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Presenter: Mary Barth
From : NCAR
Date: April 30
*Starts at 1:30 pm Thursday*
Title: Effects of Thunderstorms on Tropospheric Trace Gas Chemistry

Hosted by Steven Rutledge

April 17, 2015: Professor James R. Fleming Receives 2015 Distinguished Alumni Award

April 17, 2015: Christina McCluskey and Adele Igel Receive Outstanding Department Honors at the Herbert Riehl Memorial Award/Alumni Award Ceremony

April 16, 2015: Associate Professor Susan C. van den Heever Named CSU Monfort Professor

March 31, 2015: Congratulations 2015 NSF Fellowship Recipients and Honorable Mentions

March 23, 2015: First Lady's Kitchen Garden becomes part of the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow (CoCoRaHS) citizen science network

March 17, 2015: Ashley Evanoski-Cole Receives Outstanding Student Oral Presentation Award at 2015 AMS Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry

March 4, 2015: Aaron Piña Receives 2nd Place at 2015 AMS Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry

February 28, 2015: 24th Annual Little Shop of Physics Open House

February 19, 2015: Brandon Wolding Receives Outstanding Student Presentation at 2015 AMS

Feburary 5, 2015: Distinguished Professor Emeritus Graeme Stephens Elected to National Academy of Engineering

January 29, 2015: Leah Grant and Renee Duff receive 2015 AMS Awards

January 27, 2015: 2014 AMS President William Gail is coming to CSU! Feb. 12 & 13

January 21, 2015: In Memory of Professor Emeritus Peter Sinclair

January 15, 2015: CSU Researchers to Study Health Dangers of Wildfire Smoke, Build Better Warning System

January 14, 2015: David Henderson and Veljko Petkovic Each Receive an AMS Outstanding Student Presentation: Joint Satellite Program Award

January 6, 2015: FORTCAST Wins Poster Award at AMS

December 22, 2014: Professor Steve Rutledge and Dr. Brenda Dolan to receive the 2015 Robert H. Goddard Award

Welcome to the Department of Atmospheric Science

at Colorado State University

Our top-rated department focuses on graduate education, cutting-edge research, and public service. We currently have 19 faculty members, nearly one hundred graduate students, approximately 50 full-time researchers, and an outstanding and dedicated support staff. Our diverse areas of research include Cloud Microphysics, Severe Storms and Mesoscale Meteorology, Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Quality, Radiation and Remote Sensing, Climate and Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics, and Global Biogeochemical Cycles and Ecosystems. We offer graduate degrees at both the M.S. and Ph.D. levels. The department was founded in 1962 by renowned tropical meteorologist Herbert Riehl and recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

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History of the Department of Atmospheric Science

Peter Sinclair


Peter Sinclair

Peter Sinclair was a member of our faculty from 1965 to 1992 and retired to Emeritus status

New Students

Welcome to the following students who have accepted offers of admission for
Fall 2015

Julie Barnum Emily Bell
Jared Brewer Trenton Davis
Sean Freeman Karly Jackson
Andrea Jenney Nathan Kelly
Jakob Lindaas Louis Rivoire
Richard Schulte Derek Weber
Justin Whitaker Samuel Childs

              Ph.D. Defense
Alex Gonzalez
Location: ATS West Seminar Room (ATSW 121)
Date: May 6, 3:00pm
Advisor: Prof. Schubert
Defense Title: Balanced and Transient Aspects of the Intertropical Convergence Zone

              Ph.D. Defense
Chris Eldred
Location: ATS Large Classroom (101 ATS)
Date: May 7, 10:30am
Advisor: Prof. Randall
Defense Title: Linear and Nonlinear Properties of Numerical Methods for the Rotating Shallow Water Equations

              Ph.D. Defense
James Ruppert
Location: ATS Large Classroom (101 ATS)
Date: May 8, 3:00pm
Advisor: Prof. Johnson
Defense Title: Cumulus moistening, the diurnal cycle, and large-scale tropical dynamics.

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