Department of Atmospheric Science

Past Interns


Douglas Falter

Iowa State University

Differences in Poleward Energy Transport between Two Versions of the Community Earth System Model

Mentors: Michael Needham, David Randall, and Mark Branson

Mitchell Green

Central Michigan University

Understanding Training Data Components: A look inside the Unified Flooding Verification System

Mentors: Aaron Hill and Russ Schumacher

Bailey Kropp

Texas A&M University

Exploring Moisture Sources for the Congo River Basin in Space and Time

Mentors: Pat Keys and Ann Casey Hughes

James Miezejeski

University of Northern Colorado

An Apparent Eastward Shift in U.S. Tornadic Activity

Mentors: Lantao Sun, Megan Franke, and Jim Hurrell

Debanjali Pathak

Grinnell College

Projected Changes to Arctic Sea Ice and Commercial Shipping Routes after Stratospheric Aerosol Injection

Mentors: Ariel L. Morrison and Elizabeth A. Barnes

Juliette Rocha

Texas A&M University

Sea Surface Salinity as a Subseasonal Predictor for Summer Precipitation in the Midwest

Mentors: Marybeth Arcodia, Jamin Rader, Martin Fernandez, and  Elizabeth A. Barnes


Linda Arterburn

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Project Title: Analyzing Particulate Matter Concentrations in Central California from Surface Based Measurements and Satellite Data to Quantify Severe Dust Events

Mentors: Olivia Sablan, Dr. Bonne Ford, Dr. Emily Fischer and Dr. Jeffrey Pierce

Eli Flicker

Saint Cloud State University

Project Title: Diagnosing the Angular Momentum Fluxes that Drive the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation

Mentors: Dr. David Randall, Ann Casey Hughes and Mark Branson

Tom Juliano

Rutgers University

Project Title: ​​Extracting Vertical Wind Shear using Cloud Drift Motions retrieved from Fine Temporal Resolution Satellite Imagery 

Mentors: Dr. Jason Apke and Dr. Steven Miller

Shay Magahey

University of Georgia

Project Title: Monitoring Earth’s Albedo from the Moon Using a Simulator

Mentors: Dr. Christine Chiu and Kevin Yang

Hanna McDaniel

Florida State University

Project Title: Investigating Predictor Importance for a Next-Day Severe Weather Hazard Random Forest Model

Mentors: Dr. Aaron Hill and Dr. Russ Schumacher

Jennifer Seth

Iowa State University

Project Title: Viability of Using a Photoionization Detector for Mobile Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Monitoring 

Mentors: Dr. Jeff Collett, Jr., Dr. Da Pan and Andrey Marsavin

Kenny Tam

Rutgers University

Project Title: Response of the Mixed Layer to an Abruptly Quadrupled CO2 Forcing

Mentors: Dr. Maria Rugenstein and Yiyu Zheng

Abraham Tekoe

Western Kentucky University

Project Title: Investigating Decadal Internal Variability in the North Atlantic Subpolar Gyre using the MPI-ESM-LR

Mentors: Emily Gordon, Dr. Marybeth Arcodia and Dr. Elizabeth Barnes


Abby Thornton

Texas A&M University

Project Title: Understanding weekly precipitation forecast errors in western Colorado

Mentoring Team: Dr. Russ Schumacher and Dr. Becky Bolinger

Alvin Cheung

Pennsylvania State University

Project Title: Detecting tropical cyclone secondary eyewalls with a microwave-based scheme

Mentoring Team: Dr. Chris Slocum and Dr. John Knaff

Anushka Narayanan

Cornell University

Project Title: Predicting the Madden-Julian Oscillation using abstention-based neural networks

Mentoring Team: Dr. Zane Martin, Kirsten Mayer, and Dr. Elizabeth Barnes

Ashley Sebok

Millersville University

Project Title: Formulation of a nonlinear GOES-Lightning Mapper flash extent density forward operator for ensemble assimilation and verification in the High Resolution Rapid Refresh(HRRR)

