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June 13, 2022

Q&A with science communication expert Melissa Burt

Three Colorado State University experts on science communication – Ashley Anderson, Nicole Kelp and our own Melissa Burt – explain why it’s important to humanize scientists in this Q&A about climate change, misinformation and social media.

“Spewing data and facts alone will not change people’s perceptions and oftentimes deters them. We need to meet our audiences where they are and figure out a way to talk about issues in a way that matters to them and addresses their values.” – Assistant Professor Melissa Burt

Read the article, “Raise Your Voice: Three pioneers in science communication tackle climate change, misinformation, and social media.”

Photo above: Ashley Anderson, Nicole Kelp and Melissa Burt are professors and parents. They are motivated by the climate crisis and misinformation to humanize scientists and connect with new communities. Credit: Kellen Bakovich