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Ph.D. Degrees Awarded

M.S. Degrees Awarded


Cha, Ting-Yu
“Investigation of the Dynamics of Tropical Cyclone Precipitation Structure Using Radar Observations and Numerical Modeling”
Advisor: Michael Bell
Davis, Luke
“Links between climate feedbacks and the large-scale circulation across idealized and complex general circulation models”
Advisor: David Thompson
Gordon, Emily
“When is the Unpredictable (slightly more) Predictable? An Assessment of Opportunities for Skillful Decadal Climate Prediction Using Explainable Neural Networks”
Advisor: Elizabeth Barnes
Hilburn, Kyle
“GREMLIN: GOES Radar Estimation via Machine Learning to Inform NWP”
Advisor: Steven Miller
Hu, Chih-Chi
“High-Dimensional Nonlinear Data Assimilation with Non-Gaussian Observation Errors for the Geosciences”
Advisor: Peter Jan van Leeuwen
James, Eric
“Comparing precipitation estimates, model forecasts, and random forest based predictions for excessive rainfall”
Advisor: Russ Schumacher
Kelly, Nathan
“Rain and RELAMPAGO: Analysis of the Deep Convective Storms of Central Argentina”
Advisor: Russ Schumacher
Moore, Kathryn
“Marine ice nucleating particles: sources, composition, emissions, and model parameterizations”
Advisors: Sonia Kreidenweis and Paul DeMott
Pasillas, Chandra
“Turning Day into Night: The creation, validation, and application of synthetic lunar reflectance values from the Day Night Band and Infrared Sensors for use with JPSS VIIRS and GOES ABI”
Advisors: Christian Kummerow and Michael Bell
Patnaude, Ryan
“Using Laboratory and Airborne Measurements to Investigate the Role of Ice Nucleating Particles in Ice and Mixed-Phase Clouds”
Advisors: Sonia Kreidenweis and Paul DeMott
Rocque, Marquette
“Influence of Terrain on the Characteristics and Life Cycle of Convection Observed in Subtropical South America”
Advisor: Kristen Rasmussen
Yook, Shim
“The Role of Earth System Interactions in Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation and Climate”
Advisor: David Thompson


Casas, Ellie
“Investigation of Relationships Between Tropical Cyclone Structure and Intensity Change”
Advisor: Michael Bell
Cheeseman, Michael
“The Air We Breathe: The Importance of High Resolution Air Quality Predictions”
Advisor: Jeff Pierce
Chudler, Kyle
“Analysis of Convection and Precipitation in the West Pacific During the PISTON Field Campaign”
Advisor: Steven Rutledge
Freeman, Sean
“Examining the Impacts of Convective Environments on Storms Using Observations and Numerical Models”
Advisor: Susan van den Heever
Mayer, Kirsten
“Application of Neural Networks to Subseasonal to Seasonal Predictability in Present and Future Climates”
Advisor: Elizabeth Barnes
Natoli, Michael
“Intraseasonal Variability in the Tropical Island Diurnal Cycle”
Advisor: Eric Maloney
Rathod, Sagar
“Earth, Humans, and Metals: Investigating the role of iron and other metals in the atmospheric, oceanic, and energy systems”
Advisors: Tami Bond and Jeff Pierce
Razin, Naufal
“Satellite-based Investigation of Convection and Precipitation in Tropical Cyclone Intensity Change”
Advisor: Michael Bell
Schulte, Rick
“Understanding and Quantifying the Uncertainties in Satellite Warm Rain Retrievals”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Sokolowsky, Alex
“Morphology, Lifecycles, and Environmental Sensitivities of Tropical Trimodal Convection”
Advisor: Susan van den Heever


Akherati, Ali
“Organic Aerosol Modeling of Wildfires”
Advisors: Shantanu Jathar and Jeff Pierce
Bukowski, Jennie
“Mineral Dust Lofting and Interactions with Cold Pools”
Advisor: Sue van den Heever
Jones, Jhordanne
“An Examination of the Large-Scale Drivers of North Atlantic Vertical Wind Shear and Seasonal Tropical Cyclone Variability”
Advisors: Michael Bell and Phil Klotzbach
Lee, Yoonjin
“Using GOES-16 ABI Data to Detect Convection, Estimate Latent Heating, and Initiate Convection in a High Resolution Model”
Advisors: Chris Kummerow and Milija Zupanski
Murakami, Yasutaka
“Exploring Precipitation Processes in Stratocumulus Clouds from Satellite-Derived Cloud Top Macrophysical Properties”
Advisors: Christian Kummerow and Susan van den Heever
Naegele, Alexandra
“The Influence of Cloud Radiative Effects on Hydrologic Sensitivity and Variability”
Advisors: David Randall
Nam, Chaehyeon Chelsea
“Multi-scale Interactions Leading to Tropical Cyclogenesis in Sheared Environments”
Advisor: Michael Bell
O'Dell, Katelyn
“Health-Relevant Pollutants in US Landscape Fire Smoke: Abundance, Health Impacts, and Influence on Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality”
Advisors: Jeff Pierce and Emily Fischer
Patrizio, Casey
“Understanding the Role of Ocean Dynamics in Climate Variability”
Advisors: David Thompson and David Randall
Whitaker, Justin
“An Investigation of an East Pacific Easterly Wave Genesis Pathway and the Impact of the Papagayo and Tehuantepec Wind Jets on the East Pacific Mean State and Easterly Waves”
Advisor: Eric Maloney


Atwood, Sam
“Variability in Observed Remote Marine Aerosol Populations and Implications for Haze and Cloud Formation”
Advisor: Sonia Kreidenweis
Brewer, Jared
“A Year in the Life of an Atmospheric Ketone”
Advisors: Emily Fischer and A.R. Ravishankara
Childs, Samuel
“Projecting End-of-century Human Exposure to Eastern Colorado Tornadoes and Hailstorms: Meteorological and Societal Perspectives”
Advisor: Russ Schumacher
Dougherty, Erin
“Characteristics of Current and Future Flood-Producing Storms in the Continental United States”
Advisor: Kristen Rasmussen
Drager, Aryeh
“Response of Convective Cold Pools and Precipitation to Changes in Soil Moisture”
Advisor: Susan van den Heever
Hodshire, Anna
“From forests to the remote ocean to smoke plumes: aerosol microphysics in diverse environments”
Advisors: Jeff Pierce and Shantanu Jathar
Jenney, Andrea
“Quantifying and Understanding Current and Future Links Between Tropical Convection and the Large-Scale Circulation”
Advisors: David Randall and Elizabeth Barnes
Lassman, William
“Using Modelling Tools to Advance Understanding of Ammonia Dry-Deposition and Bidirectional Flux Processes Next to Large Animal Feeding Operations”
Advisors: Jeff Pierce and Jeff Collett
Li, Jingyuan
“Quantifying Internal Climate Variability and Its Changes Using Large-Ensembles of Climate Change Simulations”
Advisor: David Thompson
Lindaas, Jakob
“Investigating emissions and evolution of reactive nitrogen in western U.S. wildfire smoke plumes”
Advisor: Emily Fischer
Marinescu, Peter
“Observations of Aerosol Particles and Deep Convective Updrafts and the Modeling of Their Interactions”
Advisors: Susan van den Heever and Sonia Kreidenweis
Martinez, Jonathan
“Axisymmetric and Asymmetric Processes Contributing to Tropical Cyclone Intensification and Expansion”
Advisor: Michael Bell
Park, Minnie
“Environmental Controls and Aerosol Impacts on Tropical Sea Breeze Convection”
Advisor: Susan van den Heever
Rivoire, Louis
“Origins and Impacts of Tropopause Layer Cooling in Tropical Cyclones”
Advisors: Thomas Birner and John Knaff
Ronalds, Bryn
“Impacts of Arctic Warming and Sea Ice Loss on the Northern Hemisphere Mid-Latitude Large-Scale Circulation”
Advisor: Elizabeth Barnes
Toms, Ben
“Towards Using Neural Networks for Geoscientific Discovery”
Advisor: Elizabeth Barnes
Trabing, Ben
“On Intensity Change and the Effects of Shortwave Radiation on Tropical Cyclone Rainbands”
Advisor: Michael Bell


