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September 7, 2021

AMS honors Steven Rutledge, Melissa Burt and Richard Johnson

Three members of Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Science will be honored at the 102nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting Jan. 23-27 in Houston. Professor Steven Rutledge will receive the Verner E. Suomi Technology Medal, and Melissa Burt, Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering assistant dean for diversity and inclusion, will receive the Charles E. Anderson Award. The meeting also will feature a symposium named for Professor Emeritus Richard…
September 3, 2021

Jeff Pierce named Professor of the Year

Professor Jeff Pierce was selected as the Professor of the Year for the 2020-21 academic year, based on evaluations by students, administered by the department’s graduate representatives. Students fill out surveys for each course throughout the year, and grad reps then determine which professor received the most feedback for teaching excellence. Grad rep Kimberley Corwin presented Pierce with the award Sept. 1 at the New Student Welcome Picnic. Corwin shared…

Department gathers again for annual picnic welcoming new students

An annual tradition found its way back into our routine Sept. 1 when the department welcomed its incoming graduate students with a picnic at Spring Canyon Park. Last year's event was canceled due to the pandemic. Faculty introduced their new students and shared a little about the research each will be doing. It was a good opportunity to take a photo of the incoming class (above) as well as last…
September 2, 2021

Russ Schumacher provides context for Hurricane Ida’s record-breaking rainfall

Colorado State Climatologist and Professor Russ Schumacher wrote this piece for The Conversation. Colorado State University is a contributing institution to The Conversation, an independent collaboration between editors and academics that provides informed news analysis and commentary to the general public. Record downpours from Hurricane Ida overwhelmed cities across the Northeast on Sept. 1, 2021, hitting some with more than 3 inches of rain an hour. Water poured into subway…
August 30, 2021

William Cotton selected for elite honor by cloud physics organization

Professor Emeritus William Cotton has been chosen for an honor given to only one member of the cloud physics community every four years. He has been elected as an Honorary Member of the International Commission on Clouds and Precipitation, an organization based in the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences. Every four years, the commission organizes the International Conference on Clouds and Precipitation, a top forum for atmospheric scientists…
August 10, 2021

Julieta Juncosa Calahorrano selected for UCAR Next Generation Fellowship

Ph.D. student Julieta Juncosa Calahorrano has been selected as a UCAR Next Generation Fellow for 2021-2023. She was awarded the Earth Science fellowship as part of the program's fifth cohort. The fellowship includes two summer internships at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). During the first summer, Juncosa Calahorrano will work with Alessandro Franchin and her CSU mentors to use a commercially available inertial inlet to separate particle- from…
August 6, 2021

Ting-Yu Cha receives third place in Wagner Memorial Award competition

Ph.D. student Ting-Yu Cha received third place in the Peter B. Wagner Memorial Award for Women in Atmospheric Sciences competition. The paper she submitted, "Polygonal Eyewall Asymmetries During the Rapid Intensification of Hurricane Michael (2018),” highlights the importance of coastal radar observations with high temporal resolution and the single Doppler radar wind retrieval algorithm, which can help to improve tropical cyclone intensity forecasts and investigate real-time TC intensity and structure…


Current Conditions

61.1°F  (16.2°C)
Dew Pt:
41.8°F  (5.4°C)
Rel Hum:
N @ 19.1 mph G 24.4
( 3° @ 30.8 km/h G 39.2 km/h)
837.24 mb (24.8")
Last Obs:
10:35 PM Sep 19, 2021

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