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March 23, 2021

Paul DeMott and Elizabeth Barnes recognized with college awards

Senior Research Scientist Paul DeMott received the Outstanding Researcher Award and Associate Professor Elizabeth Barnes received the Faculty Excellence Award during the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering All-College Meeting on March 22. Nominations were submitted by colleagues and staff of the college’s eight departments and programs.

DeMott was recognized for “sustained, exceptional research achievements leading to fundamental advances in understanding and measurement of ice-nucleating particles, and for raising international recognition of the profound impacts of ice nuclei on clouds and climate.”

DeMott acknowledged his many colleagues deserving of the award and thanked collaborator University Distinguished Professor Sonia Kreidenweis and his wife Charlotte DeMott, who is also a research scientist in the department. 

“I’m honored and really humbled to be acknowledged this way, since I feel surrounded by so many really excellent and high-achieving individuals in our department and in this college,” DeMott said. “I’m really fortunate to have been here at CSU for such a rich and rewarding career.”

Barnes was recognized for “her contributions of astonishing quality and quantity to climate dynamics research.” The award citation noted, “She is a sought-after collaborator, an award-winning mentor and teacher, and a leader in service to CSU and her research field.”

Barnes credited her students and postdocs as the foundation of the great research and science done by her group. “I want to start with acknowledging them,” she said.

Barnes expressed gratitude to the department, college and university for their support over the past year, with all its pandemic-related challenges.

“I could never have continued to do science and research and teach without so many faculty who had different challenges stepping up, working late at night, working on weekends to make the machine run when I couldn’t,” she said. “I really want to stress how important it has been to me that so many of you have been working so hard to help out others.”