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April 18, 2022

ATS students demonstrate weather observation technology at Loveland High School

Loveland High School students experienced atmospheric science in action March 28, thanks to a visit by Colorado State University graduate students.

Lance Niño, who received his M.S. from CSU’s Department of Atmospheric Science in 2021, teaches meteorology at the high school and invited the atmospheric science grad students to visit his classes. Nick Falk, Sean Freeman, Gabrielle Leung and Allie Mazurek demonstrated how they use radiosondes and drones to collect atmospheric data.

“I arranged this event partly so my students could get some hands-on experience in meteorology, but partly because I have fond memories of launching balloons and flying drones,” Niño said. “I wanted to share these amazing experiences with my students.”

Read the full Source article, “CSU atmospheric science students demonstrate weather observation technology for high schoolers.”

Photo at top: Loveland High School students watch a drone flight demonstration by CSU atmospheric science graduate students. Courtesy of Lance Niño.