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October 24, 2017

Chris Kummerow chosen to give Boussinesq Lecture 2017

Chris Kummerow accepted an invitation to give the 2017 Boussinesq Lecture at Science Center Delft, in Delft, Netherlands. He will present his talk “Global precipitation – the successes and shortcomings at different space and time resolutions” on Oct. 26.

The Boussinesq Center for Hydrology is a joint initiative of hydrology groups of the Netherlands and Belgium. The Boussinesq Lecture is organized as part of the center’s annual event at the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Netherlands and the Royal Academy of Sciences, Belgium. Each year the Boussinesq board identifies one topic related to hydrology and chooses one leading foreign colleague to be the Boussinesq lecturer.

Read more about the Boussinesq Lecture 2017 here.