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February 6, 2020

Jon Martinez receives second-place Schubert Symposium Student Poster Award

Jon Martinez, advised by Associate Professor Michael Bell, won second place for the poster he presented at the Schubert Symposium during the AMS Centennial Meeting in January. The symposium honored Emeritus Professor Wayne Schubert.

“Wayne’s research has inspired many of the ideas that constitute this project,” said Martinez. “I’m grateful to have participated in the Wayne Schubert Symposium, and I’m truly honored to receive the award.”

His poster, “Characterizing the nature and evolution of asymmetric structures in idealized simulations of rapidly intensifying tropical cyclones,” was intended to better understand how tropical cyclones rapidly intensify in order to produce extended, reliable intensity forecasts. Martinez’s research examined whether asymmetric structures contribute to or interfere with tropical cyclone rapid intensification.

Photo at top: Jon Martinez with his award-winning poster at the Schubert Symposium. Photo by Nikki Perrini