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June 20, 2018

DOE to fund two projects by Department of Atmospheric Science researchers

Two of the 27 projects the U.S. Department of Energy has chosen to fund in atmospheric and ecological sciences will be conducted by Department of Atmospheric Science researchers. Associate Professor Christine Chiu and Senior Research Scientist Paul DeMott have been awarded DOE grants for separate projects. The DOE announced Tuesday it will invest $15 million in the 27 projects in an effort to improve the power of Earth system models…
June 13, 2018

FORTCAST to host second Weatherfest July 1

FORTCAST's second annual Colorado Weatherfest will be held 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday, July 1. All ages are invited to attend the event at the Scott Bioengineering Building on CSU's main campus. Featuring a weather balloon launch and drone demonstration, Weatherfest introduces weather and climate principles through hands-on activities. Dozens of scientists from across Colorado will participate, including representatives from: CSU Department of Atmospheric Science Cooperative Institute for Research…
June 8, 2018

Science magazine features Emily Fischer’s upcoming field campaign

Emily Fischer is likely one of the few people whose summer plans were buoyed by a recent forecast that much of the western United States faces another worse-than-normal wildfire season. Unusually warm weather and drought, together with plenty of dry grass and brush, are expected to create prime conditions for blazes this summer, federal officials announced on 10 May. The forecast has local officials bracing for the worst. But it…
May 16, 2018

Climate scientist James Hurrell named first Scott Presidential Chair

James Hurrell will join Colorado State University in September 2018 as the Scott Presidential Chair of Environmental Science and Engineering. Hurrell will fill the first of four presidential chairs in the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering, endowed by a generous gift from college alumnus Walter Scott, Jr. The four chairs represent the college’s areas of excellence in water, health, energy and the environment. Hurrell serves as director of the…
April 25, 2018

Professors Randall and Denning to present at SummerFest 2018: Mission Earth

Two Department of Atmospheric Science professors will participate in events to honor Piers Sellers and educate on the topic of climate change June 24 through July 20 in Fort Collins. SummerFest 2018: Mission Earth is dedicated to the life and work of the late astronaut and scientist. The festival will explore a subject that was important to Sellers, climate change and its impact on the planet, through music, visual arts and…


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