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March 18, 2020

COVID-19 update: Department office hours and contact information for fall semester

The department office will be staffed from 8:30 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday for in-person assistance. Staff will be available by phone or email from 1-4:30. For general questions and building issues, please contact Hannah Gluckstern (, 491-8682). For human resources questions, please contact Heather Packard (, 491-8356). For student issues, please contact Graduate Adviser Sarah Tisdale (, 491-8360) or Associate Department Head Professor Eric Maloney (, 491-3368). For…
October 14, 2020

FORTCAST hosts ski patrol member, UNC professor at next virtual event

David Lerach, an associate professor of meteorology at the University of Northern Colorado and a member of the Diamond Peaks Ski Patrol, will discuss avalanche awareness and backcountry safety at FORTCAST's next What’s Brewing in Weather and Science talk Tuesday, Oct. 20. At UNC, Lerach uses the RAMS model to explore aerosol-cloud microphysical impacts on the evolution of deep convective systems. He also volunteers with the ski patrol to promote…
October 12, 2020

Atmos scientists participate in aerosol study to revise climate models

Smoke from the many wildfires burning in the West have made air quality hazardous for millions of people in the United States. And it is the very tiniest of the aerosol particles in that air that make it particularly harmful to human health. But for decades, we haven’t known how long these particles actually stay aloft. New research by Colorado State University scientists is giving us a much better understanding…
September 30, 2020

Elizabeth Barnes receives AGU Turco Lectureship award for climate science

Though it has been only eight years since Associate Professor Elizabeth Barnes earned her Ph.D., she already has significantly impacted her field and assembled a talented research group at the forefront of climate science. Recognizing her climate science research and advances, the atmospheric sciences section of the American Geophysical Union has awarded Barnes the Future Horizons in Climate Science: Turco Lectureship. The Turco Lecture is intended to identify future areas…

Emily Fischer named to Science News list of top 10 scientists to watch

Colorado State University atmospheric scientist Emily Fischer has been selected by Science News as one of 10 scientists to watch – a distinction that recognizes early- and mid-career scientists age 40 and under who are significantly contributing to their fields. Fischer, an associate professor in the Department of Atmospheric Science, was honored in part for her wildfire smoke research. She will be featured in the Oct. 10 issue of Science…
September 29, 2020

Faculty, NCAR partner on $5M NSF project to bolster Earth system modeling capabilities

Colorado State University Atmospheric Science Professors David Randall and James Hurrell will collaborate with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) to create a high-resolution version of an Earth system model used by scientists around the world. The National Science Foundation will fund the nearly $5 million, five-year “EarthWorks” project led by CSU. The project will extensively modify a recent version of the Community Earth System Model (CESM), which is…
September 25, 2020

Aaron Hill presents at National Weather Association annual meeting

Postdoctoral fellow Aaron Hill was one of three invited speakers for the National Weather Association's virtual annual meeting in September. Hill discussed the future of machine learning in operational forecasting of high-impact weather, citing a recently published article on forecasting severe weather hazards. Hill has conducted extensive research in predictability of convection and targeted observing during his graduate research at Texas Tech University, and has participated in numerous large-scale field…


Current Conditions

49.1°F  (9.5°C)
Dew Pt:
22.4°F  (-5.3°C)
Rel Hum:
SW @ 6.1 mph G 9.4
(247° @ 9.8 km/h G 15.2 km/h)
0.00 mb ( 0.0")
Last Obs:
3:35 AM Oct 31, 2020

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Machine learning for physics-discovery and climate modeling

By Laure Zanna of Courant Institute, New York University
On November 5, 3 p.m.

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