed Remote Marine Aerosol Populations and Implications for Haze and Cloud Formation”
Advisor: Sonia Kreidenweis
Brewer, Jared
“A Year in the Life of an Atmospheric Ketone”
Advisors: Emily Fischer and A.R. Ravishankara
Childs, Samuel
“Projecting End-of-century Human Exposure to Eastern Colorado Tornadoes and Hailstorms: Meteorological and Societal Perspectives”
Advisor: Russ Schumacher
Dougherty, Erin
“Characteristics of Current and Future Flood-Producing Storms in the Continental United States”
Advisor: Kristen Rasmussen
Drager, Aryeh
“Response of Convective Cold Pools and Precipitation to Changes in Soil Moisture”
Advisor: Susan van den Heever
Hodshire, Anna
“From forests to the remote ocean to smoke plumes: aerosol microphysics in diverse environments”
Advisors: Jeff Pierce and Shantanu Jathar
Jenney, Andrea
“Quantifying and Understanding Current and Future Links Between Tropical Convection and the Large-Scale Circulation”
Advisors: David Randall and Elizabeth Barnes
Lassman, William
“Using Modelling Tools to Advance Understanding of Ammonia Dry-Deposition and Bidirectional Flux Processes Next to Large Animal Feeding Operations”
Advisors: Jeff Pierce and Jeff Collett
Lee, Yoonjin
“Using GOES-16 ABI Data to Detect Convection, Estimate Latent Heating, and Initiate Convection in a High Resolution Model”
Advisors: Chris Kummerow and Milija Zupanski
Li, Jingyuan
“Quantifying Internal Climate Variability and Its Changes Using Large-Ensembles of Climate Change Simulations”
Advisor: David Thompson
Lindaas, Jakob
“Investigating emissions and evolution of reactive nitrogen in western U.S. wildfire smoke plumes”
Advisor: Emily Fischer
Marinescu, Peter
“Observations of Aerosol Particles and Deep Convective Updrafts and the Modeling of Their Interactions”
Advisors: Susan van den Heever and Sonia Kreidenweis
Martinez, Jonathan
“Axisymmetric and Asymmetric Processes Contributing to Tropical Cyclone Intensification and Expansion”
Advisor: Michael Bell
Park, Minnie
“Environmental Controls and Aerosol Impacts on Tropical Sea Breeze Convection”
Advisor: Susan van den Heever
Rivoire, Louis
“Origins and Impacts of Tropopause Layer Cooling in Tropical Cyclones”
Advisors: Thomas Birner and John Knaff
Ronalds, Bryn
“Impacts of Arctic Warming and Sea Ice Loss on the Northern Hemisphere Mid-Latitude Large-Scale Circulation”
Advisor: Elizabeth Barnes
Toms, Ben
“Towards Using Neural Networks for Geoscientific Discovery”
Advisor: Elizabeth Barnes
Trabing, Ben
“On Intensity Change and the Effects of Shortwave Radiation on Tropical Cyclone Rainbands”
Advisor: Michael Bell


Brey, Steven
“Planning for an Unknown Future: Incorporating Meteorological Uncertainty into Predictions of the Impact of Fires and Dust on US Particulate Matter”
Advisors: Emily Fischer and Elizabeth Barnes
McGraw, Marie
“Approaching Arctic-Midlatitude Dynamics from a Two-Way Feedback Perspective”
Advisor: Elizabeth Barnes
Nelson, Robert
“Aerosol Parameterizations in Space-Based Near-Infrared Retrievals of Carbon Dioxide”
Advisors: Christian Kummerow and Chris O'Dell
Nielsen, Erik
“Insights into Extreme Short-term Precipitation Associated with Supercells and Mesovortices”
Advisor: Russ Schumacher
Tseng, Kai-Chih
“The Madden Julian Oscillation and Tropical-Extratropical Teleconnections”
Advisors: Elizabeth Barnes and Eric Maloney
Wills, Samantha
“On the Observed and Simulated Responses of the Extratropical Atmosphere to Surface Thermal Forcing”
Advisor: David Thompson


Grant, Leah
“Cold Pool Processes in Different Environments”
Advisor: Sue van den Heever
Herman, Greg
“A New Post-Processing Paradigm? Improving High-Impact Weather Forecasts with Machine Learning”
Advisor: Russ Schumacher
Hitchcock, Stacey
“On the Environments and Dynamics of Nocturnal Mesoscale Convective Systems”
Advisor: Russ Schumacher
Kodros, Jack
“Climate and Health Impacts of Particulate Matter from Residential Combustion Sources in Developing Countries”
Advisor: Jeff Pierce
Shonkwiler, Kira
“Micrometeorological Studies of a Beef Feedlot, Dairy, and Grassland: Measurements of Ammonia, Methane, and Energy Balance Closure”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Slocum, Chris
“The Role of Inner-Core and Boundary Layer Dynamics on Tropical Cyclone Structure and Intensification”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
Tzompa, Zitely
“Atmospheric and Air Quality Implications of C2-C5 Alkane Emissions from the Oil and Gas Sector”
Advisor: Emily Fischer


Boyd, Kathryn
“Exploring the Sky: Investigating Discourse Dynamics in an Atmospheric Science Educational Outreach Program”
Advisors: Thomas Birner and Meena Balgopal
Bytheway, Janice
“Features Based Assessments of Warm Season Convective Precipitation Forecasts from the High Resolution Rapid Refresh Model”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Davis, Nicholas
“The Dynamics of Hadley Circulation Variability and Change”
Advisor: Thomas Birner
Duncan, David
“Exploring the Limits of Variational Passive Microwave Retrievals ”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Evanoski-Cole, Ashley
“Impacts of Unconventional Oil and Gas Development on Atmospheric Aerosol Particles”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Fuchs, Brody
“Microphysical, Dynamical, and Lightning Processes Associated with Anomalous Charge Structures in Isolated Convection”
Advisor: Steven Rutledge
Henderson, David
“Reconciling TRMM Precipitation Estimates Related to El Nino Southern Oscillation Variability”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Henderson, Stephanie
“Madden-Julian Oscillation Teleconnections and Their Influence on Northern Hemisphere Winter Blocking”
Advisor: Eric Maloney
Jones, Todd
“Examining Chaotic Convection with Super-Parmaterization Ensembles”
Advisors: David Randall
Liu, Chengji
“Role of Rossby Wave Breaking in the Variability of Large-scale Atmospheric Transport and Mixing”
Advisor: Elizabeth Barnes
McCluskey, Christina
“Evidence for a Biological Control on Emissions of Marine Ice Nucleating Particles: Laboratory, Field and Modeling Results”
Advisors: Sonia Kreidenweis and Paul DeMott
Mundhenk, Bryan
“Climatology and Variability of Atmospheric Rivers over the North Pacific”
Advisors: Elizabeth Barnes and Eric Maloney
Petkovic, Veljko
“Improving the Quality of Extreme Precipitation Estimates Using Satellite Passive Microwave Rainfall Retrievals”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Pina, Aaron
“A Social-Ecological Approach to Managing Agricultural Ammonia Emissions and Nitrogen Deposition in Rocky Mountain National Park”
Advisors: Scott Denning and Dennis Ojima
Wolding, Brandon
“Vertically Resolved Weak Temperature Gradient Analysis of the Madden-Julian Oscillation”
Advisor: Eric Maloney


