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November 10, 2017

Melissa Burt elected to American Meteorological Society Council

Melissa Burt has been elected to the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Council for 2018. Burt will be one of three representatives for the Academic Sector. The council oversees the policies and activities of the 12,000+ member organization.

While earning her Atmospheric Science Ph.D. at CSU, Burt served as Education and Diversity Manager for the CMMAP NSF Science and Technology Center. Following completion of her Ph.D., Burt accepted a position with dual responsibilities as a research scientist in Professor Dave Randall’s research group and as Diversity Manager for the Department of Atmospheric Science and the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering.

To be elected to the AMS Council, a one-page nomination letter describing the prospective councilor’s background and qualifications must be submitted to the nominating committee. All AMS members are then able to vote on the candidates.

Burt explained her potential role on the council in her nomination letter:

“AMS must encourage the next generation of leaders to be confident and take ownership of our professional society. As a council member, I would help AMS do this by connecting with members of our community to establish organic, long-lasting relationships through mentoring and outreach and by encouraging participation and volunteerism by early-career members in all aspects of the Society’s mission.”

She will bring her experience as diversity manager to her council position.

“Another challenge for AMS is to strengthen the engagement of women and minorities, ensuring our Society reflects the demographics of our nation. It is imperative that our Society is diverse and inclusive and that members have a sense of ownership. The integration of fresh ideas will make a better, stronger AMS.”

Following yesterday’s announcement of her election, Burt shared her enthusiasm for the task ahead.

“I’m honored to serve as an AMS council member. I’m excited to bring an early-career perspective to the AMS.”

Burt also was selected to receive this year’s American Meteorological Society Commission on Professional Affairs Award for Early Career Achievement. The award will be presented at the AMS Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, in January.

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