Brey, Steven
“Planning for an Unknown Future: Incorporating Meteorological Uncertainty into Predictions of the Impact of Fires and Dust on US Particulate Matter”
Advisors: Emily Fischer and Elizabeth Barnes
McGraw, Marie
“Approaching Arctic-Midlatitude Dynamics from a Two-Way Feedback Perspective”
Advisor: Elizabeth Barnes
Nelson, Robert
“Aerosol Parameterizations in Space-Based Near-Infrared Retrievals of Carbon Dioxide”
Advisors: Christian Kummerow and Chris O'Dell
Nielsen, Erik
“Insights into Extreme Short-term Precipitation Associated with Supercells and Mesovortices”
Advisor: Russ Schumacher
Tseng, Kai-Chih
“The Madden Julian Oscillation and Tropical-Extratropical Teleconnections”
Advisors: Elizabeth Barnes and Eric Maloney
Wills, Samantha
“On the Observed and Simulated Responses of the Extratropical Atmosphere to Surface Thermal Forcing”
Advisor: David Thompson


Grant, Leah
“Cold Pool Processes in Different Environments”
Advisor: Sue van den Heever
Herman, Greg
“A New Post-Processing Paradigm? Improving High-Impact Weather Forecasts with Machine Learning”
Advisor: Russ Schumacher
Hitchcock, Stacey
“On the Environments and Dynamics of Nocturnal Mesoscale Convective Systems”
Advisor: Russ Schumacher
Kodros, Jack
“Climate and Health Impacts of Particulate Matter from Residential Combustion Sources in Developing Countries”
Advisor: Jeff Pierce
Shonkwiler, Kira
“Micrometeorological Studies of a Beef Feedlot, Dairy, and Grassland: Measurements of Ammonia, Methane, and Energy Balance Closure”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Slocum, Chris
“The Role of Inner-Core and Boundary Layer Dynamics on Tropical Cyclone Structure and Intensification”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
Tzompa, Zitely
“Atmospheric and Air Quality Implications of C2-C5 Alkane Emissions from the Oil and Gas Sector”
Advisor: Emily Fischer


Boyd, Kathryn
“Exploring the Sky: Investigating Discourse Dynamics in an Atmospheric Science Educational Outreach Program”
Advisors: Thomas Birner and Meena Balgopal
Bytheway, Janice
“Features Based Assessments of Warm Season Convective Precipitation Forecasts from the High Resolution Rapid Refresh Model”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Davis, Nicholas
“The Dynamics of Hadley Circulation Variability and Change”
Advisor: Thomas Birner
Duncan, David
“Exploring the Limits of Variational Passive Microwave Retrievals ”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Evanoski-Cole, Ashley
“Impacts of Unconventional Oil and Gas Development on Atmospheric Aerosol Particles”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Fuchs, Brody
“Microphysical, Dynamical, and Lightning Processes Associated with Anomalous Charge Structures in Isolated Convection”
Advisor: Steven Rutledge
Henderson, David
“Reconciling TRMM Precipitation Estimates Related to El Nino Southern Oscillation Variability”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Henderson, Stephanie
“Madden-Julian Oscillation Teleconnections and Their Influence on Northern Hemisphere Winter Blocking”
Advisor: Eric Maloney
Jones, Todd
“Examining Chaotic Convection with Super-Parmaterization Ensembles”
Advisors: David Randall
Liu, Chengji
“Role of Rossby Wave Breaking in the Variability of Large-scale Atmospheric Transport and Mixing”
Advisor: Elizabeth Barnes
McCluskey, Christina
“Evidence for a Biological Control on Emissions of Marine Ice Nucleating Particles: Laboratory, Field and Modeling Results”
Advisors: Sonia Kreidenweis and Paul DeMott
Mundhenk, Bryan
“Climatology and Variability of Atmospheric Rivers over the North Pacific”
Advisors: Elizabeth Barnes and Eric Maloney
Petkovic, Veljko
“Improving the Quality of Extreme Precipitation Estimates Using Satellite Passive Microwave Rainfall Retrievals”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Pina, Aaron
“A Social-Ecological Approach to Managing Agricultural Ammonia Emissions and Nitrogen Deposition in Rocky Mountain National Park”
Advisors: Scott Denning and Dennis Ojima
Wolding, Brandon
“Vertically Resolved Weak Temperature Gradient Analysis of the Madden-Julian Oscillation”
Advisor: Eric Maloney


Boris, Ali
“Aqueous Atmospheric Organic Processing: Effects of Fog and Cloud Composition”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Burt, Melissa
“Interactions of Arctic Clouds, Radiation, and Sea Ice in Present-Day and Future Climates”
Advisors: David Randall
Clavner, Michal
“The Response of a Simulated Mesoscale Convective System to Increased Aerosol Pollution”
Advisor: Bill Cotton
Jha, Vandana
“Examination of the Potential Impacts of Dust and Pollution Aerosol Acting as Cloud Nucleating Aerosol on Water Resources in the Colorado River Basin”
Advisor: Bill Cotton
Roy, Gavin
“The Hydrometeorological Sustainability of Miscanthus x Giganteus as a Biofuel Crop in the U.S. Midwest”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Sheffield, Amanda
“Exploring Post-Cold Frontal Moisture Transport in an Idealized Extratropical Cyclone Study”
Advisor: Sue van den Heever
Stolz, Doug
“The Simultaneous Influence of Thermodynamics and Aerosols on Deep Convection and Lightning”
Advisor: Steven Rutledge
Thompson, Elizabeth
“Tropical Warm Pool Rainfall Variability and Impact on Ocean Mixed Layer Depth throughout the MJO”
Advisor: Steven Rutledge
Tournay, Robert
“Land Surface Sensitivity of Mesoscale Convective Systems”
Advisor: Russ Schumacher (advisor), Thomas Vonder Haar (co-advisor)