Boris, Ali
“Aqueous Atmospheric Organic Processing: Effects of Fog and Cloud Composition”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Burt, Melissa
“Interactions of Arctic Clouds, Radiation, and Sea Ice in Present-Day and Future Climates”
Advisors: David Randall
Clavner, Michal
“The Response of a Simulated Mesoscale Convective System to Increased Aerosol Pollution”
Advisor: Bill Cotton
Jha, Vandana
“Examination of the Potential Impacts of Dust and Pollution Aerosol Acting as Cloud Nucleating Aerosol on Water Resources in the Colorado River Basin”
Advisor: Bill Cotton
Roy, Gavin
“The Hydrometeorological Sustainability of Miscanthus x Giganteus as a Biofuel Crop in the U.S. Midwest”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Sheffield, Amanda
“Exploring Post-Cold Frontal Moisture Transport in an Idealized Extratropical Cyclone Study”
Advisor: Sue van den Heever
Stolz, Doug
“The Simultaneous Influence of Thermodynamics and Aerosols on Deep Convection and Lightning”
Advisor: Steven Rutledge
Thompson, Elizabeth
“Tropical Warm Pool Rainfall Variability and Impact on Ocean Mixed Layer Depth throughout the MJO”
Advisor: Steven Rutledge
Tournay, Robert
“Land Surface Sensitivity of Mesoscale Convective Systems”
Advisor: Russ Schumacher (advisor), Thomas Vonder Haar (co-advisor)


Eldred, Chris
“Linear and Nonlinear Properties of Numerical Methods for the Rotating Shallow Water Equations”
Advisors: David Randall
Ford, Bonne
“Satellite Constraints on Surface Concentrations of Particulate Matter”
Advisor: Prof. Heald
Gonzalez, Alex
“Balanced and Transient Aspects of the Intertropical Convergence Zone”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
Igel, Adele
“A Theoretical and Numerical Investigation of Warm-Phase Microphysical Processes”
Advisor: Sue van den Heever
Li, Yi
“Characterizing Ammonia Centrations and Deposition in the United States”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Peters, John
“Toward an Improved Understanding of the Synoptic and Mesoscale Dynamics Governing Nocturnal Heavy-Rain-Producing Mesoscale Convective Systems”
Advisor: Russ Schumacher
Ringerud, Sarah
“Building the Foundations for a Physically Based Passive Microwave Precipitation Retrieval over the US Southern Great Plains”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Ruppert, James
“Cumulus Moistening, the Diurnal Cycle, and Large-Scale Tropical Dynamics”
Advisor: Richard Johnson
Rydbeck, Adam
“Initiation and Intensification of East Pacific Easterly Waves”
Advisor: Eric Maloney


Alaka, Gus
“African Easterly Wave Energetics on Intraseasonal Timescales”
Advisor: Eric Maloney
Bolinger, Becky
“The Hydroclimate of the Upper Colorado River Basin and the Western United States”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Brown, Steve
“Wintertime Aerosol in Las Vegas, Nevada”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Dodson, Brant
“Comparison of Convective Clouds Observed by Spaceborne W-Band Radar and Simulated by Cloud-Resolving Atmospheric Models”
Advisors: David Randall
Hannah, Walter
“Entrainment and Dilution in Tropical Deep Convection”
Advisor: Eric Maloney
Igel, Matt
“Tropical Deep Convective Cloud Morphology”
Advisor: Sue van den Heever
Schurman, Misha
“Characteristics, Sources, and Formation of Organic Aerosol in the Central Rocky Mountains”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Sjoberg, Jeremiah
“Wave-Mean Flow Positive Feedbacks Associated with Sudden Stratospheric Warmings”
Advisor: Thomas Birner


Firl, Grant
“A Study of Low Cloud Climate Feedbacks Using a Generalized Higher-Order Closure Subgrid Model”
Advisors: David Randall
Jones, Dan C.
“Testing Eddy Compensation and Eddy Saturation in the Southern Ocean”
Advisor: Prof. Ito
Levin, Ezra
“Remote Continental Aerosol Characteristics in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Wyoming”
Advisor: Sonia Kreidenweis
McGarragh, Gregory
“Combined Multispectral/Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Tropospheric Aerosols for Quantification of Their Direct Radiative Effect”
Advisor: Graeme Stephens
Mora-Rojas, Gabriela
“Deep and Shallow Overturning Circulations in the Tropical Atmosphere”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
Thayer-Calder, Katherine
“Downdraft Impacts on Tropical Convection”
Advisors: David Randall


Benedict, Katie
“Observations of Reactive Nitrogen Species in the Atmosphere and Nitrogen Deposition in the Rocky Mountains”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Christensen, Matt
“Microphysical and Macrophysical Responses of Marine Stratocumulus Polluted by Underlying Ships”
Advisor: Graeme Stephens
Dostalek, Jack (John)
“Global Omega Equation: Derivation and Application to Tropical Cyclogenesis in the North Atlantic Ocean”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
Guy, Nick
“Regional Analysis of West African Convective Systems and Characteristics”
Advisor: Steven Rutledge
Harper, Anna B.
“Drought Tolerance and Implications for Vegetation-Climate Interactions in the Amazon Forest”
Advisor: Scott Denning
Lerach, David
“Simulating Southwestern U.S. Desert Dust Influences on Severe, Tornadic Storms”
Advisor: Bill Cotton
Loftus, Adrian
“A Triple-Moment Bulk Hail Microphysics Scheme to Investigate the Sensitivities of Hail to Aerosols”
Advisor: Bill Cotton
Masarik, Matt
“Simple Analytical Solutions for Potential Vorticity Intrusions”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
McCrary, Rachel
“The Influence of Embedded Explicit Convection on Simulations of the West African Monsoon”
Advisors: David Randall
Seigel, Robert
“The Impacts of Mineral Dust on Organized Mesoscale Deep Convection”
Advisor: Sue van den Heever
Selin, Rebecca
“Gravity Wave and Microphysical Effects on Bow Echo Development”
Advisor: Richard Johnson
Storer, Rachel
“Aerosol impacts on deep convective storms in the tropics: a combination of modeling and observations”
Advisor: Sue van den Heever
Williams, Gabriel
“The Effects of Environmental Flow on the Internal Dynamics of Tropical Cyclones”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert


