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June 14, 2021

Steven Miller named new CIRA director and department professor

Research scientist and Colorado State University alumnus Steven Miller has been named director of CIRA, the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere. Miller will hold a joint appointment as professor in the CSU Department of Atmospheric Science.

As one of 15 cooperative institutes partnering with NOAA, CIRA works with the department to conduct cutting-edge atmospheric science research that benefits the nation. CIRA’s research encompasses satellite meteorology, numerical forecasting, tropical storm prediction, air quality monitoring and data dissemination.

Miller has led important research initiatives, developed new programs and pursued new avenues for funding as CIRA’s deputy director since 2007. In August, he will replace the current director, Christian Kummerow, who is stepping down after 11 years to focus on his research as a CIRA Fellow and professor in Atmospheric Science.

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