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Graduate Guide --> Appendix I ---> Committee Make-up and Temporary Appointments


The committee must consist of at least three faculty members for a master's degree program and at least four for a doctoral degree program.

Committee members are as follows:

  1. The advisor who serves as chairperson of the committee
  2. At least one additional Atmospheric Science (ATS) academic faculty member
  3. ATS appointed affiliate faculty members may serve on the committee, but not replace, an ATS academic faculty
  4. One member from an outside department.

ATS staff who are not faculty members may also serve on the committee and vote if they are given a special appointment. Individuals who are not academic faculty and do not have an affiliate or special faculty appointment but who have special expertise may serve on committees in addition to the prescribed members, but may not vote regarding examination results.

The advisor is identified and the committee is appointed through filing a GS6 form with the Graduate School. With prior written approval from Graduate School, temporary replacement of a member may be arranged. A committee substitution can be approved for the examination only. If a thesis/dissertation is to be submitted, the original committee members' signatures are required (including signatures of committee member who participates in exam via phone). Any permanent changes are recorded through the filing of a GS9A form with the Graduate School.

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