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May 18, 2022

Alex DesRosiers wins AMS Outstanding Oral Presentation Award

Alex DesRosiers received an Outstanding Oral Presentation Award from the 35th AMS Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology for his talk, "Characterization of the Tropical Cyclone Vortex Height and Intensity Relationship in Observations." DesRosiers' work used a large airborne radar dataset to quantify the strong relationship between vortex height and tropical cyclone intensity. He found differences in vortex height when accounting for current intensity were related to the rate at…
May 12, 2022

Research led by Christine Chiu featured as Science Highlight by DOE Office of Science

Research by Associate Professor Christine Chiu, Ph.D. student Kevin Yang, Professor Peter Jan van Leeuwen and several of their collaborators has been selected as a Science Highlight by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science. Only about 200 publications are highlighted each year. The highlight, "How Does Drizzle Form? Machine Learning Improves Models of These Processes," describes how machine learning offers new insights and parameterization for the path from…
May 11, 2022

Three from ATS named SoGES Sustainability Leadership Fellows

CSU’s School of Global Environmental Sustainability has selected two Atmospheric Science students and an Atmospheric Science postdoctoral fellow to be Sustainability Leadership Fellows for the next academic year. Ph.D. candidate Julieta Juncosa Calahorrano, advised by Emily Fischer; Ph.D. student Kathryn Moore, advised by Sonia Kreidenweis and Paul DeMott; and postdoctoral fellow Marybeth Arcodia, mentored by Elizabeth Barnes, were among 20 early-career scientists chosen for the program. The Sustainability Leadership Fellows…
May 10, 2022

Kevin Yang and Ting-Yu Cha receive department honors for student research

Kevin Yang and Ting-Yu Cha were honored for outstanding student research in a ceremony May 6. Yang received the Herbert Riehl Memorial Award, and Cha received the Alumni Award. Associate Professor Christine Chiu, Yang’s adviser, nominated him for the paper, “Near-cloud aerosol retrieval using machine learning techniques, and implied direct radiative effects,” which she expects will have a huge scientific impact. “As a supervisor, the goals I set for myself…
May 6, 2022

Congratulations to our Spring and Summer 2022 graduates!

The department celebrated spring and summer graduates with a hybrid in-person and Zoom ceremony May 6. Advisers shared information about each graduate, and family and friends were able to attend. We asked our graduating students about their plans following graduation and the most important thing they learned at CSU. Here are their responses. Chloe Boehm "I am staying here to work on my Ph.D.!" "How important a great support system…
May 3, 2022

Emily Gordon receives University Distinguished Professors Scholarship

Emily Gordon, a Ph.D. student in Associate Professor Elizabeth Barnes' research group, has been selected to receive the 2022-23 University Distinguished Professors Scholarship. The UDP scholarship is a merit-based award bestowed upon a graduate student for her/his academic accomplishments. Its purpose is to enhance the professional development opportunities of the awardees. "This scholarship is invaluable to me at this time in my Ph.D.," Gordon said. "I am really keen to…
May 2, 2022

Five department members honored with college awards

Five faculty members and researchers from the Department of Atmospheric Science were recognized during the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering All-College Meeting April 26. Nominations were submitted by colleagues and staff of the college’s eight departments and programs. Outstanding Researcher Award: Charlotte DeMott "For outstanding research achievements and international leadership in elucidating the role of ocean-atmosphere coupling as a driver of the Madden-Julien Oscillation, improving predictability of high-impact weather…


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