Elsaesser, Greg
“Tropical Rainfall Regimes and Their Evolution on Hourly to Daily Timescales”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Grise, Kevin
“On the Structure of Climate Variability Near the Tropopause and Its Relationship to Equatorial Planetary Waves”
Advisor: David Thompson
Maclay, Katherine S.
“Tropical Cyclone Kinetic Energy and Structure Evolution in the HWRFx Model”
Advisor: Thomas Vonder Haar
McGrath-Spangler, Erica L.
“Importance of Boundary Layer Processes for Surface Fluxes”
Advisor: Scott Denning
Musgrave, Kate D.
“Tropical Cyclone Inner Core Structure and Intensity Change”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
Newman, Andrew J.
“Dynamics of North American Monsoon Circulation Systems ”
Advisor: Richard Johnson
Parazoo, Nicholas C.
“Moist Synoptic Transport of CO2 Along Midlatitude Storm Tracks, Transport Uncertainty, and Implications for Flux Estimation”
Advisor: Scott Denning
Rowe, Angela K.
“A Polarimetric Radar Analysis of Convective Observed During NAME and TiMREX”
Advisor: Steven Rutledge
Shen, Xinhua
“Aqueous Phase Sulfate Production in Clouds at Mt. Tai in Eastern China”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Silvers, Levi G.
“A Theory of Topographically Bound Balanced Motions and Application to Atmospheric Low-Level Jets”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
Wang, Fang
“Quantitative Comparisons of Satellite Observation and Cloud Models”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Wood, Norman
“Estimation of Snow Microphysical Properties with Application to Millimeter-Wavelength Radar Retrievals for Snowfall Rate”
Advisor: Graeme Stephens


Benedict, James
“Structure of the Madden-Julian Oscillation in Coupled and Uncoupled Version of the Superparameterized Community Atmosphere Model”
Advisors: David Randall
Munchak, Stephen
“A Method to Combine Spaceborne Radar and Radiometric Observations of Precipitation”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Nobis, Timothy
“Coupling an Urban Paramterization to an Atmospheric Model Using an Operational Configuration”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Van Roekel, Luke
“The Influence of Variations in Penetrating Solar Radiation on the Diurnal and Intraseasonal Structure of the Oceanic Boundary Layer”
Advisors: David Randall
Vigh, Jonathan
“Formation of the Hurricane Eye”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
Ward, Daniel
“Cloud Condensation Nuclei in Western Colorado: Observations and Model Predictions”
Advisor: Bill Cotton
Wells, Kelley
“Aerosol Single-Scattering Albedo Retrieval Over North Africa Using Critical Reflectance”
Advisor: Sonia Kreidenweis
Yamaguchi, Takanobu
“Cloud-Top Entrainment Analyzed with a Lagrangian Parcel Tracking Model in Large-Eddy Simulations”
Advisors: David Randall


Butler, Amy
“The Atmospheric Circulation Response to Climate Change-like Thermal Forcings in a Simple General Circulation Model”
Advisor: David Thompson
Dolan, Brenda
“Analysis and Application of the Casa IP1 X-Band Polarimetric Radar Network”
Advisor: Steven Rutledge
Lebsock, Matt
“Relationships Between Aerosol, Cloud, and Precipitation as Observed From the A-Train Constellation of Spaceborne Sensors”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Leoncini, Giovani
“Improving Numerical Weather Prediction: Error Growth at the Convective Scale and Speed”
Advisor: Roger Pielke
Richardson, Mathews
“Making Real Time Measurements of Ice Nucleation at Upper Tropospheric Temperatures: Extending the Capabilities of the Continuous Flow Diffusion Chamber”
Advisor: Sonia Kreidenweis
Seaman, Curtis
“Assimilation of Geostationary, Infrared Satellite Data to Improve Forecasting of Mid-Level, Mixed-Phased Clouds”
Advisor: Thomas Vonder Haar


Ahlgrimm, Maike
“Model Evaluation Using Space-Borne Lidar Observations”
Advisors: David Randall
Ciasto, Laura
“Mechanisms of Observed Sea Surface Temperature Variability in the Extratropical Southern Hemisphere”
Advisor: David Thompson
Corbin, Katherine
“Investigating Causes of Regional Variations in Atmospheric CO Concentrations”
Advisor: Scott Denning
Ellis, Todd
“Characteristics of Precipitation: CloudSat Observations and Model Predictions of the Current and Future Climate”
Advisor: Graeme Stephens
Haynes, John
“The Near-Global Distribution of Light Precipitation from CloudSat”
Advisor: Graeme Stephens
Hendricks, Eric
“Tropical Cyclone Evolution via Internal Asymmetric Dynamics”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
Koehler, Kirsten
“Abstract of the Impact of Natural Dust Aerosol on Warm and Cold Cloud Formation”
Advisor: Sonia Kreidenweis
Lindsey, Dan
“A Study of the Relationship Between Thunderstorm Processes and Cloud-Top Ice Crystal Size”
Advisor: Richard Johnson
McMeeking, Gavin
“The Optical, Chemical, and Physical Properties of Aerosols and Gases Emitted by the Laboratory Combustion of Wildland Fuels”
Advisor: Sonia Kreidenweis
Pereira, Luis Gustavo
“Characteristics and Organization of Precipitating Systems During NAME 2004 and Their Relationship to Environmental Conditions”
Advisor: Steven Rutledge
Rapp, Anita
“On the Role of Warm Rain Clouds in the Tropics”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Rogers, Matthew
“Properties of the Tropical Hydrologic Cycle as Analyzed through 3-D K-Means Analysis”
Advisor: Graeme Stephens
Schumacher, Russ
“Quasi-Stationary, Extreme-Rain-Producing Convective Systems Associated with Midlevel Cyclonic Circulations”
Advisor: Richard Johnson
Toy, Michael
“Design of a Nonhydrostatic Atmospheric Model Based on a Generalized Vertical Coordinate”
Advisors: David Randall