Eldred, Chris
“Linear and Nonlinear Properties of Numerical Methods for the Rotating Shallow Water Equations”
Advisors: David Randall
Ford, Bonne
“Satellite Constraints on Surface Concentrations of Particulate Matter”
Advisor: Prof. Heald
Gonzalez, Alex
“Balanced and Transient Aspects of the Intertropical Convergence Zone”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
Igel, Adele
“A Theoretical and Numerical Investigation of Warm-Phase Microphysical Processes”
Advisor: Sue van den Heever
Li, Yi
“Characterizing Ammonia Centrations and Deposition in the United States”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Peters, John
“Toward an Improved Understanding of the Synoptic and Mesoscale Dynamics Governing Nocturnal Heavy-Rain-Producing Mesoscale Convective Systems”
Advisor: Russ Schumacher
Ringerud, Sarah
“Building the Foundations for a Physically Based Passive Microwave Precipitation Retrieval over the US Southern Great Plains”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Ruppert, James
“Cumulus Moistening, the Diurnal Cycle, and Large-Scale Tropical Dynamics”
Advisor: Richard Johnson
Rydbeck, Adam
“Initiation and Intensification of East Pacific Easterly Waves”
Advisor: Eric Maloney


Alaka, Gus
“African Easterly Wave Energetics on Intraseasonal Timescales”
Advisor: Eric Maloney
Bolinger, Becky
“The Hydroclimate of the Upper Colorado River Basin and the Western United States”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Brown, Steve
“Wintertime Aerosol in Las Vegas, Nevada”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Dodson, Brant
“Comparison of Convective Clouds Observed by Spaceborne W-Band Radar and Simulated by Cloud-Resolving Atmospheric Models”
Advisors: David Randall
Hannah, Walter
“Entrainment and Dilution in Tropical Deep Convection”
Advisor: Eric Maloney
Igel, Matt
“Tropical Deep Convective Cloud Morphology”
Advisor: Sue van den Heever
Schurman, Misha
“Characteristics, Sources, and Formation of Organic Aerosol in the Central Rocky Mountains”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Sjoberg, Jeremiah
“Wave-Mean Flow Positive Feedbacks Associated with Sudden Stratospheric Warmings”
Advisor: Thomas Birner


Firl, Grant
“A Study of Low Cloud Climate Feedbacks Using a Generalized Higher-Order Closure Subgrid Model”
Advisors: David Randall
Jones, Dan C.
“Testing Eddy Compensation and Eddy Saturation in the Southern Ocean”
Advisor: Prof. Ito
Levin, Ezra
“Remote Continental Aerosol Characteristics in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Wyoming”
Advisor: Sonia Kreidenweis
McGarragh, Gregory
“Combined Multispectral/Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Tropospheric Aerosols for Quantification of Their Direct Radiative Effect”
Advisor: Graeme Stephens
Mora-Rojas, Gabriela
“Deep and Shallow Overturning Circulations in the Tropical Atmosphere”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
Thayer-Calder, Katherine
“Downdraft Impacts on Tropical Convection”
Advisors: David Randall


Benedict, Katie
“Observations of Reactive Nitrogen Species in the Atmosphere and Nitrogen Deposition in the Rocky Mountains”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Christensen, Matt
“Microphysical and Macrophysical Responses of Marine Stratocumulus Polluted by Underlying Ships”
Advisor: Graeme Stephens
Dostalek, Jack (John)
“Global Omega Equation: Derivation and Application to Tropical Cyclogenesis in the North Atlantic Ocean”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
Guy, Nick
“Regional Analysis of West African Convective Systems and Characteristics”
Advisor: Steven Rutledge
Harper, Anna B.
“Drought Tolerance and Implications for Vegetation-Climate Interactions in the Amazon Forest”
Advisor: Scott Denning
Lerach, David
“Simulating Southwestern U.S. Desert Dust Influences on Severe, Tornadic Storms”
Advisor: Bill Cotton
Loftus, Adrian
“A Triple-Moment Bulk Hail Microphysics Scheme to Investigate the Sensitivities of Hail to Aerosols”
Advisor: Bill Cotton
Masarik, Matt
“Simple Analytical Solutions for Potential Vorticity Intrusions”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
McCrary, Rachel
“The Influence of Embedded Explicit Convection on Simulations of the West African Monsoon”
Advisors: David Randall
Seigel, Robert
“The Impacts of Mineral Dust on Organized Mesoscale Deep Convection”
Advisor: Sue van den Heever
Selin, Rebecca
“Gravity Wave and Microphysical Effects on Bow Echo Development”
Advisor: Richard Johnson
Storer, Rachel
“Aerosol impacts on deep convective storms in the tropics: a combination of modeling and observations”
Advisor: Sue van den Heever
Williams, Gabriel
“The Effects of Environmental Flow on the Internal Dynamics of Tropical Cyclones”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert


Elsaesser, Greg
“Tropical Rainfall Regimes and Their Evolution on Hourly to Daily Timescales”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Grise, Kevin
“On the Structure of Climate Variability Near the Tropopause and Its Relationship to Equatorial Planetary Waves”
Advisor: David Thompson
Maclay, Katherine S.
“Tropical Cyclone Kinetic Energy and Structure Evolution in the HWRFx Model”
Advisor: Thomas Vonder Haar
McGrath-Spangler, Erica L.
“Importance of Boundary Layer Processes for Surface Fluxes”
Advisor: Scott Denning
Musgrave, Kate D.
“Tropical Cyclone Inner Core Structure and Intensity Change”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
Newman, Andrew J.
“Dynamics of North American Monsoon Circulation Systems ”
Advisor: Richard Johnson
Parazoo, Nicholas C.
“Moist Synoptic Transport of CO2 Along Midlatitude Storm Tracks, Transport Uncertainty, and Implications for Flux Estimation”
Advisor: Scott Denning
Rowe, Angela K.
“A Polarimetric Radar Analysis of Convective Observed During NAME and TiMREX”
Advisor: Steven Rutledge
Shen, Xinhua
“Aqueous Phase Sulfate Production in Clouds at Mt. Tai in Eastern China”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Silvers, Levi G.
“A Theory of Topographically Bound Balanced Motions and Application to Atmospheric Low-Level Jets”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
Wang, Fang
“Quantitative Comparisons of Satellite Observation and Cloud Models”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Wood, Norman
“Estimation of Snow Microphysical Properties with Application to Millimeter-Wavelength Radar Retrievals for Snowfall Rate”
Advisor: Graeme Stephens


Benedict, James
“Structure of the Madden-Julian Oscillation in Coupled and Uncoupled Version of the Superparameterized Community Atmosphere Model”
Advisors: David Randall
Munchak, Stephen
“A Method to Combine Spaceborne Radar and Radiometric Observations of Precipitation”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Nobis, Timothy
“Coupling an Urban Paramterization to an Atmospheric Model Using an Operational Configuration”
Advisor: Jeff Collett
Van Roekel, Luke
“The Influence of Variations in Penetrating Solar Radiation on the Diurnal and Intraseasonal Structure of the Oceanic Boundary Layer”
Advisors: David Randall
Vigh, Jonathan
“Formation of the Hurricane Eye”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
Ward, Daniel
“Cloud Condensation Nuclei in Western Colorado: Observations and Model Predictions”
Advisor: Bill Cotton
Wells, Kelley
“Aerosol Single-Scattering Albedo Retrieval Over North Africa Using Critical Reflectance”
Advisor: Sonia Kreidenweis
Yamaguchi, Takanobu
“Cloud-Top Entrainment Analyzed with a Lagrangian Parcel Tracking Model in Large-Eddy Simulations”
Advisors: David Randall


