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July 21, 2020

ARM names Jessie Creamean and Tom Hill aerosol mentors

The DOE’s Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility has selected Jessie Creamean and Tom Hill as its designated experts to manage an expanded effort to collect and analyze samples of ice-nucleating particles.

Creamean and Hill are both experts on these rare particles that are important to cloud formation. The two research scientists have the specialized skills necessary to measure INPs. ARM’s decision was partly based on the pair’s efficient, precise and clean technique they have perfected over the past several years.

“Combined, we have a gamut of expertise with the DOE community and field deployments, INP sampling and measurements, including using tethered balloons, and sample processing using our ice spectrometer,” Creamean said in an ARM news feature. “Additionally, the measurement involves field collection, offline sample analysis, and data analysis, which is quite time-consuming. It made sense to have two of us.”

Read the full ARM article, “ARM Names Two New Aerosol Mentors.”

Photo at top: Tom Hill works in the lab at CSU. Photo by Kevin Barry