Hidalgo, Marc
“Vortical Hot Towers, Their Aggregate Effects and Their Resolution Dependence in the Formation of Hurricane Diana (1984)”
Advisor: Montgomery
Klotzbach, Phil
“Developments in Seasonal Atlantic Basin Tropical Cyclone Prediction”
Advisor: Schubert
Lee, Taehyoung
“Characterizing Ionic Components of Aerosol in Rural Environments: Temporal Variability, Size Distributions, and the Form of Particle Nitrate”
Advisor: Collett
Matsui, Toshi
“Aerosol Effects on Cloud-Precipitation and Land-Surface Processes”
Advisor: Pielke
Page, Elizabeth
“Post-Fire Impacts on Microclimate and Convective Precipitation”
Advisor: Cotton
Rozoff, Christopher
“Aspects of moat formation in tropical cyclone eyewall replacement cycles”
Advisor: Schubert
Terwey, Wesley
“Secondary Eyewall Formation and Sheared Convection in Mature Hurricanes”
Advisor: Montgomery


Engling, Guenter
“Characterizing Biomass Combustion Emission Contributions to Ambient Aerosol Concentrations”
Advisor: Collett
Pakula, Lyle
“On The Dynamics of Forced Waves and Cumulus Clouds in the Equatorial Region”
Advisor: Stephens
Posselt, Derek
“Application of Advanced Data Assimilation Techniques to the Study of Cloud and Precipitation Feedbacks in the Tropical Climate System ”
Advisor: Stephens
Strack, John
“Artic Tundra Shrub Invasion and Soot Deposition: Consequences For Spring Snowmelt and Near-Surface Air Temperatures”
Advisor: Pielke
Tessendorf, Sarah
“Relationships between kinematics, microphysics, and lightning in High Plains storms observed during the Severe Thunderstorm Electrification and Precipitation Study”
Advisor: Rutledge


Beltran, Adriana
“Using a Coupled Atmospheric-Biospheric Modeling System (GERRAMS) to Model the Effects of Land-Use/Land-Cover Changes on the Near-Surface Atmosphere ”
Advisor: Pielke
Castro, Christopher
“The Use of a Regional Atmospheric Model to Investigate the Summer Climate of North America”
Advisor: Pielke
Davey, Christopher
“Alternative Metrics for Measuring Heating Trends, with Possible Connections Between the Surface and Troposhere”
Advisor: Pielke
Griffith, Brian
“Multifrequency Retrieval of Cloud Ice Particle Size Distribution”
Advisor: Kummerow
Jirak, Israel
“Observational Analysis of the Predictability of Mesoscale Convective Systems ”
Advisor: Cotton
Stan, Cristiana
“The Mean Meridional Circulation: A New Potential-Vorticity, Potential-Temperature Perspective”
Advisors: Randall
Wiens, Kyle
“Kinematic Microphysical, and Electrical Structure and Evolution of Thunderstorms during the Severe Thunderstorm Electrification and Precipitation Study (STEPS)”
Advisor: Rutledge


Chang, Hui
“The Processing of Aerosol Particles and Soluble Trace Gases by Chemically Heterogeneous Radiation Fogs”
Advisor: Collett
Cooper, Steve
“Implications of Atmosphere and Cloud State Uncertainties for the Global Retrieval of Ice Cloud Microphysical Properties”
Advisor: Stephens
Marshall, Curtis
“Simulated Impacts of Anthropogenic Land-Cover Change on the Mesoscale Climate of the Florida Peninsula”
Advisor: Pielke
Moore, Richard
“Reexamining the Dynamics of Short-Scale, Diabatic Rossby Vortices and their Role in Midlatitude Moist Cyclogenesis”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Ruston, Benjamin
“Characteristics of Summertime Microwave Land Emissivity Over the Conterminous United States”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Schaefer, Kevin
“The Influence of Climate on Terrestrial CO2 Fluxes”
Advisor: Denning


Eastin, Matthew D.
“Buoyancy of Convective Vertical Motions in the Inner Core of Intense Hurricanes”
Advisor: Gray
Tulich, Stefan N.
“The Interaction between Tropical and Gravity Waves: Comparisons between Simple Models and Direct Numerical Simulations”
Advisors: Randall


Cheng, William Y.
“Sensitivity of a Simulated Mesoscale Convective System to Horizontal Heterogeneities in Soil Moisture Initialization”
Advisor: Cotton
Gaudet, Brian J.
“Rapid Development of Tornado-Like Vortices by Simulated Supercells”
Advisor: Cotton
Golaz, Jean-Christophe
“A PDF-Based Parameterization for Boundary Layer Clouds”
Advisor: Cotton
Heikes, Ross P.
“A Comparison of Vertical Coordinate Systems for Numerical Modeling of the General Circulation of the Atmosphere”
Advisors: Randall
Mitrescu, Cristian
“Retrieved Optical Properties for Cirrus Clouds Over Tropical West Pacific”
Advisor: Stephens
Moore, Katharine F.
“Drop Size-Dependent Chemical Composition in Clouds and Fogs”
Advisor: Collett
Nair, Udaysankar
“Climatic Impact of Lowland Deforestation on Tropical Montane Cloud Forests in Costa Rica”
Advisor: Pielke
Parker, Matthew D.
“Quasi-Two-Dimensional Convective Lines with Leading Precipitation: Dynamics Inferred from Idealized Numerical Simulations”
Advisor: Johnson
Persing, John J.
“Insights on Hurricane Intensity”
Advisor: Montgomery
Straub, Katherine A.
“Observations of Convectively Coupled Kelvin Waves”
Advisor: Schubert
Straub, Derek J.
“Design and Testing of a New Aircraft-Based Cloud Water Sampling System”
Advisor: Collett


Benedetti, Angela
“Toward Assimilation of Cloud Radar Data for Improvements in Mesoscale Forecasts”
Advisor: Stephens
Cheng, Anning
“A Theory of the Mesoscale Organization of Moist Convection and the Associated Vertical Momentum Transport”
Advisors: Randall
Eitzen, Zachary
“Simulation and Parameterization of Vertically Propagating Convectively Generated Gravity Waves”
Advisors: Randall
Fleishauer, Robert
“Observed Microphysical and Radiative Structure of Mid-Level, Mixed-Phase Clouds”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Hand, Jennifer
“A New Technique for Obtaining Aerosol Size Distributions with Applications to Estimates of Aerosol Properties”
Advisor: Kreidenweis
Hausman, Scott
“Formulation and Sensitivity Analysis of a Nonhydrostatic Axisymmetric Tropical Cyclone Model”
Advisor: Schubert
Knievel, Jason
“Vorticity and Balance in a Mesoscale Convective Vortex”
Advisor: Johnson
L.Ecuyer, Tristan
“Uncertainties in Space-Based Estimates of Clouds and Precipitation: Implications for Deriving Global Diabatic Heating”
Advisor: Stephens
Van den Heever, Susan
“The Impact of Several Hail Parameters on Simulated Supercell Storms”
Advisor: Cotton


