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July 31, 2020

Q&A with climate scientist and new postdoctoral fellow Zachary Labe

Zachary Labe is a climate scientist with a knack for presenting his work accessibly. He maintains an influential blog of data visualizations regarding trends in Arctic and Antarctic climate, and is often consulted in media coverage of extreme climate events in those regions.

Zack recently joined the Barnes group as a postdoctoral researcher in CSU’s Department of Atmospheric Science. Engineering Source caught up with him while he was still unpacking, for a chat about his work.

Q: You just completed your doctorate – congratulations! What factors led you to choose CSU as your next step?

It was Libby [Barnes]. She gave a presentation at a conference on Arctic/mid-latitude interactions, and seemed really enthusiastic about the science. I was interested in her new work on machine learning and climate change variability, and I wanted to expand my skill set. So I thought it’d be a good post-doc position to add another tool to my toolbox for analyzing climate change.

The work the Barnes group is doing is state-of-the-art – new science, new methods. It’s really important.

Read the full Source interview, “Five questions with Atmospheric Science climate scientist Zachary Labe.”