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May 12, 2020

Atmos leads contributors in CSU’s climbing Earth and environmental sciences ranking

The Nature Index, a measure of institutional research performance, ranks Colorado State University as a “Rising Star” in Earth and environmental sciences. CSU is the only U.S. university in the top 25, and the 11th fastest riser in the Earth and environmental sciences category. Rising Stars are institutions that had the strongest growth in output since 2015, based on the institution’s share of articles published in 82 prestigious scientific journals selected by an independent panel of experts.

CSU ranks 31st on the list of top institutions from around the world in Earth and environmental sciences, just behind Harvard. Researchers in CSU’s Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering, Warner College of Natural Resources, and College of Natural Sciences long have been leaders in Earth and environmental sciences and produced the majority of scholarly articles factored in the index.

“The Nature Index reflects the efforts of the Department of Atmospheric Science, multiple teams in the Warner College of Natural Resources, and numerous other Earth and environmental science research efforts across the university,” said CSU Provost Rick Miranda. “I am incredibly proud of the faculty, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students who contributed to CSU’s ranking in this index.”

The top contributors to CSU’s Earth and environmental sciences ranking are the Department of Atmospheric Science (16.9 shares, or fractional authorship contributions to indexed papers), Department of Geosciences (3), the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (2.8), Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology (2.3), Department of Chemistry (1.5), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (1.4), Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (1.2), Department of Statistics (0.7), Department of Mechanical Engineering (0.7), and the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (0.6).

Read the full Source article, “Nature Index recognizes CSU as ‘Rising Star’ in Earth and environmental sciences.”

Graph at top: Earth and environmental sciences Nature Index share by CSU units.