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Thompson, David W. J., John M. Wallace, Phil D. Jones, John J. Kennedy, 2009: Identifying signatures of natural climate variability in time series of global-mean surface temperature: Methodology and Insights. J. Climate, 22, 6120-6141.
All time series start January 1900 and end March 2009. Data are in anomaly form (i.e., the seasonal cycle has been removed). Residuals can be formed by subtracting from the global-mean time series the respective fitted time series. For example: to form the TDYN and ENSO residual time series, subtract the Tdyn and ENSO fit from the global-mean. The full residual is provided as the last time series.
Time series of global-mean temperature.
  • Global-mean
  • Tdyn fit
  • ENSO fit
  • Volcano fit
  • Tdyn/ENSO/Volcano residual global-mean

    David W. J. Thompson