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July 23, 2024

Interdisciplinary team calls for modernized standards in national study on probable maximum precipitation

An interdisciplinary team, including CSU researchers, recommends updating the science that informs how dams and nuclear power plants are built in preparation for extreme rainfall. The design and engineering of critical infrastructure in the U.S. uses the concept of Probable Maximum Precipitation — or PMP. This represents the most unlikely but possible precipitation.   “Coming up with estimates of PMP is a major challenge: What is the best way to determine what…
July 16, 2024

Researchers highlight oil and natural gas development in Permian as key source of ozone pollution in Carlsbad Caverns National Park

New research shows that ozone concentrations at Carlsbad Caverns National Park frequently exceed Environmental Protection Agency health standards, likely due to oil and natural gas development in the Permian Basin and surrounding region. The work was led through the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University and is part of ongoing air quality research across the national park system by University Distinguished Professor Jeffrey Collett and his team. Andrey Marsavin, a Ph.D. student…
July 11, 2024

SOURCE Special Report: Innovating hurricane research

The stories in this Special Report from SOURCE showcase the university’s expertise in better understanding the rapid intensification of storms, community resilience planning and understanding how storms destroy buildings. Atmospheric Science researchers and alum are highlighted. 
July 9, 2024

ATS student receives graduate scholarship

Congratulations to Weixin Zhang for receiving the 2024/25 Air and Waste Management Association Rocky Mountain States Section Graduate Scholarship in recognition of his outstanding work in the field of air quality. Zhang utilizes ambient measurements of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to quantify emissions of air toxics, ozone precursors, and other VOCs from oil and gas pre-production operations, including drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and flowback.    "I am honored to receive this scholarship and deeply appreciate the recognition from…
June 28, 2024

Last of a groundbreaking set of Earth observing satellites launches

Colorado State University’s CIRA and Atmospheric Science researchers gathered to watch a livestream of the last of a series of groundbreaking Earth observing satellites, called GOES-U, launching successfully from the Kennedy Space Center on June 25. The launch of GOES-U comes in advance of the next-generation GeoXO satellite system scheduled to begin operating in the early 2030s.   The CSU community celebrated the accomplishments of the joint NOAA and NASA…
June 24, 2024

CSU team wins first place in WxChallenge

Congratulations to our WxChallenge team for winning first place in the national collegiate focused forecast competition! Over a ten-week period, the team competed against top student and faculty meteorologists in North America. For the competition, they forecast the maximum and minimum temperatures, precipitation, and maximum wind speeds for select U.S. cities. Photo, top left to right, Nick Mesa, Mitchell Gregg, Megan Franke, Allie Mazurek, Daniel Hueholt, Charles Davis and Jacob…


Current Conditions

61.5°F  (16.4°C)
Dew Pt:
43.9°F  (6.6°C)
Rel Hum:
NW @ 7.1 mph G 7.5
(303° @ 11.4 km/h G 12.1 km/h)
848.99 mb (25.1")
Last Obs:
12:10 AM Jul 25, 2024

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