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September 3, 2021

Jeff Pierce named Professor of the Year

Professor Jeff Pierce was selected as the Professor of the Year for the 2020-21 academic year, based on evaluations by students, administered by the department’s graduate representatives. Students fill out surveys for each course throughout the year, and grad reps then determine which professor received the most feedback for teaching excellence.

Grad rep Kimberley Corwin presented Pierce with the award Sept. 1 at the New Student Welcome Picnic. Corwin shared highlights from the evaluations, praising Pierce’s “hands-on, engaging teaching style that easily facilitates learning” and adaptability and innovation around teaching during COVID.

“He promotes a healthy learning environment that inspires students to participate and ask questions,” Corwin said.

Students noted that Pierce conveys both his interest in the subject and in student success.

Pierce teaches Intro to Air Pollution, and he incorporated topical events such as COVID and wildfires into the course.

“I am so proud of this department and how we’ve worked together to help each other over the past 18 months,” Pierce said.

He praised the faculty, students and staff for working so hard to adapt quickly during the pandemic, and expressed his gratitude for the students’ strength and perseverance.

“In particular, to the students who moved to Fort Collins during the pandemic, I hope you all appreciate what you have accomplished,” Pierce said.

This is the second time Pierce has been chosen for the award; he also was honored in 2018.