Butler, Amy
“The Atmospheric Circulation Response to Climate Change-like Thermal Forcings in a Simple General Circulation Model”
Advisor: David Thompson
Dolan, Brenda
“Analysis and Application of the Casa IP1 X-Band Polarimetric Radar Network”
Advisor: Steven Rutledge
Lebsock, Matt
“Relationships Between Aerosol, Cloud, and Precipitation as Observed From the A-Train Constellation of Spaceborne Sensors”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Leoncini, Giovani
“Improving Numerical Weather Prediction: Error Growth at the Convective Scale and Speed”
Advisor: Roger Pielke
Richardson, Mathews
“Making Real Time Measurements of Ice Nucleation at Upper Tropospheric Temperatures: Extending the Capabilities of the Continuous Flow Diffusion Chamber”
Advisor: Sonia Kreidenweis
Seaman, Curtis
“Assimilation of Geostationary, Infrared Satellite Data to Improve Forecasting of Mid-Level, Mixed-Phased Clouds”
Advisor: Thomas Vonder Haar


Ahlgrimm, Maike
“Model Evaluation Using Space-Borne Lidar Observations”
Advisors: David Randall
Ciasto, Laura
“Mechanisms of Observed Sea Surface Temperature Variability in the Extratropical Southern Hemisphere”
Advisor: David Thompson
Corbin, Katherine
“Investigating Causes of Regional Variations in Atmospheric CO Concentrations”
Advisor: Scott Denning
Ellis, Todd
“Characteristics of Precipitation: CloudSat Observations and Model Predictions of the Current and Future Climate”
Advisor: Graeme Stephens
Haynes, John
“The Near-Global Distribution of Light Precipitation from CloudSat”
Advisor: Graeme Stephens
Hendricks, Eric
“Tropical Cyclone Evolution via Internal Asymmetric Dynamics”
Advisor: Wayne Schubert
Koehler, Kirsten
“Abstract of the Impact of Natural Dust Aerosol on Warm and Cold Cloud Formation”
Advisor: Sonia Kreidenweis
Lindsey, Dan
“A Study of the Relationship Between Thunderstorm Processes and Cloud-Top Ice Crystal Size”
Advisor: Richard Johnson
McMeeking, Gavin
“The Optical, Chemical, and Physical Properties of Aerosols and Gases Emitted by the Laboratory Combustion of Wildland Fuels”
Advisor: Sonia Kreidenweis
Pereira, Luis Gustavo
“Characteristics and Organization of Precipitating Systems During NAME 2004 and Their Relationship to Environmental Conditions”
Advisor: Steven Rutledge
Rapp, Anita
“On the Role of Warm Rain Clouds in the Tropics”
Advisor: Chris Kummerow
Rogers, Matthew
“Properties of the Tropical Hydrologic Cycle as Analyzed through 3-D K-Means Analysis”
Advisor: Graeme Stephens
Schumacher, Russ
“Quasi-Stationary, Extreme-Rain-Producing Convective Systems Associated with Midlevel Cyclonic Circulations”
Advisor: Richard Johnson
Toy, Michael
“Design of a Nonhydrostatic Atmospheric Model Based on a Generalized Vertical Coordinate”
Advisors: David Randall


Hidalgo, Marc
“Vortical Hot Towers, Their Aggregate Effects and Their Resolution Dependence in the Formation of Hurricane Diana (1984)”
Advisor: Montgomery
Klotzbach, Phil
“Developments in Seasonal Atlantic Basin Tropical Cyclone Prediction”
Advisor: Schubert
Lee, Taehyoung
“Characterizing Ionic Components of Aerosol in Rural Environments: Temporal Variability, Size Distributions, and the Form of Particle Nitrate”
Advisor: Collett
Matsui, Toshi
“Aerosol Effects on Cloud-Precipitation and Land-Surface Processes”
Advisor: Pielke
Page, Elizabeth
“Post-Fire Impacts on Microclimate and Convective Precipitation”
Advisor: Cotton
Rozoff, Christopher
“Aspects of moat formation in tropical cyclone eyewall replacement cycles”
Advisor: Schubert
Terwey, Wesley
“Secondary Eyewall Formation and Sheared Convection in Mature Hurricanes”
Advisor: Montgomery


Engling, Guenter
“Characterizing Biomass Combustion Emission Contributions to Ambient Aerosol Concentrations”
Advisor: Collett
Pakula, Lyle
“On The Dynamics of Forced Waves and Cumulus Clouds in the Equatorial Region”
Advisor: Stephens
Posselt, Derek
“Application of Advanced Data Assimilation Techniques to the Study of Cloud and Precipitation Feedbacks in the Tropical Climate System ”
Advisor: Stephens
Strack, John
“Artic Tundra Shrub Invasion and Soot Deposition: Consequences For Spring Snowmelt and Near-Surface Air Temperatures”
Advisor: Pielke
Tessendorf, Sarah
“Relationships between kinematics, microphysics, and lightning in High Plains storms observed during the Severe Thunderstorm Electrification and Precipitation Study”
Advisor: Rutledge


Beltran, Adriana
“Using a Coupled Atmospheric-Biospheric Modeling System (GERRAMS) to Model the Effects of Land-Use/Land-Cover Changes on the Near-Surface Atmosphere ”
Advisor: Pielke
Castro, Christopher
“The Use of a Regional Atmospheric Model to Investigate the Summer Climate of North America”
Advisor: Pielke
Davey, Christopher
“Alternative Metrics for Measuring Heating Trends, with Possible Connections Between the Surface and Troposhere”
Advisor: Pielke
Griffith, Brian
“Multifrequency Retrieval of Cloud Ice Particle Size Distribution”
Advisor: Kummerow
Jirak, Israel
“Observational Analysis of the Predictability of Mesoscale Convective Systems ”
Advisor: Cotton
Stan, Cristiana
“The Mean Meridional Circulation: A New Potential-Vorticity, Potential-Temperature Perspective”
Advisors: Randall
Wiens, Kyle
“Kinematic Microphysical, and Electrical Structure and Evolution of Thunderstorms during the Severe Thunderstorm Electrification and Precipitation Study (STEPS)”
Advisor: Rutledge


Chang, Hui
“The Processing of Aerosol Particles and Soluble Trace Gases by Chemically Heterogeneous Radiation Fogs”
Advisor: Collett
Cooper, Steve
“Implications of Atmosphere and Cloud State Uncertainties for the Global Retrieval of Ice Cloud Microphysical Properties”
Advisor: Stephens
Marshall, Curtis
“Simulated Impacts of Anthropogenic Land-Cover Change on the Mesoscale Climate of the Florida Peninsula”
Advisor: Pielke
Moore, Richard
“Reexamining the Dynamics of Short-Scale, Diabatic Rossby Vortices and their Role in Midlatitude Moist Cyclogenesis”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Ruston, Benjamin
“Characteristics of Summertime Microwave Land Emissivity Over the Conterminous United States”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Schaefer, Kevin
“The Influence of Climate on Terrestrial CO2 Fluxes”
Advisor: Denning