Costa, Alexandre A.
“Cloud-Resolving Modeling of Air-Sea Interactions over the Western Pacific”
Advisor: Cotton
Knapp, Kenneth R.
“Aerosol Retrieval over Land using Background Composites of Geostationary Satellite Data”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Kossin, James P.
“Barotropic Instability and Asymmetric Mixing in Hurricanes with Primary and Secondary Eyewalls ”
Advisor: Schubert
Lang, Timothy J.
“On the Relationships between Convective Storm Kinematics, Microphysics, and Lightning”
Advisor: Rutledge
Li, Xiang
“Impact of Biomass Burning Aerosols on the Clear-sky Shortwave Radiative Fluxes”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Miller, Steven D.
“A Multi-Sensor Approach to the Retrieval and Model Validation of Global Cloudiness”
Advisor: Stephens
Prieto Gonzalez, Ricardo
“Predictions for the Final Equilibrium State of Flows on the Sphere”
Advisor: Schubert
Reasor, Paul D.
“Horizontal Vorticity Redistribution and Vortex Alignment in Developing and Mature Tropical Cyclones”
Advisor: Montgomery


Chen, Yalei
“Studies of Ice Formation Behaviors of Upper Tropospheric Aerosol and their Chemical Compositions by Continuous Flow Thermal Diffusion Chamber”
Advisor: Kreidenweis
Lappen, Cara-Lyn
“Unification of Mass Flux and Higher-Order Closure in the Simulation of Boundary Layer Turbulence ”
Advisors: Randall
Lawrence, Carey
“On the Relationship between Precipitation and Lightning as Revealed by Multiparameter Radar Observations”
Advisor: Rutledge
Lu, Lixin
“The Implementation of a Two-way Interactive Atmospheric and Ecological Modeling System and its Application to the Central United States”
Advisor: Pielke
Roohr, Peter B.
“Analysis of the Incorporation of Lightning into the Nowcasting of Enhanced Frozen Precipitation”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Wu, Ting
“Numerical Modeling Study of the November 26, 1991 Cirrus Event”
Advisor: Cotton


Brechtel, Fredrick J.
“Predicting Particle Critical Supersaturation from Hygroscopic Growth Measurements in the Humidified TDMA: Theory and Experiments”
Advisor: Kreidenweis
Finley, Catherine A.
“Numerical Simulation of Intense Multi-scale Vortices Generated by Supercell Thunderstorms”
Advisor: Pielke
Haertel, Patrick T.
“The Dynamics of MCS Mesohighs and Wake Lows”
Advisor: Johnson
Heidinger, Andrew K.
“Nadir Sounding of Clouds and Aerosols in the O2 A-band”
Advisor: Stephens/Cox
Kelly, Michael A.
“A Simple Model of Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions in the Tropical Climate System”
Advisors: Randall
Lietzke, Christopher
“Satellite Moisture Profiling of the Tropical Eastern Pacific Convergence Zone”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Nachamkin, Jason
“Observational and Numerical Analysis of the Genesis of a Mesoscale Convective System”
Advisor: Cotton
Papineau, John M.
“Orographic Precipitation: A Mesoscale Modeling Perspective”
Advisor: Pielke
Vidale, Pier Luigi
“Contributions of Land Surface Forced Mesoscale Circulations to the Total Heat, Moisture and Momentum Budgets over Boreas”
Advisor: Pielke
Zhang, Yiping
“The Effects of Clouds on Aerosol and Chemical Species Processing, Production, and Distribution in the Boundary Layer and the Upper Troposphere”
Advisor: Kreidenweis


Bernardet, Ligia R.
“Multi-Scale Evolution of a Derecho-Producting MCS”
Advisor: Cotton
Harrington, Jerry Y.
“The Effects of Radiative and Microphysical Processes on Simulated Warm and Transition Season Arctic Stratus”
Advisor: Cotton
Knaff, John A.
“Progress Toward Seasonal Prediction in the Tropics”
Advisor: Gray
Lin, Xin
“Multiscale Variability Associated with the Intraseasonal Oscillation over the Western Pacific Warm Pool”
Advisor: Johnson
Petersen, Walter A.
“Multi-Scale Process Studies in the Tropics: Results from Lightning Observations”
Advisor: Rutledge
Schuur, Terry J.
“An Observational and Modeling Study of Mesoscale Convective System Electrification”
Advisor: Rutledge
Trier, Stanley B.
“Multiscale Analysis of a Simulated Oceanic Mesoscale Convective System and its Environmental Impact”
Advisor: Johnson


Alexander, G. David
“The Use of Simulations of Mesoscale Convective Systems to Build a Convective Parameterization Scheme”
Advisor: Cotton
Cifelli, Robert C.
“Vertical Motion Structure in Tropical Mesoscale Convective Systems”
Advisor: Rutledge
DeMott, Charlotte A.
“The Vertical Structure and Modulation of TOGA COARE Convection: A Radar Perspective”
Advisor: Rutledge
Grasso, Lewis D.
“Numerical Simulation of the April 26 and May 15, 1991 Tornadic Thunderstorms”
Advisor: Cotton
Hertenstein, Rolf F.
“Evolution of Potential Vorticity Associated with Mesoscale Convective Systems”
Advisor: Cotton
Jones, Andrew S.
“The Use of Satellite-Derived Heterogeneous Surface Soil Moisture for Numerical Weather Prediction”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Poulos, Gregory S.
“The Interaction of Katabatic Winds and Mountain Waves”
Advisor: Pielke/McKee
Rafkin, Scot C.
“Development of a Cumulus Parameterization Suitable for Use in Mesoscale Through GCM-Scale Models”
Advisor: Cotton
Rickenbach, Thomas M.
“Convection in TOGA COARE: Horizontal Scale and Rainfall Production”
Advisor: Rutledge
Stevens, Bjorn B.
“On the Dynamics of Precipitating Stratocumulus”
Advisor: Cotton


