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December 7, 2022

Gabrielle Leung and Wei-Ting Hsiao awarded Dietrich and Shrake-Culler Scholarships

It was announced at a department ceremony on November 18 that Gabrielle (Bee) Leung has received the 2022 David L. Dietrich Honorary Scholarship, and Wei-Ting Hsiao was awarded the 2022 Shrake-Culler Scholarship. Prof. Susan van den Heever and Department Head Eric Maloney presented these awards to Bee and Wei-Ting, respectively, at a midday ceremony today in ATS 101. Wei-Ting and Bee also provided brief presentations of their recent research.

Jessica Ward, Gabrielle "Bee" Leung, and Sue van den Heever.

2022 David L. Dietrich Honorary Scholarship Award: Air Resource Specialists Vice President Jessica Ward, Gabrielle “Bee” Leung (recipient), and Sue van den Heever (adviser).

Wei-Ting Hsiao and Eric Maloney.

2022 Shrake-Culler Scholarship Award: Wei-Ting Hsiao (recipient) and Eric Maloney (adviser).

Students receiving the Dietrich Scholarship have demonstrated outstanding research and education in air quality.

Sue, who nominated Bee for the Dietrich award, cited her for “very novel and extensive work in aerosol cloud interactions and their implications for air quality” that is contained within three first-author publications and four other papers. Sue noted that Bee’s work has implications for air quality, clouds and precipitation processes around urban regions, smoke plumes, and over tropical maritime and continental regions. The Dietrich Scholarship is funded by Fort Collins-based Air Resource Specialists Inc. each year in honor of retired ARS President David Dietrich.

The Shrake-Culler Scholarship is given annually to a senior Ph.D. student who has passed their preliminary exam, has a GPA of 3.5 or above, and has demonstrated a strong work ethic and enthusiasm for higher education.

Wei-Ting was cited by Eric Maloney as advisor for his work ethic as typified by four first author publications, participation in the PRECIP field campaign, and leadership in the governance of the Atmospheric Science International Student and Scholar Association, among other duties. Wei-Ting has demonstrated excellence in education through his role as TA in ATS 150, the Science of Climate Change, where he developed extensive course content and provided well-received course lectures, in addition to his other duties as TA. Wei-Ting generally studies tropical meteorology, climate dynamics, and subseasonal prediction. 

Congratulations Bee and Wei-Ting! The Department is proud and privileged that you are part of ATS.

Top photo:  Group photo of both award recipients and their advisers.  Eric Maloney (adviser), Wei-Ting Hsiao (Shrake-Culler recipient), Gabrielle “Bee” Leung (Dietrich recipient), and Sue van den Heever (adviser).