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May 4, 2018

Sam Childs and Jack Kodros receive department honors for student research

Sam Childs and Jack Kodros were honored this afternoon for outstanding student publications. Childs,¬†advised by Associate Professor Russ Schumacher, received the Riehl Memorial Award for an outstanding paper based on M.S. thesis research. Childs was nominated for two papers and was selected for “Cold-season Tornadoes: Climatological and Meteorological Insights.” Kodros,¬†advised by Associate Professor Jeff Pierce, received the Alumni Award for an outstanding paper based on Ph.D. research. He was chosen for his paper “Quantifying the Contribution to Uncertainty in Mortality Attributed to Household, Ambient, and Joint Exposure to PM2.5 from Residential Solid-Fuel Use.”

Herbert Riehl, Jr. was in attendance for presentation of the Herbert Riehl Memorial Award that honors his father and founder of the Department of Atmospheric Science. Childs and Kodros each gave brief technical presentations on their research following announcement of their awards.

Kodros is one of a handful of students who have received both the Riehl and Alumni awards. When Kodros was recognized with the Riehl Award in 2016, however, he was not able to accept it in person because he was delayed in India on visa complications following a research trip there.

Photo: Sam Childs (left) and Jack Kodros with their Riehl and Alumni awards, respectively.