Christopher, Sundar A.
“Cloud Radiative Forcing in the Tropics: The Effects of Optical Property Retrievals and Scene Identification”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Copeland, Jeffrey
“Impact of Soil Moisture and Vegetation Distribution on July 1989 Climate using a Regional Climate Model”
Advisor: Cotton/Pielke
Ding, Ping
“A Parameterization of Cumulus Convection with Multiple Cloud Base Levels”
Advisors: Randall
Dutton, Ellsworth G.
“Tropospheric Radiative Forcing from El Chichon and Mt. Pinatubo: Theory and Observations”
Advisor: Cox
Fitzpatrick, Patrick J.
“Forecasting and Understanding Tropical Cyclone Intensity Change”
Advisor: Gray
Kuo, Kwo-Sen
“The Picard Iterative Approximation to the Solution of the Integral Equation of Radiative Transfer”
Advisor: Cox
Meyers, Michael P.
“The Impact of a Two-Moment Cloud Model on the Microphysical Structure of Two Precipitation Events”
Advisor: Cotton
Olsson, Peter Q.
“Evolution of Balanced Flow in a Simulated Mesoscale Convective Complex”
Advisor: Cotton
Pan, Dzong-Ming (Victor)
“Development and Application of a Pronostic Cumulus Parameterization”
Advisors: Randall
Stackhouse, Paul W.
“An Assessment of the Effects of Cloud Inhomogeneity on Ice Cloud Radiative Properties”
Advisor: Stephens


Blanchard, David O.
“The Role of Inertial Instability in the Genesis of Mesoscale Convective Systems”
Advisor: Cotton
Bresch, James F.
“Numerical Simulation and Analysis of a Series of Mesoscale Convective Systems”
Advisor: Johnson
Denning, A. Scott
“Investigations of the Transport, Sources and Sinks of the Atmospheric CO2 Using a General Circulation Model”
Advisors: Randall
Duda, David P.
“Macrophysical and Microphysical Influences on Radiative Transfer in Two Dimensional Marine Stratus”
Advisor: Stephens
Greenwald, Thomas J.
“Satellite Microwave Sensing of Oceanic Cloud Liquid Water. Application to the Earth Radiation Bidget and Climate”
Advisor: Stephens/Vonder Haar
Landsea, Christopher W.
“Atlantic Basin Climate Change and Hurricanes”
Advisor: Gray
Nieto Ferreira, Rosana
“On the Dynamics of the Formation of Multiple Tropical Disturbances”
Advisor: Schubert
Shao, Qingqiu
“The Effects of Cloud-Top Processes on Convection in the Cloud-Topped Boundary Layer”
Advisors: Randall
Wang, Junyi
“Generalized Convective Available Potential Energy and its Application to Cumulus Parameterization”
Advisors: Randall
Wong, Takmeng
“On the Radiative Processes Associated with the Tropical Mesoscale Convective Systems”
Advisor: Stephens


Evans, Kent Franklin
“Microwave Remote Sensing Algorithms for Cirrus Clouds and Precipitation”
Advisor: Stephens
Gallus, William
“The Dynamics of Circulations within the Stratiform Region of Squall Lines”
Advisor: Johnson
Lu, Chungu
“Balanced Dynamics for Three Dimensional Curved Flows”
Advisor: Schubert
Mayr, Georg
“Evolution of Orogenic Blocking”
Advisor: McKee
Snook, John S.
“An Investigation of Colorado Front Range Winter Storms using a Nonhydrostatic Mesoscale Numerical Model Structured for Operational Use”
Advisor: Pielke


Costigan, Keeley R.
“Large Eddy Simulations of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer East of the Colorado Rockies”
Advisor: Cotton
Flatau, Maria
“The Influence of Baroclinic Processes on Tropical Cyclone Motion”
Advisor: Stevens/Schubert
Flatau, Piotr J.
“Scattering by Irregular Particles in Anomalous Diffraction and Discrete Dipole Approximation”
Advisor: Cotton/Stephens
Guinn, Thomas A.
“A Dynamical Theory for Hurricane Spiral Bands”
Advisor: Schubert
Hu, Qi
“Low Frequency Oscillations in Radiative-Convective Models”
Advisors: Randall
Lee, Tsengdar J.
“The Impact of Vegetation on the Atmospheric Boundary Layer and Convective Storms”
Advisor: Pielke
Moran, Michael D.
“Numerical Modeling of Mesoscale Atmospheric Dispersion”
Advisor: Pielke/Cotton
Rasmussen, Erik
“An Observational and Theoretical Study of Squall Line Evolution”
Advisor: Rutledge
Rodgers, Edward B.
“Tropical Cyclone/Upper-Atmospheric Interaction as Inferred from Satellite Total Ozone Observations”
Advisor: Gray
Verlinde, Johannes
“Fitting Microphysical Observations to a Numerical Model Through an Optical Control Theory Technique”
Advisor: Cotton
Weng, Fuzhong
“Vector Radiative Transfer Model: Application to Rainfall Retrieval with Microwave Radiometry Data”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Wolyn, Paul
“A Modeling and Observational Study of the Daytime Evolution of the Atmosphere East of the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies”
Advisor: McKee
Zehr, Raymond
“Tropical Cyclogenesis in the Western North Pacific”
Advisor: Gray
Zeng, Xubin
“Chaos Theory and Its Application in the Atmosphere”
Advisor: Pielke


Changnon, David
“Hydroclimatic Variability in the Rocky Mountain Region”
Advisor: McKee
Peterson, Tom
“The Relationships Between SST Anomalies and Clouds, Water Vapor, and Their Radiative Effects”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Schmidt, Jerome
“Numerical and Observational Investigations of Long-Lived, MCS-Induced, Severe Surface Wind Events: The Derecho”
Advisor: Cotton
Weissbluth, M.
“Convective Parameterization in Mesoscale Models”
Advisor: Cotton
Wesley, Douglas A.
“An Investigation of the Effects of Topography on Colorado Front Range Winter Storms”
Advisor: Pielke


Bossert, James E.
“Regional-Scale Flows in Complex Terrain: An Observational and Numerical Investigation”
Advisor: Cotton/McKee
Cram, Jennifer
“Numerical Simulation and Analysis of the Propagation of a Prefrontal Squall Line”
Advisor: Pielke
DeMott, Paul J.
“Quantifying Ice Nucleation by Silver Iodide Aerosols”
Advisor: Grant
Randel, David
“Earth Radiation Budget Variability and the Relationship to Changes in the General Circulation”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Tremback, Craig J.
“Numerical Simulation of a Mesoscale Convective Complex: Model Development and Numerical Results”
Advisor: Cotton
Wetzel, Melanie A.
“Investigation of a Remote Sensing Technique for Droplet Effective Radius”
Advisor: Vonder Haar


