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Course Title Credits Requisites Description Offered
150Physical Basis of Climate Change 3 (3-0-0) NoneEnergy budget of the earth, the greenhouse effect, carbon cycle, paleoclimate, projections of 21st century climate.Offered spring
350Introduction to Weather and Climate. 2 (2-0-0) NoneBehavior of the atmosphere and its influence upon man's activitiesOffered fall
351Introduction to Weather and Climate Laboratory. 1 (0-3-0) ATS 350 or concurrent registration.Actual weather data, visualization of meteorological phenomena, in-depth discussion of current environmental issues.Offered fall
495Independent StudyVariesVariesGeneral Atmospheric Science
555Air Pollution 3 (3-0-0) CHEM 113, MATH 261 or MATH 340, PH 122 or PH 142Nature, ambient concentrations, sources, sinks, and physiological activity of pollutants; meteorology; legislation; social and economic factors.Offered fall even years
560Air Pollution Measurement 2 (1-3-0) CHEM 114Examination and application of techniques for air pollution measurement. Includes sampling and analysis of gases, aerosols, and precipitation.
581Experimental Graduate Courses in Atmospheric Science2 (2-0-0) Chem 474 or ATA 350Science, policy and Management of Environmental Issues: Through lecture, discussion, and guest speakers, current environmental issues will be discussed with their science and current government policy. Offered Fall 2015

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