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A graduate committee will supervise each student's educational program and research activities. Advisors will be appointed prior to the first registration. The Graduate Student Counselor serves as interim advisor to those students who do not yet have an appointed advisor. The graduate committee, selected by the student in consultation with his/her advisor, must be appointed before the fourth regular semester registration.

Inasmuch as all graduate student research is degree oriented, the advisor of a student appointed as a graduate research assistant will normally be the principal investigator of the project(s) under which he or she is supported. The advisor of an independently supported student will normally be the faculty member whose areas of expertise are most nearly related to the field in which the student desires to specialize. Hence, independent students should take the initiative in discussing advisor possibilities with the Graduate Student Counselor and in contacting faculty members regarding service as their advisor. In the event that the faculty member preferred by a student should already have too many advisees, the Department Head may appoint another member of the faculty as advisor.

One faculty member in addition to the advisor from within the department and one faculty member from outside the department are required for the M.S. committee. The Ph.D. committee must consist of at least four members: the advisor, two additional faculty members from the department, and at least one faculty member from outside the department. Here again, the student is expected to take the initiative discussing prospective committee membership with his or her advisor and in contacting those faculty members with respect to their availability for service (subject to appointment by the Department Head) on his or her graduate committee. When Affiliate Faculty are involved, they are appointed as additional members of the committee.

Each student is expected to assemble their graduate committee at least once per year to review progress towards their degree. In addition, each student is asked to provide a detailed progress report to their committee each semester.

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