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November 28, 2023

Justin Hudson receives award at Graduate Student Showcase

Justin Hudson, Ph.D. candidate advised by Steve Miller, received a scholarship award from the Graduate Student Council at the 2023 Graduate Student Showcase. The showcase was held on November 15.

The Graduate Student Council, one of many sponsors of the showcase, selected five graduate students to receive their scholarship. Hudson was selected for his project focused on milky seas, a rare form of large-scale bioluminescence where the ocean can glow for days to months at a time over areas up to 100,000+ km2. Milky seas “represent a unique interaction between the atmosphere, ocean, and biosphere,” Hudson explained. “Using a simple model based on known air-sea-biosphere interactions, a milky sea was successfully predicted for the first time. This represents a crucial first step towards eventually being able to study milky seas in person and understanding what causes them,” he said.

Hudson said that participating in the showcase was a great experience overall, and that he “personally got a lot out of presenting [his] work and chatting with people in other departments.” He added that it would be a great experience for ATS students in the future.

Congratulations, Justin!