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November 13, 2017

Andrea Jenney and Naufal Razin recognized at CSU Graduate Showcase

Two Department of Atmospheric Science students, Andrea Jenney and Naufal Razin, were recognized with outstanding presentation awards at the CSU Graduate Student Showcase on Nov. 9. They were selected from more than 300 graduate students from all eight of Colorado State University’s colleges. The Graduate Student Showcase awards recognize excellence in research, creativity and entrepreneurship in a variety of categories. The 2017 winners were announced by the Graduate School and the Office of the Vice President for Research Nov. 9 at the reception following a day of presentations and professional development.

Naufal received one of three Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering Excellence in Research awards for his presentation, “Airborne radar observations of rainband structure in Hurricane Ophelia (2005).” His research revolved around the role of rainband stratiform precipitation in the unconventional eyewall replacement cycle of Hurricane Ophelia.

Andrea received a Great Minds in Research Honorable Mention for her presentation, “Linking Pacific Storms to North American Heat Waves.” This award is presented in collaboration by the Graduate School and the Office of Vice President for Research and recognizes graduate student submissions that contribute to the excellence and advancement of research, scholarship and entrepreneurial efforts at CSU.

“It was great to see a large group of ATS students participate in the event this year!” Department Head Jeff Collett said in an announcement to the department congratulating Andrea and Naufal.