Fortune, Michael Allan
“The Evolution of Vortical Patterns and Vortices in Mesoscale Convective Complexes”
Advisor: Cotton
Magnusdottir, Gudrun
“Generalized Semigeostrophic Theory”
Advisor: Schubert
Smith, Laura Dorothy
“Satellite Versus GCM-Simulated Radiation Balance: Comparisons and Implications for Climate Modeling”
Advisor: Vonder Haar


Hadfield, Mark Gregory
“The Response of the Atmospheric Convective Boundary Layer to Surface in Homogeneities”
Advisor: Pielke
Kawa, Stephan Randolph
“The Chemistry and Dynamics of Marine Stratocumulus”
Advisor: Pearson/Schubert
Kelly, Francis Peter
“Spatial and Temporal Short Range Total Cloud Cover Estimation by Metric Statistical Analysis of Composite Imagery”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Lipton, Alan Edmund
“Mesoscale Analysis by Numerical Modeling Coupled with Satellite-Based Sounding”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
MacDonald, Bruce
“Explosive Cyclogenesis over the Eastern United tates”
Advisor: Reiter


Ackerman, Steven
“Radiative Characteristics of Soil Derived Aerosols”
Advisor: Cox
Griffith, Cecilia
“The Estimation from Satellite Imagery of Great Plains Summertime Rainfall Over Varied Space and Time Scales”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Kuo, Hung-Chi
“Dynamical Modeling of Marine Boundary Layer Convection”
Advisor: Schubert/Vonder Haar
Nicholls, Melville
“A Numerical Investigation of Tropical Squall Lines”
Advisor: Johnson/Cotton
Toth, James
“Interaction of Shallow Cold Surges with Topography on Scales of 100-1000 Kilometers”
Advisor: Johnson
Tucker, Donna
“The Anatomy of Heavy Rainfall Episodes over Complex Terrain: A Modeling Approach”
Advisor: Reiter
Weatherford, Candis
“Typhoon Structure as Revealed by Aircraft Reconnaissance”
Advisor: Gray
Weaver, Clark
“Observational Analysis of Cumulus and Stratocumulus Entrainment Using Ozone”
Advisor: Pearson


Lee, Cheng-Shang
“An Observational Study of Tropical Cloud Cluster Evolution and Cyclogenesis in the Western North pacific”
Advisor: Gray
Lin, Ming-Sen (Jack)
“The Evolution and Structure of Composite Meso-Alpha-Scale Convective Complexes”
Advisor: Cotton
Purdom, Jim
“Convective Scale Interaction: The Importance of Arc Cloud Lines in the Development and Evolution of Deep Convection”
Advisor: Sinclair
Sarma, R. Ananthakrishna
“Numerical Simulation of the Formation and Transport of Sulfate in Convective Clouds”
Advisor: Pearson
Song, Jenn-Luen
“A Numerical Investigation of Florida's Sea Breeze -- Cumulonimbus Interactions”
Advisor: Pielke
Tripoli, Greg
“A Numerical Investigation of an Orogenic Mesoscale Convective System”
Advisor: Cotton
Young, George
“The Dynamics of Thermals and Their Contribution to Mixed Layer Processes”
Advisor: Johnson


Arritt, Ray
“Numerical Studies of Thermally and Mechanically Forced Circulations Over Complex Terrain”
Advisor: Pielke
Bader, David
“Mesoscale Boundary Layer Development over Mountainous Terrain”
Advisor: McKee, Cotton
Knupp, Kevin
“Precipitating Convective Cloud Downdraft Structure: A Synthesis of Observations and Modeling”
Advisor: Cotton
Merrill, Robert
“Environmental Influences on Hurricane Intensification”
Advisor: Gray
Rauber, Robert
“Physical Structure of Northern Colorado River Basin Cloud Systems”
Advisor: Grant


Anderson, John
“Slow Motions in the Tropical Troposphere”
Advisor: Stevens
Chen, Chaing H.
“The Physics of the Marine Stratocumulus-capped Mixed Layer”
Advisor: Cotton
Durkee, Philip
“The Relationship Between Marine Aerosol Particles and Satellite-Detected Radiance”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Freeman, Larry
“The Saudi Arabian Heat Low: A Numerical Perspective”
Advisor: Cox
Fulton, Scott
“Spectral Methods for Limited Area Models”
Advisor: Schubert
Jorgensen, David P.
“Mesoscale and Convective Scale Characteristics of Mature Hurricanes”
Advisor: Cotton
Krueger, Arlin
“Inference of Photochemical Trace Gas Variations from Direct Measurements of Ozone in the Middle Atmosphere”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Matsumoto, Cliff
“A Statistical Method for One to Three Day Tropical Cyclone Track Prediction”
Advisor: Gray
Smith, Eric A.
“Radiative Forcing of the Southwest Summer Monsoon (A Satellite Perspective)”
Advisor: Vonder Haar


Borys, Randolph D.
“The Effect of Long-Range Transport of Air Pollutants on Arctic Cloud-Active Aerosol”
Advisor: Grant
DeMaria, Mark
“Experiments with a Spectral Tropical Cyclone Model”
Advisor: Schubert
Hillger, Donald W.
“Mesoscale Moisture Fields Retrieved from Satellite Infrared Radiances in Nocturnal Inversion Cases”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Holland, Greg Joseph
“Tropical Cyclones in the Australian/Southwest Pacific Region”
Advisor: Gray
Matthews, David Aaron
“Analysis and Classification of Mesoscale Triggering Effects on Convective Clouds and Precipitation”
Advisor: Cotton
Seagraves, Mary Ann
“Visible and Infrared Transmission and Precipitation Rate in Falling Snow”
Advisor: McKee


Banta, Robert M.
“An observational and Numerical Study of Mountain Boundary-Layer Flow”
Advisor: Cotton
Chan, Johnny
“The Physical Processes Responsible for Tropical Cyclone Motion”
Advisor: Gray
Chatfield, Robert B.
“Tropospheric SO2:Cloud Transport of Reactive Sulfur Emissions”
Advisor: Reiter/Crutzen
Hanna, Adel
“Short-Term Climatic Fluctuations Forced by Thermal Anomalies”
Advisor: Stevens/Reiter
Love, Geoff Bruce
“The Role of the General Circulation in Tropical Cyclone Genesis”
Advisor: Gray
Starr, David
“Numerical Experiments on the Formation and Maintenance of Cirriform Clouds”
Advisor: Cox


