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October 25, 2018

NASA chooses Sue van den Heever to co-chair Science Advisory Group

Professor Sue van den Heever has been appointed to co-chair NASA’s Science Advisory Group to guide the implementation of the Decadal Survey study of aerosol and clouds, convection, and precipitation. The advisory group will serve as the study’s primary connection to the wider science and applications communities.

“Sue was selected for this role due to her expertise and stellar international reputation in the field,” said Atmospheric Science Department Head Jeff Collett. “This is a high-profile, national appointment where she will have important input on NASA’s future activities¬†observing aerosols, clouds, convection and¬†precipitation.”

NASA chose national and international leading scientists and application practitioners in the field of aerosol and clouds, convection, and precipitation (A-CCP) for the Science Advisory Group. They were recruited from the academic community and government agencies. The advisory group will provide advice on the direction of NASA’s A-CCP study, critically review the study’s outputs, communicate the study’s aspirations to the wider science and applications communities, and build partnerships between international science communities and the U.S. A-CCP community.