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New Papers
Papers currently in review or in press and those that have been in press for less than 1 year
Papers pertaining to the signature of the Arctic and Antarctic regions
Papers pertaining to the relationship between the annular modes and the ocean
Papers that discuss general aspects of the annular modes, including their structure, interpretation, etc.
Papers pertaining to the climate impacts of the annular modes.
Proxy indices/paleoclimate
Papers that discuss proxy indices of the annular modes and their behavior of the annular modes on paleo timescales.
Southern Hemisphere Annular Mode
Papers that explicitly pertain to the Southern Hemisphere annular mode, its dynamics, climate impacts, relationship to the Southern Ocean, trends, etc.
Stratosphere-troposphere interaction
Papers that discuss stratosphere/troposphere coupling in the context of the annular modes.
Papers that relate to the role of the annular modes in recent climate change.
Wave-mean flow interaction
Papers pertaining to the role of wave-mean flow interactions in driving variability in the annular modes, the theory of the annular modes, etc.
All papers
Contains all papers listed on this website.