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M.S. and Ph.D. Students: As soon as the Graduate Committee has been established, the program of study (GS Form 6) should be completed and submitted to the Graduate School. This process must be completed before the fourth regular semester registration.

List only the courses needed to complete an M.S. degree (30 credits) on the student's program of study (GS Form 6). Under certain circumstances and with Department Head, advisor, and instructor approval, students may be allowed to retake a departmental course. If a course is retaken, the second grade may be used on the GS Form 6. However, both grades are used to compute a cumulative GPA, but credits are valid only once

The following regulations are governed by the University and are required of all graduate students.

Graduate credit is not granted for completion of courses numbered at the 100 and 200 level. Graduate students may take such courses for general enlightenment or to satisfy a background requirement as specified on the program of study. Grades earned in such courses will not be considered in computing the graduate grade point average described in the "Quality of Work" section of the catalog. Students may also take 300 and 400 level courses as part of their degree program. These classes will NOT replace any ATS required class.

A student who wants to attend a class but does not wish to earn credits may register as an auditor. Auditing a course requires prior approval of the student's advisor and the instructor of the course. When computing course loads and assessing fees, audited courses are counted the same as if taken for credit. Audited classes do not count towards total credit requirements recognized by Graduate School in order to earn a degree. Required courses listed on the program of study may not be taken on a "Student Option, Pass Fail" basis. Courses which are offered "Pass Fail only" or "Instructor Option, Pass Fail" are acceptable. Background courses may be taken "Student Option, Pass Fail" in accordance with the provision of the following paragraph.

Courses taken by a graduate student on a pass fail basis are subject to the limitations imposed by the student's committee and the Department with regard to acceptability for meeting degree requirements. Registration for pass fail should be approved by the advisor prior to enrollment. Choice of audit status and pass fail must be made during the registration or schedule change period.

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