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July 8, 2022

Department honors Jeff Collett’s 11 years of service as department head

The Department of Atmospheric Science celebrated Professor Jeff Collett’s 11 years of service as department head June 24 and welcomed Professor Eric Maloney as the new chair, starting July 1. Faculty, former department heads, students and staff honored Collett’s leadership and character in a ceremony at the Atmospheric Science campus.

“Our department is widely considered a world leader in no small part due to what Jeff has helped build over the last decade,” Maloney said. “He has provided creative, inspirational and visionary leadership through both good and extremely challenging times over the last 11 years that will be hard to match.”

Collett hired 13 faculty members, more than half of the department’s total faculty. About half are women, increasing the number of women faculty from two to eight. He considers bringing so many outstanding faculty to the program a highlight of his career.

Read the full Source story, “Department of Atmospheric Science honors Jeff Collett’s 11 years as department head.”

Professor Jeff Collett, left, receives an award recognizing his 11 years of service as department head, presented by Professor Chris Kummerow, right, with incoming Department Head Eric Maloney attending virtually due to COVID. REU student Jennifer Seth presents Collett with flowers from his research group. Collett looks forward to spending more time working with his research group, pictured here. Several faculty who were hired by Collett thank him for his leadership and mentorship. Collett oversaw the development of a new community space to foster collaboration and an inclusive environment, which is now a favorite gathering place on campus, especially among students. Cookies say Thank you, Jeff!