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May 18, 2022

Alex DesRosiers wins AMS Outstanding Oral Presentation Award

Alex DesRosiers received an Outstanding Oral Presentation Award from the 35th AMS Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology for his talk, “Characterization of the Tropical Cyclone Vortex Height and Intensity Relationship in Observations.”

DesRosiers’ work used a large airborne radar dataset to quantify the strong relationship between vortex height and tropical cyclone intensity. He found differences in vortex height when accounting for current intensity were related to the rate at which the storm intensifies.

“The work motivates continued research to see if vortex height observations can be of use to tropical cyclone intensity forecasting,” he said.

DesRosiers was grateful for the opportunity to represent CSU and discuss science in person with the tropical meteorology community again.

“Research is a group effort and I am thankful for the guidance and assistance of my adviser and co-authors,” he said. DesRosiers is advised by Professor Michael Bell.