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December 7, 2022

Gabrielle Leung and Wei-Ting Hsiao awarded Dietrich and Shrake-Culler Scholarships

It was announced at a department ceremony on November 18 that Gabrielle (Bee) Leung has received the 2022 David L. Dietrich Honorary Scholarship, and Wei-Ting Hsiao was awarded the 2022 Shrake-Culler Scholarship. Prof. Susan van den Heever and Department Head Eric Maloney presented these awards to Bee and Wei-Ting, respectively, at a midday ceremony today in ATS 101. Wei-Ting and Bee also provided brief presentations of their recent research. Students receiving the Dietrich Scholarship have demonstrated outstanding…
November 7, 2022

In 52 years with CSU, Thomas Vonder Haar has taken atmospheric science to new heights

University Distinguished Professor Emeritus Thomas Vonder Haar’s 52-year career at Colorado State University has had many high points – both figurative and literal. As chair of the Department of Atmospheric Science, he led the graduate program to its ranking as one of the top three in the U.S., and as the founding director of the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere, he oversaw satellite research and a NASA mission.…
November 2, 2022

CSU atmospheric scientists leading or co-leading six NOAA-funded research projects

A federal agency awarded 12 Colorado State University researchers more than $3.1 million for such innovative science as improving how satellites show smoke plumes, using AI to predict precipitation, and, perhaps for the first time, evaluating how individual storms could change with climate intervention. The three-year grants from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, are aimed at scientists studying climate science and community resilience. Nearly all CSU recipients…
October 17, 2022

CSU hosts science team meeting for NASA satellite mission INCUS

Before there can be NASA satellite launches, there are planning meetings. Lots of planning meetings. The first such all-hands meeting for the Colorado State University-led INCUS mission, awarded by NASA last year, took place on the Fort Collins campus Oct. 11-13. The event brought together scientists, engineers and students from CSU, NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NOAA, many other universities, industry partners and international collaborators who are all working together on…
October 10, 2022

Walter Petersen named 2022 Outstanding Alum

Walter Petersen, chief of the Science Research and Projects Division at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, has been selected as the department’s 2022 Outstanding Alum. Petersen received his M.S. (1992) and Ph.D. (1997) from the department, studying with Professor Steven Rutledge. His dissertation was “Multi-Scale Process Studies in the Tropics: Results from Lightning Observations.” Petersen continued as a research associate in the department until 2002, when he accepted a position…
October 5, 2022

Q&A with AGU Climate Communication Prize winner Scott Denning

Professor Scott Denning, a climate scientist at Colorado State University, has been awarded the Climate Communication Prize by the American Geophysical Union, a professional organization of Earth and space scientists. The prize recognizes significant impact communicating climate science to the public. Denning has presented hundreds of animated climate science talks over the past 15 years to audiences of all ages, all around the world. His outreach has included engaging 500,000…


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