Abel, Michael D.
“A Climate Index Derived from Satellite Measured Spectral Infrared Radiation”
Advisor: Cox
Bridger, Alison
“Wave-Mean Flow Interactions and Solar-Weather Effects”
Advisor: Stevens
Campbell, George
“Energy Transport Within the Earth's Atmosphere Ocean System from a Climate Point of View”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Davis, John
“Regional Properties of Angular Reflectance Models”
Advisor: Cox
Maddox, Robert A.
“The Structure and Life-Cycle of Midlatitude Mesoscale Convective Complexes”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Nunez, Edwin
“Tropical Cyclone Structure and Intensity Change”
Advisor: Gray


Fingerhut, William
“Tropical Cyclone Genesis-Numerical Modeling Inferences”
Advisor: Gray
Hack, James J.
“The Role of Convective-Scale Processes in Tropical Cyclone Development”
Advisor: Schubert
Whiteman, C. David
“Breakup of Temperature Inversions in Colorado Mountain Valleys”
Advisor: McKee


Kidder, Stanley Q.
“Determination of Tropical Cyclone Surface Pressure and Winds from Satellite Microwave Data”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
McBride, John Leonard
“Observational Analysis of Tropical Cyclone Formation”
Advisor: Gray
Rinehart, Ronald E.
“Internal Storm Motions from a Single Non-Doppler Weather Radar”
Advisor: Grant
Silva Dias, Maria
“Linear Spectral Model of Tropical Mesoscale Systems”
Advisor: Betts
Silva Dias, Pedro
“Dynamics of Equatorial Mass-Flow Adjustment”
Advisor: Schubert


Ellis, James S.
“Cloudiness, the Planetary Radiation Budget, and Climate”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Fritsch, J. Michael
“Parameterization of Mid-Latitude Organized Convection”
Advisor: Grant
Madden, Roland Aloysius
“Traveling Planetary Waves and Their Effect on the General Circulation”
Advisor: Haurwitz
Wetzel, Peter
“A Detailed Parameterization of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer”
Advisor: Cotton/Sinclair


Albrecht, Bruce A.
“A Time-Dependent Model of the Trade-Wind Boundary Layer”
Advisor: Cox
Arnold Jr, Charles Perry
“Tropical Cyclone Cloud and Intensity Relationships”
Advisor: Gray
Frank, William Menaul
“The Structure,Dynamics and Energetics of Tropical Cyclones”
Advisor: Gray
Katen, Paul Charles
“Modeling Atmospheric Dispersion of Lead Particulates from a Highway”
Advisor: Reiter
McGuirk, James P.
“Fluctuations in the Atmosphere's Energy Cycle”
Advisor: Reiter
Mulvey, Gerald John
“Physical Mechanisms of Extra Area Effects from Weather Modification”
Advisor: Grant
Rhea, John Owen
“Orographic Precipitation Model for Hydrometeorological Use”
Advisor: Grant


McNab, Alan LaRue
“Mesoscale Characteristics of Cumulus Convection”
Advisor: Betts
Reid, John D.
“Dispersion in a Mountain Environment”
Advisor: Grant


Burrows, William Russell
“A Spectral Diagnostic Study of Atmospheric Kinetic Energetics”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Srivatsangam, Srinivasan
“Atmospheric Eddy Transports and Their Efficiencies”
Advisor: Reiter


Adler, Robert F.
“Hemispheric Differences in Circulation”
Advisor: Reiter
Henmi, Teizi
“Secondary Ice Particle Production from Rimed Ice”
Advisor: Grant
Reinking, Roger Frederick
“Empirical Assessment of Accretion Microphysics”
Advisor: Grant
Vardiman, Larry
“The General of Secondary Ice Particles in Clouds by Crystal-Crystal Collision”
Advisor: Grant


Alyea, Fred Nelson
“Numerical Simulation of an Ice Age Paleoclimate”
Advisor: Baer
Connell, James R.
“Entrainment by Turbulent Jets of Air”
Advisor: Marlatt
Gerber, Hermann Ernst
“Freezing Water with Sized AgI Particles”
Advisor: Corrin/Grant
Grossmann, Robert Louis
“Investigation of Marine Boundary Layer”
Advisor: Marlatt
Hoxit, Lee Ray
“Planetary Boundary Layer Winds”
Advisor: Gray


Lopez, Raul
“A Parametric Model of Cumulus Convection”
Advisor: Gray
Lovill, James Edward
“Characteristics of the General Circulation of the Atmosphere and the Global Distribution of Total Ozone as Determined by the NIMBUS III Satellite Infrared Interferometer Spectrometer”
Advisor: Reiter
McKee, Thomas B.
“Inference of Stratospheric Temperature and Water Vapor Structure from Limb Radiance Profiles”
Advisor: Cox/Marlatt
Webb, Willis Lee
“Atmospheric Neutral-Electrical Interaction”
Advisor: Reiter


Barchet, William Richard
“H20 (v) - AgI, Adsorption Near Saturation”
Advisor: Corrin
Chappell, Charles Franklin
“Modification of Cold Orographic Clouds”
Advisor: Grant


Dirks, Richard Allen
“A Theoretical Investigation of Convective Patterns in the Lee of the Colorado Rockies”
Advisor: Reiter
Lester, Peter Francis
“Some Physical and Statistical Aspects of Clear Air Turbulence”
Advisor: Reiter
Sartor, James Dayne
“General Thunderstorm Electricity”
Advisor: Riehl
Simons, Theodorus Johannes
“The Nonlinear Dynamics of Cyclone Waves”
Advisor: Baer
Wooldridge, Gene L.
“Vertical Momentum Transport Processes”
Advisor: Reiter


Elsberry, Russell L.
“A High-Rotation General Circulation Model Experiment with Cyclic Time Changes”
Advisor: Riehl
Rasmussen, James L.
“Atmospheric Water Balance of the Colorado River Basin”
Advisor: Riehl
Salomonson, Vincent
“Anisotropy in Reflected Solar Radiation”
Advisor: Marlatt


Bergen, James
“Some Aspects of Cold Air Drainage on a Forested Slope”
Advisor: Marlatt
Foltz, Harry P.
“Prediction of Clear Air Turbulence”
Advisor: Reiter
Mahlman, Jerry D.
“Atmospheric General Circulation and Transport of Radioactive Debris”
Advisor: Reiter


Bean, Bradford
“Radio Studies of Atmospheric Water Vapor”
Advisor: Reiter