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The Governing Board for Colorado State reserves the right to change the schedule for tuition and fees at any time. Write to the Director of Enrollment Services, Colorado State University, for information on the current schedule.

Full time tuition is presently (academic year 2016/17) $4,813.90 per semester for Colorado residents, and for out of state students $11,801.60 per semester. In addition, students pay fees of $1,168.14 per semester which are for the student center, student recreation center, student activities, athletics, the stadium, and the auditorium gymnasium complex. Students are also responsible for any applicable special course fees and CSU health insurance cost.

In accordance with a nationwide trend, graduate student tuition is not waived for graduate research assistants at Colorado State University. However, federal auditors have ruled that these tuition costs may be borne by the research contract or grant used to support the student's research. Thus, tuition costs need not be paid directly by the graduate research assistant. Because of the large difference between resident and nonresident tuition, all U.S. resident graduate research assistants are required to petition for Colorado resident status as soon as possible (normally after one year of attendance at Colorado State University).

Fees are charged directly to the graduate research assistant. Fees are the same for Colorado residents and nonresidents.

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