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May 8, 2019

Erin Dougherty accepted to Advanced Climate Dynamics program

Erin Dougherty, advised by Assistant Professor Kristen Rasmussen, has been admitted to the Advanced Climate Dynamics Courses Summer School, which will take place at Yosemite Field Station in Yosemite National Park Sept. 22 through Oct. 4. The goal of the program is to offer empirical and dynamical training within climate science with a focus on understanding the basic principles and dynamics relating to and defining the climate of the Anthropocene.

Dougherty applied to the program because she was interested in the immersive experience and opportunity to learn about anthropogenic climate change from experts around the world.

“Given my Ph.D. research on floods in a future climate, I hope to gain a broader perspective of how my research relates to anthropogenic climate change, and witness this first-hand during the fieldwork component,” Dougherty said. “I think this will be an enriching experience to learn how humans are affecting the planet and gain a better scientific understanding of such a complex and important topic.”