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Up to 3 months prior to prelim date Notify committee members and arrange acceptable date for prelim, reserve a room
As soon as the Prelim date is confirmed (at least 3 weeks prior to exam) Fill out the Prelim Notification form
When notification email is recieved Contact committee members to arrange prep of 3 questions, confirm date of written exam Prepare potential written questions and submit to advisor before written exam date
More than 2 weeks prior to written exam date Contact student about date of written exam
At least 2 weeks prior to written exam Submit written prospectus to advisor, committee members
1 day prior to written exam Submit questions (email or hardcopy) to Dept. office, Rm. 117 (M,T,W only)
Date of written exam (aprox. 10 days prior to prelim) Pick up exam questions at 9 AM in the Dept. office, Rm. 117 Have a hard copy of the exam questions available for the student to pick up by 9 AM
48 hours after written exam Submit written answers to questions to Dept. Office 48 hours after picking up Send copies of exam questions to
1) Advisor
2) Committee members
Date of Prelim exam Relax! Pick up Student.s file for Dept. Office. This will include a blank GS 16 form Decide on results and recommendations and sign GS 16
Immediately after the end of the exam 1) Submit GS 16 to Dept. Office for Dept. Head signture
2) When signed, take to Rm. 204 Student Services on campus (Graduate School)
Get GS16 signed by Dept. Head. Notify student
Within a week of exam 1) Memo (email or hardcopy) to dept. summarizing exam results, any recommendations for remedial work.
2) Complete Grad student change form from PhDI to PhDII, as appropriate

Download a pdf of the Preliminary Exam Timeline.

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