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October 4, 2022

CoCoRaHS data shows on-the-ground reports from Hurricane Ian

Data collected by a team of citizen scientists as part of a Colorado State University-led project will help the National Weather Service and meteorologists across the country report on the continued impact of Hurricane Ian. 

The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network – known as CoCoRaHS – began in the aftermath of the 1997 Spring Creek Flood in Fort Collins. It has since grown into a network of 25,000 people across all ages and backgrounds who use rain gauges to provide the NWS with precipitation reports about the conditions in their own backyards. 

“It’s so valuable for the National Weather Service to be able to get reports about what’s happening on the ground because radar and satellite can really only do so much,” said Noah Newman, the education and outreach coordinator for CoCoRaHS. 

Read the full Source story, “Data from CSU-led project shows on-the-ground reports from Hurricane Ian.”

Graphic above: A screenshot of reports to CoCoRaHS the day Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida.