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September 3, 2021

Department gathers again for annual picnic welcoming new students

An annual tradition found its way back into our routine Sept. 1 when the department welcomed its incoming graduate students with a picnic at Spring Canyon Park. Last year’s event was canceled due to the pandemic.

Faculty introduced their new students and shared a little about the research each will be doing. It was a good opportunity to take a photo of the incoming class (above) as well as last year’s cohort (below).

Photo at top: Fall 2021 incoming class. Front row, left to right: Tyler Barbero, Jack Cahill, Christine Neumaier, Yiyu Zheng, Zaibeth Carlo-Frontera, En Li and Nico Gordillo. Middle row, left to right: Casey Zoellick, Anindita Chakraborty, Weixin Zhang, Zoe Douglas, Olivia Sablan, Erin (Lexi) Sherman and Amanda Bowden. Back row, left to right: Brian Heffernan, Dhyey Solanki, James Larson, Andrey Marsavin, Jon Thielen, Ben Ascher, Joe Kelly, Spencer Jones, Emily Lill and Ivy Glade.

2020 incoming students

Fall 2020 incoming class. Front row, left to right: Daniel Veloso Ɓguila, Ann Casey Hughes, Charlotte (Charlie) Connolly, Gabrielle Leung, Emily Gordon, Madison Shogrin and Kimberley Corwin. Back row, left to right: Daniel Hueholt, Nicolas Leitmann-Niimi, Kyle Shackelford, Nicole June, Marc Alessi, Ryan Patnaude and Weixin Zhang.

At the picnic, we also had the good fortune to meet talented photographer Abdulaziz Yusufjanov (970.690.2580), who took the excellent photos in the gallery below.

Kimberley Corwin Department Head Jeff Collett Zaibeth Carlo-Frontera and Amanda Bowden Professors Sonia Kreidenweis, Tom Vonder Haar, Jim Hurrell and Maria Rugenstein Professor Emeritus Bill Cotton and his wife2020 incoming students