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August 10, 2018

CSU Atmospheric Cyclists win Bike to Work Challenge

The CSU Atmospheric Cyclists, a team composed of Department of Atmospheric Science and Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA) members, won this year’s Bike to Work Challenge, sponsored by the City of Loveland. The challenge was open to all workplaces along the Front Range and included teams in Colorado Springs. “The CSU Atmospheric Cyclists led from the start and never let up,” said challenge founder David Droege. “They…
August 6, 2018

Wayne Schubert ‘halo of wisdom’ going strong

Colleagues, friends, family and former students of Professor Emeritus Wayne Schubert gathered July 27 at the Department of Atmospheric Science to honor the scientist's "retirement," or lack of it. After 45 years with the department, Schubert has no intention of leaving research or the department. "It's been a great pleasure for me to watch the department grow," said Schubert as he addressed the audience assembled to pay tribute to him.…
May 16, 2018

Climate scientist James Hurrell named first Scott Presidential Chair

James Hurrell will join Colorado State University in September 2018 as the Scott Presidential Chair of Environmental Science and Engineering. Hurrell will fill the first of four presidential chairs in the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering, endowed by a generous gift from college alumnus Walter Scott, Jr. The four chairs represent the college’s areas of excellence in water, health, energy and the environment. Hurrell serves as director of the…
July 20, 2018

ATS team wins top prize in North American forecasting competition

Graduate students, researchers and faculty in CSU’s Department of Atmospheric Science took home the team trophy for the top combined weather forecast score for the 2017-18 season of the WxChallenge, the North American collegiate weather forecasting competition comprised of 1,800 participants from 62 meteorology programs. During the 20-week contest season, participants apply their knowledge of atmospheric processes and interpretation of numerical weather guidance to predict the daily maximum and minimum…
July 19, 2018

Emily Fischer leads WE-CAN campaign to clarify chemistry of wildfire smoke

This summer, a four-engine cargo airplane laden with both scientists and sophisticated equipment will fly straight into hazy smoke from Western wildfires. The flights will comprise the largest, most comprehensive attempt to date to measure and analyze the wildfire smoke that blankets vast swaths of the United States every year. Throughout late July and August, a multi-agency, multidisciplinary team led by Colorado State University scientists will travel to Boise, Idaho,…


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