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December 12, 2017

Becky Bolinger named Assistant State Climatologist

State Climatologist Russ Schumacher has designated Becky Bolinger as Assistant State Climatologist. Bolinger has been a climatologist and drought specialist with the Colorado Climate Center since October 2016. As Assistant State Climatologist, she will monitor Colorado climate, communicate climate information to the public, give historical perspective to weather events, and respond to media and data requests.

One of Schumacher’s responsibilities as State Climatologist was to select an assistant. Because Schumacher also serves as a Department of Atmospheric Science faculty member and director of the Colorado Climate Center (CCC), having an assistant state climatologist is essential to ensure that outreach and communication continue full time.

Bolinger has led many of the CCC’s drought efforts, represented the CCC at stakeholder meetings, and revamped the CCC’s online presence.

“Becky was already filling the role of what an assistant state climatologist would do. She was basically doing the job without the title, so I’m happy that we’re able to formally recognize her leadership in so many of the CCC’s activities,” Schumacher said after announcing the selection.

Bolinger first came to CSU in 2009 as a graduate student in the Department of Atmospheric Science, where she studied the hydroclimate of the western U.S., and particularly the Upper Colorado River Basin. During her time as a graduate student, she also worked closely with the CCC on drought assessment and early warning. She received her Ph.D. from CSU in 2014. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory in Michigan, she returned to the CCC in October 2016 as a climatologist and drought specialist.

“I am honored to be named the Assistant State Climatologist of Colorado. As a Colorado native and climate and weather nerd, the climate of Colorado has long been a passion of mine, and I’m excited that I get to do what I love every day. I look forward to supporting Russ as the state climatologist, increasing the visibility of the Colorado Climate Center, and better educating the public about climate issues,” Bolinger said in response to the announcement.