Eastin, Matthew D.
“Buoyancy of Convective Vertical Motions in the Inner Core of Intense Hurricanes”
Advisor: Gray
Tulich, Stefan N.
“The Interaction between Tropical and Gravity Waves: Comparisons between Simple Models and Direct Numerical Simulations”
Advisors: Randall


Cheng, William Y.
“Sensitivity of a Simulated Mesoscale Convective System to Horizontal Heterogeneities in Soil Moisture Initialization”
Advisor: Cotton
Gaudet, Brian J.
“Rapid Development of Tornado-Like Vortices by Simulated Supercells”
Advisor: Cotton
Golaz, Jean-Christophe
“A PDF-Based Parameterization for Boundary Layer Clouds”
Advisor: Cotton
Heikes, Ross P.
“A Comparison of Vertical Coordinate Systems for Numerical Modeling of the General Circulation of the Atmosphere”
Advisors: Randall
Mitrescu, Cristian
“Retrieved Optical Properties for Cirrus Clouds Over Tropical West Pacific”
Advisor: Stephens
Moore, Katharine F.
“Drop Size-Dependent Chemical Composition in Clouds and Fogs”
Advisor: Collett
Nair, Udaysankar
“Climatic Impact of Lowland Deforestation on Tropical Montane Cloud Forests in Costa Rica”
Advisor: Pielke
Parker, Matthew D.
“Quasi-Two-Dimensional Convective Lines with Leading Precipitation: Dynamics Inferred from Idealized Numerical Simulations”
Advisor: Johnson
Persing, John J.
“Insights on Hurricane Intensity”
Advisor: Montgomery
Straub, Katherine A.
“Observations of Convectively Coupled Kelvin Waves”
Advisor: Schubert
Straub, Derek J.
“Design and Testing of a New Aircraft-Based Cloud Water Sampling System”
Advisor: Collett


Benedetti, Angela
“Toward Assimilation of Cloud Radar Data for Improvements in Mesoscale Forecasts”
Advisor: Stephens
Cheng, Anning
“A Theory of the Mesoscale Organization of Moist Convection and the Associated Vertical Momentum Transport”
Advisors: Randall
Eitzen, Zachary
“Simulation and Parameterization of Vertically Propagating Convectively Generated Gravity Waves”
Advisors: Randall
Fleishauer, Robert
“Observed Microphysical and Radiative Structure of Mid-Level, Mixed-Phase Clouds”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Hand, Jennifer
“A New Technique for Obtaining Aerosol Size Distributions with Applications to Estimates of Aerosol Properties”
Advisor: Kreidenweis
Hausman, Scott
“Formulation and Sensitivity Analysis of a Nonhydrostatic Axisymmetric Tropical Cyclone Model”
Advisor: Schubert
Knievel, Jason
“Vorticity and Balance in a Mesoscale Convective Vortex”
Advisor: Johnson
L.Ecuyer, Tristan
“Uncertainties in Space-Based Estimates of Clouds and Precipitation: Implications for Deriving Global Diabatic Heating”
Advisor: Stephens
Van den Heever, Susan
“The Impact of Several Hail Parameters on Simulated Supercell Storms”
Advisor: Cotton


Costa, Alexandre A.
“Cloud-Resolving Modeling of Air-Sea Interactions over the Western Pacific”
Advisor: Cotton
Knapp, Kenneth R.
“Aerosol Retrieval over Land using Background Composites of Geostationary Satellite Data”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Kossin, James P.
“Barotropic Instability and Asymmetric Mixing in Hurricanes with Primary and Secondary Eyewalls ”
Advisor: Schubert
Lang, Timothy J.
“On the Relationships between Convective Storm Kinematics, Microphysics, and Lightning”
Advisor: Rutledge
Li, Xiang
“Impact of Biomass Burning Aerosols on the Clear-sky Shortwave Radiative Fluxes”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Miller, Steven D.
“A Multi-Sensor Approach to the Retrieval and Model Validation of Global Cloudiness”
Advisor: Stephens
Prieto Gonzalez, Ricardo
“Predictions for the Final Equilibrium State of Flows on the Sphere”
Advisor: Schubert
Reasor, Paul D.
“Horizontal Vorticity Redistribution and Vortex Alignment in Developing and Mature Tropical Cyclones”
Advisor: Montgomery


Chen, Yalei
“Studies of Ice Formation Behaviors of Upper Tropospheric Aerosol and their Chemical Compositions by Continuous Flow Thermal Diffusion Chamber”
Advisor: Kreidenweis
Lappen, Cara-Lyn
“Unification of Mass Flux and Higher-Order Closure in the Simulation of Boundary Layer Turbulence ”
Advisors: Randall
Lawrence, Carey
“On the Relationship between Precipitation and Lightning as Revealed by Multiparameter Radar Observations”
Advisor: Rutledge
Lu, Lixin
“The Implementation of a Two-way Interactive Atmospheric and Ecological Modeling System and its Application to the Central United States”
Advisor: Pielke
Roohr, Peter B.
“Analysis of the Incorporation of Lightning into the Nowcasting of Enhanced Frozen Precipitation”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Wu, Ting
“Numerical Modeling Study of the November 26, 1991 Cirrus Event”
Advisor: Cotton


Brechtel, Fredrick J.
“Predicting Particle Critical Supersaturation from Hygroscopic Growth Measurements in the Humidified TDMA: Theory and Experiments”
Advisor: Kreidenweis
Finley, Catherine A.
“Numerical Simulation of Intense Multi-scale Vortices Generated by Supercell Thunderstorms”
Advisor: Pielke
Haertel, Patrick T.
“The Dynamics of MCS Mesohighs and Wake Lows”
Advisor: Johnson
Heidinger, Andrew K.
“Nadir Sounding of Clouds and Aerosols in the O2 A-band”
Advisor: Stephens/Cox
Kelly, Michael A.
“A Simple Model of Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions in the Tropical Climate System”
Advisors: Randall
Lietzke, Christopher
“Satellite Moisture Profiling of the Tropical Eastern Pacific Convergence Zone”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Nachamkin, Jason
“Observational and Numerical Analysis of the Genesis of a Mesoscale Convective System”
Advisor: Cotton
Papineau, John M.
“Orographic Precipitation: A Mesoscale Modeling Perspective”
Advisor: Pielke
Vidale, Pier Luigi
“Contributions of Land Surface Forced Mesoscale Circulations to the Total Heat, Moisture and Momentum Budgets over Boreas”
Advisor: Pielke
Zhang, Yiping
“The Effects of Clouds on Aerosol and Chemical Species Processing, Production, and Distribution in the Boundary Layer and the Upper Troposphere”
Advisor: Kreidenweis


