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Presenter: Tom Auligne
From : NCAR
Date: October 24
Title: Analysis and Prediction of Clouds using Satellite All-Sky Radiances: Lessons Learned and Perspectives

Hosted by Chris O'Dell

October 22, 2014: Graduate Student Rob Nelson's Research Work Highlighted in Physics Today

October 20, 2014: Ph.D. student Doug Stolz Receives Shrake Culler Award

September 11, 2014: FORTCAST Spearheads the 2014 Cans Around the Oval Campaign for the Department of Atmospheric Science and CIRA

September 11, 2014: FORTCAST's First Meeting Set for Tuesday, September 30th

September 5, 2014: Atmospheric Science Ph.D. Graduate Walter Hannah Receives NSF AGS Postdoctoral Fellowship

September 2, 2014: Local FORTCAST Chapter Receives National Attention with AMS Newsletter Feature

August 28, 2014: Ph.D. students Ali Boris and Adam Rydbeck Awarded NSF EAPSI Awards

August 22, 2014: Professor Eric Maloney Named Outstanding Professor of the Year

August 22, 2014: Welcome New Atmospheric Science Students

August 8, 2014: Ph.D. student Ashley Evanoski-Cole Awarded An EPA STAR Fellowship

July 23, 2014: Assistant Professor Russ Schumacher Named Interim Graduate School Counselor

July 2, 2014: Interns from CMMAP, SOARS and NOAA Participate in Department of Atmospheric Science Visit

June 27, 2014: Meet CMMAP's Summer Interns

June 25, 2014: AAAR and FORTCAST Sponsor First Successful "School is Cool" Summer BBQ of the Season

June 24, 2014: CSUs Student Chapter of AAAR Volunteers with Trail Restoration

June 11, 2014: Assistant Professor Russ Schumacher Featured in the March Issue of BAMS

June 5, 2014: Andrea Clements and Hannakaisa Lindqvist named 2014-2015 SoGES Global Sustainability Leadership Fellows

Welcome to the Department of Atmospheric Science

at Colorado State University

Our top-rated department focuses on graduate education, cutting-edge research, and public service. We currently have 19 faculty members, nearly one hundred graduate students, approximately 50 full-time researchers, and an outstanding and dedicated support staff. Our diverse areas of research include Cloud Microphysics, Severe Storms and Mesoscale Meteorology, Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Quality, Radiation and Remote Sensing, Climate and Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics, and Global Biogeochemical Cycles and Ecosystems. We offer graduate degrees at both the M.S. and Ph.D. levels. The department was founded in 1962 by renowned tropical meteorologist Herbert Riehl and recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

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History of the Department of Atmospheric Science

tom McKee


Tom McKee

Tom McKee was a member of our faculty from 1974 to 2000 and retired to Emeritus status


             Masters Defense
Brett Basarab
Location: ATS Large Classroom (101 ATS)
Date: November 3, 1:00pm
Advisor: Prof. Rutledge

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Volume 7 Newsletter

First Teen Science Cafe of the 2014-2015 School Year was a Great Success.

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Relative Humidity: 36%
Wind Speed: 7 mph, gusts 12 mph
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Wind Direction: 131°
Pressure: 844 hPa ( 24.94 in)

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