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April 6, 2020

Erin Dougherty receives NCAR postdoctoral fellowship

Following her graduation this summer, Erin Dougherty looks forward to diversifying her skill set and engaging in interdisciplinary research through an Advanced Study Program postdoctoral fellowship from the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Dougherty, who is advised by Assistant Professor Kristen Rasmussen, will investigate changes to the hydrologic cycle over the U.S. in a future climate, mainly through the lens of flood-producing storms. She hopes to better understand the atmospheric-hydrologic connection in these storms and how this translates to future flood risk in susceptible communities. Beginning in August, her research will be based at NCAR’s Research Applications Lab.

“I am really humbled to receive such an amazing opportunity to work with the top scientists in the field and to have the freedom to drive my own research forward,” Dougherty said. “Ultimately, I believe ASP will help me become the independent scientist I aspire to be.