Bernardet, Ligia R.
“Multi-Scale Evolution of a Derecho-Producting MCS”
Advisor: Cotton
Harrington, Jerry Y.
“The Effects of Radiative and Microphysical Processes on Simulated Warm and Transition Season Arctic Stratus”
Advisor: Cotton
Knaff, John A.
“Progress Toward Seasonal Prediction in the Tropics”
Advisor: Gray
Lin, Xin
“Multiscale Variability Associated with the Intraseasonal Oscillation over the Western Pacific Warm Pool”
Advisor: Johnson
Petersen, Walter A.
“Multi-Scale Process Studies in the Tropics: Results from Lightning Observations”
Advisor: Rutledge
Schuur, Terry J.
“An Observational and Modeling Study of Mesoscale Convective System Electrification”
Advisor: Rutledge
Trier, Stanley B.
“Multiscale Analysis of a Simulated Oceanic Mesoscale Convective System and its Environmental Impact”
Advisor: Johnson


Alexander, G. David
“The Use of Simulations of Mesoscale Convective Systems to Build a Convective Parameterization Scheme”
Advisor: Cotton
Cifelli, Robert C.
“Vertical Motion Structure in Tropical Mesoscale Convective Systems”
Advisor: Rutledge
DeMott, Charlotte A.
“The Vertical Structure and Modulation of TOGA COARE Convection: A Radar Perspective”
Advisor: Rutledge
Grasso, Lewis D.
“Numerical Simulation of the April 26 and May 15, 1991 Tornadic Thunderstorms”
Advisor: Cotton
Hertenstein, Rolf F.
“Evolution of Potential Vorticity Associated with Mesoscale Convective Systems”
Advisor: Cotton
Jones, Andrew S.
“The Use of Satellite-Derived Heterogeneous Surface Soil Moisture for Numerical Weather Prediction”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Poulos, Gregory S.
“The Interaction of Katabatic Winds and Mountain Waves”
Advisor: Pielke/McKee
Rafkin, Scot C.
“Development of a Cumulus Parameterization Suitable for Use in Mesoscale Through GCM-Scale Models”
Advisor: Cotton
Rickenbach, Thomas M.
“Convection in TOGA COARE: Horizontal Scale and Rainfall Production”
Advisor: Rutledge
Stevens, Bjorn B.
“On the Dynamics of Precipitating Stratocumulus”
Advisor: Cotton


Christopher, Sundar A.
“Cloud Radiative Forcing in the Tropics: The Effects of Optical Property Retrievals and Scene Identification”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Copeland, Jeffrey
“Impact of Soil Moisture and Vegetation Distribution on July 1989 Climate using a Regional Climate Model”
Advisor: Cotton/Pielke
Ding, Ping
“A Parameterization of Cumulus Convection with Multiple Cloud Base Levels”
Advisors: Randall
Dutton, Ellsworth G.
“Tropospheric Radiative Forcing from El Chichon and Mt. Pinatubo: Theory and Observations”
Advisor: Cox
Fitzpatrick, Patrick J.
“Forecasting and Understanding Tropical Cyclone Intensity Change”
Advisor: Gray
Kuo, Kwo-Sen
“The Picard Iterative Approximation to the Solution of the Integral Equation of Radiative Transfer”
Advisor: Cox
Meyers, Michael P.
“The Impact of a Two-Moment Cloud Model on the Microphysical Structure of Two Precipitation Events”
Advisor: Cotton
Olsson, Peter Q.
“Evolution of Balanced Flow in a Simulated Mesoscale Convective Complex”
Advisor: Cotton
Pan, Dzong-Ming (Victor)
“Development and Application of a Pronostic Cumulus Parameterization”
Advisors: Randall
Stackhouse, Paul W.
“An Assessment of the Effects of Cloud Inhomogeneity on Ice Cloud Radiative Properties”
Advisor: Stephens


Blanchard, David O.
“The Role of Inertial Instability in the Genesis of Mesoscale Convective Systems”
Advisor: Cotton
Bresch, James F.
“Numerical Simulation and Analysis of a Series of Mesoscale Convective Systems”
Advisor: Johnson
Denning, A. Scott
“Investigations of the Transport, Sources and Sinks of the Atmospheric CO2 Using a General Circulation Model”
Advisors: Randall
Duda, David P.
“Macrophysical and Microphysical Influences on Radiative Transfer in Two Dimensional Marine Stratus”
Advisor: Stephens
Greenwald, Thomas J.
“Satellite Microwave Sensing of Oceanic Cloud Liquid Water. Application to the Earth Radiation Bidget and Climate”
Advisor: Stephens/Vonder Haar
Landsea, Christopher W.
“Atlantic Basin Climate Change and Hurricanes”
Advisor: Gray
Nieto Ferreira, Rosana
“On the Dynamics of the Formation of Multiple Tropical Disturbances”
Advisor: Schubert
Shao, Qingqiu
“The Effects of Cloud-Top Processes on Convection in the Cloud-Topped Boundary Layer”
Advisors: Randall
Wang, Junyi
“Generalized Convective Available Potential Energy and its Application to Cumulus Parameterization”
Advisors: Randall
Wong, Takmeng
“On the Radiative Processes Associated with the Tropical Mesoscale Convective Systems”
Advisor: Stephens


Evans, Kent Franklin
“Microwave Remote Sensing Algorithms for Cirrus Clouds and Precipitation”
Advisor: Stephens
Gallus, William
“The Dynamics of Circulations within the Stratiform Region of Squall Lines”
Advisor: Johnson
Lu, Chungu
“Balanced Dynamics for Three Dimensional Curved Flows”
Advisor: Schubert
Mayr, Georg
“Evolution of Orogenic Blocking”
Advisor: McKee
Snook, John S.
“An Investigation of Colorado Front Range Winter Storms using a Nonhydrostatic Mesoscale Numerical Model Structured for Operational Use”
Advisor: Pielke


Costigan, Keeley R.
“Large Eddy Simulations of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer East of the Colorado Rockies”
Advisor: Cotton
Flatau, Maria
“The Influence of Baroclinic Processes on Tropical Cyclone Motion”
Advisor: Stevens/Schubert
Flatau, Piotr J.
“Scattering by Irregular Particles in Anomalous Diffraction and Discrete Dipole Approximation”
Advisor: Cotton/Stephens
Guinn, Thomas A.
“A Dynamical Theory for Hurricane Spiral Bands”
Advisor: Schubert
Hu, Qi
“Low Frequency Oscillations in Radiative-Convective Models”
Advisors: Randall
Lee, Tsengdar J.
“The Impact of Vegetation on the Atmospheric Boundary Layer and Convective Storms”
Advisor: Pielke
Moran, Michael D.
“Numerical Modeling of Mesoscale Atmospheric Dispersion”
Advisor: Pielke/Cotton
Rasmussen, Erik
“An Observational and Theoretical Study of Squall Line Evolution”
Advisor: Rutledge
Rodgers, Edward B.
“Tropical Cyclone/Upper-Atmospheric Interaction as Inferred from Satellite Total Ozone Observations”
Advisor: Gray
Verlinde, Johannes
“Fitting Microphysical Observations to a Numerical Model Through an Optical Control Theory Technique”
Advisor: Cotton
Weng, Fuzhong
“Vector Radiative Transfer Model: Application to Rainfall Retrieval with Microwave Radiometry Data”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Wolyn, Paul
“A Modeling and Observational Study of the Daytime Evolution of the Atmosphere East of the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies”
Advisor: McKee
Zehr, Raymond
“Tropical Cyclogenesis in the Western North Pacific”
Advisor: Gray
Zeng, Xubin
“Chaos Theory and Its Application in the Atmosphere”
Advisor: Pielke


