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February 18, 2019

Entomologists will talk bugs at March Teen Science Café

What's it like working in the world of arthropods and Colorado insects? Bring your entomology questions to March's Teen Science Café. CSU entomology graduate students Erika Peirce and Melissa Schreiner will answer questions about insects, jobs, college, social media, travel, beekeeping, macrophotography and insect collecting. When: 5-7 p.m., with the presentation starting at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 13.Where: Everyday Joe’s Coffee House, 144 S. Mason St., Fort CollinsPresenters: CSU entomology…
February 14, 2019

Ben Toms earns 2 AMS outstanding presentation awards

Ph.D. student Ben Toms was chosen for two outstanding presentation awards at the American Meteorological Society's annual meeting in January in Phoenix. Toms was honored for work completed during his M.S. studies, under the supervision of Professor Sue van den Heever. The Climate Variability and Change Program Committee selected Toms' presentation, "Quantifying the Dependence of the Global Response to the Madden–Julian Oscillation on the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation," for an Outstanding Student…
February 1, 2019

Prof. Denning answers questions about weird winter weather phenomena

Editor’s note: Extreme cold weather can produce unusual phenomena, from so-called sea smoke to slushy ocean waves. As atmospheric scientist Scott Denning explains, these striking events are caused mainly by the behavior of water at very cold temperatures. Why do lake and ocean waters appear to steam during cold snaps? There are three phases, or states, of water: solid ice, liquid water and gaseous water vapor. Even in extremely cold…
January 30, 2019

Will Lassman and Jakob Lindaas receive Outstanding Student Paper Awards

Two Ph.D. students were chosen for Outstanding Student Paper Awards from the American Meteorological Society's 21st Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry. Will Lassman, co-advised by Jeff Collett and Jeff Pierce, was rewarded for presenting his paper, "Methods of Estimating Deposition Using Atmospheric Concentration Measurements: Using Synthetic Observations Downwind of a CAFO to Quantify Ammonia Deposition." Jakob Lindaas, advised by Emily Fischer, won for presenting his paper, "What Controls the Ratio of…
January 28, 2019

Paleontologist will discuss fossil discovery and how they inform us about the future

Fifty-million-year-old fossils recovered by Paleontology Field School undergraduate students in Wyoming's Bighorn Basin include the first confirmed primates and oldest-known horses – plus crocodiles and exotic mammals unlike anything alive today. How can we learn from this subtropical past to understand the potential impacts of climate change? Prof. Kim Nichols from CSU’s Department of Anthropology will discuss primate paleontology and CSU undergraduate fossil research at the next Teen Science Café.…


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