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September 7, 2017

Navy pilot training manuals from the ’40s stand test of time

When Prof. Elizabeth Barnes received eight Navy pilot training manuals that belonged to her grandfather, she knew she had an interesting artifact worth sharing. "I really like them. [They're a] great example of taking complex scientific information and boiling it down to its most practical to get a pilot from A to B and home again. Plus, the cartoons are incredibly entertaining." Right she was. Everyone in the […]
September 21, 2017

Jhordanne Jones plans to take tropical meteorology knowledge back to Caribbean

Residents of the Caribbean are no foreigners to severe weather, with an average of one hurricane hitting the region each year, and most occurrences developing into a major hurricane. Jhordanne Jones, a Jamaica native, understands the impact of tropical cyclones all too well. “In the Caribbean, storms are just a part of our livelihood. We experience them every summer, they cause damage over many years, and we don’t have that […]
September 20, 2017

Melissa Burt selected for AMS Early Career Achievement Award

Melissa Burt has been selected to receive this year's American Meteorological Society Commission on Professional Affairs Award for Early Career Achievement. The award will be presented at the AMS Annual Meeting in Austin in January. According to the selection panel, Melissa's "work across a variety of AMS boards and committees, as a manager for education and diversity at CMMAP, and administration of an REU program, are just small parts of her […]
September 19, 2017

Sue van den Heever will discuss drones at Teen Science Café

Prof. Sue van den Heever will present the first Teen Science Café of the academic year Wednesday, Sept. 20. She will discuss her drone research in her talk, "Through the Eye of the Drone: Chasing Severe Storms." The Front Range Teen Science Café is part of a larger national network of science cafés for teens. ESMEI'S Teen Science Café brings scientists and teens together for a conversation […]
September 11, 2017

Press roundup: ATS researchers offer insight on hurricanes Harvey and Irma

ATS research scientist Phil Klotzbach discusses Irma with NPR: Powerful Storms Raise Questions About the Science of Hurricanes 9NEWS (KUSA) talks to Ph.D. candidate Chris Slocum and CIRA research scientist Kate Musgrave about the recent devastating hurricanes and the small changes that make all the difference in a storm's track: Expert weighs in on back-to-back hurricanes Prof. Michael Bell discusses Hurricane Irma, one of […]


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