Changnon, David
“Hydroclimatic Variability in the Rocky Mountain Region”
Advisor: McKee
Peterson, Tom
“The Relationships Between SST Anomalies and Clouds, Water Vapor, and Their Radiative Effects”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Schmidt, Jerome
“Numerical and Observational Investigations of Long-Lived, MCS-Induced, Severe Surface Wind Events: The Derecho”
Advisor: Cotton
Weissbluth, M.
“Convective Parameterization in Mesoscale Models”
Advisor: Cotton
Wesley, Douglas A.
“An Investigation of the Effects of Topography on Colorado Front Range Winter Storms”
Advisor: Pielke


Bossert, James E.
“Regional-Scale Flows in Complex Terrain: An Observational and Numerical Investigation”
Advisor: Cotton/McKee
Cram, Jennifer
“Numerical Simulation and Analysis of the Propagation of a Prefrontal Squall Line”
Advisor: Pielke
DeMott, Paul J.
“Quantifying Ice Nucleation by Silver Iodide Aerosols”
Advisor: Grant
Randel, David
“Earth Radiation Budget Variability and the Relationship to Changes in the General Circulation”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Tremback, Craig J.
“Numerical Simulation of a Mesoscale Convective Complex: Model Development and Numerical Results”
Advisor: Cotton
Wetzel, Melanie A.
“Investigation of a Remote Sensing Technique for Droplet Effective Radius”
Advisor: Vonder Haar


Fortune, Michael Allan
“The Evolution of Vortical Patterns and Vortices in Mesoscale Convective Complexes”
Advisor: Cotton
Magnusdottir, Gudrun
“Generalized Semigeostrophic Theory”
Advisor: Schubert
Smith, Laura Dorothy
“Satellite Versus GCM-Simulated Radiation Balance: Comparisons and Implications for Climate Modeling”
Advisor: Vonder Haar


Hadfield, Mark Gregory
“The Response of the Atmospheric Convective Boundary Layer to Surface in Homogeneities”
Advisor: Pielke
Kawa, Stephan Randolph
“The Chemistry and Dynamics of Marine Stratocumulus”
Advisor: Pearson/Schubert
Kelly, Francis Peter
“Spatial and Temporal Short Range Total Cloud Cover Estimation by Metric Statistical Analysis of Composite Imagery”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Lipton, Alan Edmund
“Mesoscale Analysis by Numerical Modeling Coupled with Satellite-Based Sounding”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
MacDonald, Bruce
“Explosive Cyclogenesis over the Eastern United tates”
Advisor: Reiter


Ackerman, Steven
“Radiative Characteristics of Soil Derived Aerosols”
Advisor: Cox
Griffith, Cecilia
“The Estimation from Satellite Imagery of Great Plains Summertime Rainfall Over Varied Space and Time Scales”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Kuo, Hung-Chi
“Dynamical Modeling of Marine Boundary Layer Convection”
Advisor: Schubert/Vonder Haar
Nicholls, Melville
“A Numerical Investigation of Tropical Squall Lines”
Advisor: Johnson/Cotton
Toth, James
“Interaction of Shallow Cold Surges with Topography on Scales of 100-1000 Kilometers”
Advisor: Johnson
Tucker, Donna
“The Anatomy of Heavy Rainfall Episodes over Complex Terrain: A Modeling Approach”
Advisor: Reiter
Weatherford, Candis
“Typhoon Structure as Revealed by Aircraft Reconnaissance”
Advisor: Gray
Weaver, Clark
“Observational Analysis of Cumulus and Stratocumulus Entrainment Using Ozone”
Advisor: Pearson


Lee, Cheng-Shang
“An Observational Study of Tropical Cloud Cluster Evolution and Cyclogenesis in the Western North pacific”
Advisor: Gray
Lin, Ming-Sen (Jack)
“The Evolution and Structure of Composite Meso-Alpha-Scale Convective Complexes”
Advisor: Cotton
Purdom, Jim
“Convective Scale Interaction: The Importance of Arc Cloud Lines in the Development and Evolution of Deep Convection”
Advisor: Sinclair
Sarma, R. Ananthakrishna
“Numerical Simulation of the Formation and Transport of Sulfate in Convective Clouds”
Advisor: Pearson
Song, Jenn-Luen
“A Numerical Investigation of Florida's Sea Breeze -- Cumulonimbus Interactions”
Advisor: Pielke
Tripoli, Greg
“A Numerical Investigation of an Orogenic Mesoscale Convective System”
Advisor: Cotton
Young, George
“The Dynamics of Thermals and Their Contribution to Mixed Layer Processes”
Advisor: Johnson


Arritt, Ray
“Numerical Studies of Thermally and Mechanically Forced Circulations Over Complex Terrain”
Advisor: Pielke
Bader, David
“Mesoscale Boundary Layer Development over Mountainous Terrain”
Advisor: McKee, Cotton
Knupp, Kevin
“Precipitating Convective Cloud Downdraft Structure: A Synthesis of Observations and Modeling”
Advisor: Cotton
Merrill, Robert
“Environmental Influences on Hurricane Intensification”
Advisor: Gray
Rauber, Robert
“Physical Structure of Northern Colorado River Basin Cloud Systems”
Advisor: Grant


Anderson, John
“Slow Motions in the Tropical Troposphere”
Advisor: Stevens
Chen, Chaing H.
“The Physics of the Marine Stratocumulus-capped Mixed Layer”
Advisor: Cotton
Durkee, Philip
“The Relationship Between Marine Aerosol Particles and Satellite-Detected Radiance”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Freeman, Larry
“The Saudi Arabian Heat Low: A Numerical Perspective”
Advisor: Cox
Fulton, Scott
“Spectral Methods for Limited Area Models”
Advisor: Schubert
Jorgensen, David P.
“Mesoscale and Convective Scale Characteristics of Mature Hurricanes”
Advisor: Cotton
Krueger, Arlin
“Inference of Photochemical Trace Gas Variations from Direct Measurements of Ozone in the Middle Atmosphere”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Matsumoto, Cliff
“A Statistical Method for One to Three Day Tropical Cyclone Track Prediction”
Advisor: Gray
Smith, Eric A.
“Radiative Forcing of the Southwest Summer Monsoon (A Satellite Perspective)”
Advisor: Vonder Haar


Borys, Randolph D.
“The Effect of Long-Range Transport of Air Pollutants on Arctic Cloud-Active Aerosol”
Advisor: Grant
DeMaria, Mark
“Experiments with a Spectral Tropical Cyclone Model”
Advisor: Schubert
Hillger, Donald W.
“Mesoscale Moisture Fields Retrieved from Satellite Infrared Radiances in Nocturnal Inversion Cases”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Holland, Greg Joseph
“Tropical Cyclones in the Australian/Southwest Pacific Region”
Advisor: Gray
Matthews, David Aaron
“Analysis and Classification of Mesoscale Triggering Effects on Convective Clouds and Precipitation”
Advisor: Cotton
Seagraves, Mary Ann
“Visible and Infrared Transmission and Precipitation Rate in Falling Snow”
Advisor: McKee