Mentoring Team: Dr. Amanda Back, Dr. David Dowell, and Dr. Eric Bruning

Billy Faletti

Northern Illinois University

Project Title: Estimation and meteorological analysis of CCN during RELAMPAGO-CACTI in Córdoba, Argentina

Mentoring Team: Dr. Paul Demott, Dr. Sonia Kreidenweis, Samuel O’Donnell, Benjamin Swanson, Dr. Jeffery Pierce

Blake Checkoway

University of Georgia

Project Title: Local and long-range impacts of wildfire smoke on air quality in Fort Collins, CO

Mentoring Team: Dr. Jenny Hand

Brittney Smith

Northern Vermont University - Lyndon

Project Title: Cold pools in tropical cyclones and isolated tropical convection

Mentoring Team: Nicholas Falk and Dr. Susan van den Heever

Emily Luschen

University of Oklahoma

Project Title: Updates to the GOES-16 split-window precipitable water satellite product

Mentoring Team: Dr. Jack Dostalek and Dr. Lewis Grasso

Gillian Felton

University of Northern Colorado

Project Title: Analysis of risk communications during the Cameron Peak Fire

Mentoring Team: Dr. Matt Rogers and Andrea Schumacher

Hannah Myint

University of San Francisco

Project Title: Predicting September arctic sea-ice extent using a hierarchy of statistical models

Mentoring Team: Dr. Zachary Labe and Dr. Elizabeth Barnes

Jay Pillai

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Project Title: A simple model of tropical and subtropical interactions

Mentoring Team:Michael Needham, Mark Branson, Dr. David Randall

Kyle Brooks

University of Georgia

Project TitleVariability in thermodynamic profiles of extreme precipitation events in northern Taiwan

Mentoring TeamDr. Michael Bell, Dr. Jen DeHart, and Chelsea Nam

Leah Swinney

Texas A&M University, Corpus-Christi

Project Title: The influence of topography on extreme rainfall events in Taiwan

Mentoring Team: Dr. Kristen Rasmussen, Rung Panasawatwong, and Marqi Rocque

Mandy Bowden

University of Georgia

Project Title: The effect of projected Sea Surface Temperature (SST) pattern changes on tropical precipitation using CESM 1

Mentoring Team: Dr. Eric Maloney, Justin Whitaker, Michael Natoli, and Justin Hudson

Sam Lesmerises

Northern Vermont University, Lyndon

Project Title: Using PM2.5 observations to verify HRRR smoke forecasts during the 2020 western US fire season

Mentoring Team: Dr. Amanda Back and Dr. Christina Holt

Trey Maddaleno

Truman State University

Project Title: Quantifying enhancements in ammonia and methane from concentrated animal feeding operations in northeastern Colorado using ground-based mobile sampling

Mentoring Team: Dr. Ilana Pollack, Dr. Amy Sullivan, Julieta Juncosa Calahorrano, and Dr. Emily Fischer

Victoria Chavez

University of Colorado Boulder

Project Title: Influence of the Andes mountains on the thermodynamics of mesoscale convective systems in subtropical South America

Mentoring Team: Dr. Kristen Rasmussen, Marqi Rocque, Dr. Jim Hurrell, Lantao Sun

Yuwei Zhao

Colorado State University/University of Jinan (CSU Extension Intern)

Project Title: Quantifying enhancements in ammonia and methane from concentrated animal feeding operations in northeastern Colorado using ground-based mobile sampling

Mentoring Team: Dr. Ilana Pollack, Dr. Amy Sullivan, Julieta Juncosa Calahorrano, and Dr. Emily Fischer


Jamie Anderson

Alexandra Ng

Emily Lill

Charlie Connolly

Richard Garmong

Lexie Sherman

Brandon Molina

Justin Stow

Abby Stokes