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May 28, 2018

Atmospheric science students apply course material to mountain environment

Living in Colorado, the Rocky Mountains and foothills greatly influence our daily lives, regardless of whether we ski or snowboard. The mountains affect the weather we experience every day.

“Mountain weather, downslope windstorms, mountain wave turbulence, beautiful mountain wave clouds, thunderstorms, and mountain-enhanced rain and snowfall are all important aspects of life in Colorado that we experience on a daily basis,” said Department of Atmospheric Science Assistant Professor Kristen Rasmussen, who teaches an experimental course on the influence of mountains on weather and climate.

Colorado State University’s Mountain Campus made it possible for Rasmussen to take her class into the field for hands-on learning and practical application of the course material.

Read the SOURCE article, “High-altitude learning: Mountain Campus a prime location for climate research and education.”

Photo at top: Kristen Rasmussen and her mountain meteorology class at CSU’s Mountain Campus.