Banta, Robert M.
“An observational and Numerical Study of Mountain Boundary-Layer Flow”
Advisor: Cotton
Chan, Johnny
“The Physical Processes Responsible for Tropical Cyclone Motion”
Advisor: Gray
Chatfield, Robert B.
“Tropospheric SO2:Cloud Transport of Reactive Sulfur Emissions”
Advisor: Reiter/Crutzen
Hanna, Adel
“Short-Term Climatic Fluctuations Forced by Thermal Anomalies”
Advisor: Stevens/Reiter
Love, Geoff Bruce
“The Role of the General Circulation in Tropical Cyclone Genesis”
Advisor: Gray
Starr, David
“Numerical Experiments on the Formation and Maintenance of Cirriform Clouds”
Advisor: Cox


Abel, Michael D.
“A Climate Index Derived from Satellite Measured Spectral Infrared Radiation”
Advisor: Cox
Bridger, Alison
“Wave-Mean Flow Interactions and Solar-Weather Effects”
Advisor: Stevens
Campbell, George
“Energy Transport Within the Earth's Atmosphere Ocean System from a Climate Point of View”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Davis, John
“Regional Properties of Angular Reflectance Models”
Advisor: Cox
Maddox, Robert A.
“The Structure and Life-Cycle of Midlatitude Mesoscale Convective Complexes”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Nunez, Edwin
“Tropical Cyclone Structure and Intensity Change”
Advisor: Gray


Fingerhut, William
“Tropical Cyclone Genesis-Numerical Modeling Inferences”
Advisor: Gray
Hack, James J.
“The Role of Convective-Scale Processes in Tropical Cyclone Development”
Advisor: Schubert
Whiteman, C. David
“Breakup of Temperature Inversions in Colorado Mountain Valleys”
Advisor: McKee


Kidder, Stanley Q.
“Determination of Tropical Cyclone Surface Pressure and Winds from Satellite Microwave Data”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
McBride, John Leonard
“Observational Analysis of Tropical Cyclone Formation”
Advisor: Gray
Rinehart, Ronald E.
“Internal Storm Motions from a Single Non-Doppler Weather Radar”
Advisor: Grant
Silva Dias, Maria
“Linear Spectral Model of Tropical Mesoscale Systems”
Advisor: Betts
Silva Dias, Pedro
“Dynamics of Equatorial Mass-Flow Adjustment”
Advisor: Schubert


Ellis, James S.
“Cloudiness, the Planetary Radiation Budget, and Climate”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Fritsch, J. Michael
“Parameterization of Mid-Latitude Organized Convection”
Advisor: Grant
Madden, Roland Aloysius
“Traveling Planetary Waves and Their Effect on the General Circulation”
Advisor: Haurwitz
Wetzel, Peter
“A Detailed Parameterization of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer”
Advisor: Cotton/Sinclair


Albrecht, Bruce A.
“A Time-Dependent Model of the Trade-Wind Boundary Layer”
Advisor: Cox
Arnold Jr, Charles Perry
“Tropical Cyclone Cloud and Intensity Relationships”
Advisor: Gray
Frank, William Menaul
“The Structure,Dynamics and Energetics of Tropical Cyclones”
Advisor: Gray
Katen, Paul Charles
“Modeling Atmospheric Dispersion of Lead Particulates from a Highway”
Advisor: Reiter
McGuirk, James P.
“Fluctuations in the Atmosphere's Energy Cycle”
Advisor: Reiter
Mulvey, Gerald John
“Physical Mechanisms of Extra Area Effects from Weather Modification”
Advisor: Grant
Rhea, John Owen
“Orographic Precipitation Model for Hydrometeorological Use”
Advisor: Grant


McNab, Alan LaRue
“Mesoscale Characteristics of Cumulus Convection”
Advisor: Betts
Reid, John D.
“Dispersion in a Mountain Environment”
Advisor: Grant


Burrows, William Russell
“A Spectral Diagnostic Study of Atmospheric Kinetic Energetics”
Advisor: Vonder Haar
Srivatsangam, Srinivasan
“Atmospheric Eddy Transports and Their Efficiencies”
Advisor: Reiter


Adler, Robert F.
“Hemispheric Differences in Circulation”
Advisor: Reiter
Henmi, Teizi
“Secondary Ice Particle Production from Rimed Ice”
Advisor: Grant
Reinking, Roger Frederick
“Empirical Assessment of Accretion Microphysics”
Advisor: Grant
Vardiman, Larry
“The General of Secondary Ice Particles in Clouds by Crystal-Crystal Collision”
Advisor: Grant


Alyea, Fred Nelson
“Numerical Simulation of an Ice Age Paleoclimate”
Advisor: Baer
Connell, James R.
“Entrainment by Turbulent Jets of Air”
Advisor: Marlatt
Gerber, Hermann Ernst
“Freezing Water with Sized AgI Particles”
Advisor: Corrin/Grant
Grossmann, Robert Louis
“Investigation of Marine Boundary Layer”
Advisor: Marlatt
Hoxit, Lee Ray
“Planetary Boundary Layer Winds”
Advisor: Gray


Lopez, Raul
“A Parametric Model of Cumulus Convection”
Advisor: Gray
Lovill, James Edward
“Characteristics of the General Circulation of the Atmosphere and the Global Distribution of Total Ozone as Determined by the NIMBUS III Satellite Infrared Interferometer Spectrometer”
Advisor: Reiter
McKee, Thomas B.
“Inference of Stratospheric Temperature and Water Vapor Structure from Limb Radiance Profiles”
Advisor: Cox/Marlatt
Webb, Willis Lee
“Atmospheric Neutral-Electrical Interaction”
Advisor: Reiter


Barchet, William Richard
“H20 (v) - AgI, Adsorption Near Saturation”
Advisor: Corrin
Chappell, Charles Franklin
“Modification of Cold Orographic Clouds”
Advisor: Grant


Dirks, Richard Allen
“A Theoretical Investigation of Convective Patterns in the Lee of the Colorado Rockies”
Advisor: Reiter
Lester, Peter Francis
“Some Physical and Statistical Aspects of Clear Air Turbulence”
Advisor: Reiter
Sartor, James Dayne
“General Thunderstorm Electricity”
Advisor: Riehl
Simons, Theodorus Johannes
“The Nonlinear Dynamics of Cyclone Waves”
Advisor: Baer
Wooldridge, Gene L.
“Vertical Momentum Transport Processes”
Advisor: Reiter


Elsberry, Russell L.
“A High-Rotation General Circulation Model Experiment with Cyclic Time Changes”
Advisor: Riehl
Rasmussen, James L.
“Atmospheric Water Balance of the Colorado River Basin”
Advisor: Riehl
Salomonson, Vincent
“Anisotropy in Reflected Solar Radiation”
Advisor: Marlatt


Bergen, James
“Some Aspects of Cold Air Drainage on a Forested Slope”
Advisor: Marlatt
Foltz, Harry P.
“Prediction of Clear Air Turbulence”
Advisor: Reiter
Mahlman, Jerry D.
“Atmospheric General Circulation and Transport of Radioactive Debris”
Advisor: Reiter


Bean, Bradford
“Radio Studies of Atmospheric Water Vapor”
Advisor: Reiter