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November 19, 2020

COVID-19 update: Department office hours and staff contact information

The department office currently has reduced in-person staffing due to the pandemic. The office will be open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. All staff members will be available by email or phone during normal business hours. Effective Nov. 30, all buildings except the chemistry building will be locked during the day, and you will need your key card to enter them. ATS West will be unlocked…
June 3, 2021

Tropical Meteorology Project continues to predict active 2021 Atlantic hurricane season

Colorado State University hurricane researchers are maintaining their forecast for an above-average Atlantic hurricane season in 2021, citing the likely absence of El Niño as a primary factor. Sea surface temperatures averaged across portions of the tropical Atlantic are near normal, while the subtropical Atlantic is much warmer than average. This type of sea surface temperature configuration is also considered favorable for an active 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. The tropical…
May 25, 2021

Chelsea Nam wins presentation award at international conference

Ph.D. candidate Chelsea Nam received the Best Student Oral Presentation Award from the 14th International Conference on Mesoscale Convective Systems and High-Impact Weather in East Asia (ICMCS-XIV). Nam’s presentation, "Bifurcation Points for Tropical Cyclone Genesis in Sheared and Dry Environments," was co-authored by her adviser, Professor Michael Bell, and Dandan Tao, a former research scientist in the Bell group. Nam presented her research virtually to the hybrid format conference in…
May 18, 2021

Naufal Razin and Jon Martinez earn awards at AMS conference

Naufal Razin and Jon Martinez received awards at the 34th AMS Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology on May 14. Razin won the first-place student poster award for "Tropical Cyclone Precipitation, Infrared, Microwave, and Environmental Dataset (TC PRIMED)." Martinez won the second-place student poster award for "Characterizing the Nature and Evolution of Asymmetric Structures in Idealized Simulations of Rapidly Intensifying Tropical Cyclones," as well as the conference’s top award, the…
May 17, 2021

Kevin Barry and Jennie Bukowski receive department honors for student research

Kevin Barry and Jennie Bukowski were honored for outstanding student research in a virtual ceremony May 14. Barry received the Herbert Riehl Memorial Award for his paper, “Observations of Ice Nucleating Particles in the Free Troposphere From Western US Wildfires,” based on his research from the WE-CAN wildfire smoke campaign. Bukowski received the Alumni Award for "Dust Radiative Effects in Haboobs," based on her Ph.D. research on the lofting and…
May 14, 2021

Congratulations to our Spring and Summer 2021 graduates!

The department celebrated spring and summer graduates with a Zoom ceremony May 14. Advisers shared information about each graduate, and family and friends were able to attend. We asked our graduating students about their plans following graduation and the most important thing they learned at CSU. Here are their responses. Ali Akherati "I am a postdoc at University of California, Davis." "I learned how to live, not just how to…
May 11, 2021

Julieta Juncosa Calahorrano and Lilly Naimie receive AWMA scholarships

The Air & Waste Management Association awarded scholarships to two department students this year. Julieta Juncosa Calahorrano and Lilly Naimie were recognized for their exceptional air quality research and studies. In addition to receiving financial support for their educational pursuits, they each will be granted a one-year membership in the association. They also will be honored virtually in an awards ceremony June 16. “It is extremely exciting to get opportunities…


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7:40 PM Jun 12, 2021

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