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May 15, 2019

CSU meteorologists have a field day at Rockies weather and science event

Coors Field hosted a different type of action April 24. Before watching Major League Baseball, the crowd spectated science experiments, meteorology demonstrations, rocket launches and fireworks at the Colorado Rockies’ 10th annual Weather and Science Day. Twelve-thousand students from schools all over Colorado and parts of Wyoming, along with their teachers and parents, attended the event designed to interest kids in science, engineering and math.

“Events like these are what sparks excitement and imagination in kids’ minds, and hopefully encourages them to pursue a career in a scientific field when they are older,” said Noah Newman, who coordinated Colorado State University’s involvement in the event.

Newman, who coordinates outreach for the Colorado Climate Center, and several graduate students from the Department of Atmospheric Science explained and demonstrated how they take weather observations using various instruments, including a drone. The drone was popular with the students, who waved to its camera as drone operator Sean Freeman flew it in front of the crowd. The audience viewed the drone’s infrared perspective on the stadium’s giant screen, while Jennie Bukowski described how the department uses drones to study weather and severe storms.

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