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July 10, 2018

Erik Nielsen awarded Best Student Poster Presentation at AMS conference

Ph.D. candidate Erik Nielsen, advised by Russ Schumacher, was selected for one of three Best Student Poster Presentation awards at the 29th Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting/25th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction held by the American Meteorological Society June 4-8 in Denver. Nielsen's winning poster, "Dynamical Insights into Extreme Short-Term Precipitation Associated with Supercells and Mesovortices," examined how rotation can potentially lead to enhancement of short-term rain rates. A…
July 2, 2018

Amy Sullivan and Christine Chiu take part in historic ARM field campaign

When Jian Wang began to assemble the team behind the Aerosol and Cloud Experiments in the Eastern North Atlantic (ACE-ENA) field campaign, he had only one goal in mind: getting the best. That team made history within the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility. ACE-ENA had one of the largest, if not the largest, groups of women working on an ARM field campaign. Christine Chiu, an ACE-ENA co-investigator and associate…
June 27, 2018

Women’s mentoring network co-led by department members receives national award

The Earth Science Women’s Network, an international peer-mentoring organization for women in the geosciences, has received a national honor for its work in creating a supportive community for thousands of scientists. Two members of the network’s leadership board are at Colorado State University; scientists from University of Colorado Boulder, UNAVCO and Colorado College also lead the organization. Emily Fischer, CSU assistant professor of atmospheric science and a five-year board member…
May 16, 2018

Climate scientist James Hurrell named first Scott Presidential Chair

James Hurrell will join Colorado State University in September 2018 as the Scott Presidential Chair of Environmental Science and Engineering. Hurrell will fill the first of four presidential chairs in the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering, endowed by a generous gift from college alumnus Walter Scott, Jr. The four chairs represent the college’s areas of excellence in water, health, energy and the environment. Hurrell serves as director of the…
June 22, 2018

Faculty, alumni and friends of department invited to submit alum nominations

Faculty, alumni and friends of the department are invited to submit nominations for the 2018 Colorado State University Atmospheric Science Distinguished Alum Award. The award honors former students whose accomplishments in their careers and service to the profession, the public and/or industry have brought recognition to that individual, to the department, and to Colorado State University. The award recipient(s) will be honored in a department ceremony in late summer or…


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