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July 6, 2020

Julieta Juncosa Calahorrano awarded AGU Paros Scholarship

The American Geophysical Union has selected M.S. student Julieta Juncosa Calahorrano for the Paros Scholarship in Geophysical Instrumentation. Three students are chosen for this scholarship each year, to build a solid pool of talent working on geophysical instrumentation.

Juncosa Calahorrano, advised by Associate Professor Emily Fischer, proposed three laboratory experiments to minimize the uncertainties in ambient measurements of total reactive nitrogen oxides (NOy) by separating the gas and particle phases. NOy species play an essential role in the atmosphere, influencing human health, nitrogen deposition and climate.

“The engineer in me is very excited to go back to the lab to start building and testing this system!” Juncosa Calahorrano said. “I also look forward to working with Dr. Ilana Pollack and Dr. Emily Fischer on this project. They have been amazing mentors during my time at CSU. I want to thank both of them and Dr. Ravishankara for their guidance and support during the preparation of this proposal.”