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The department and CIRA jointly host weekly colloquia held Friday mornings in room 101 (large classroom) of the main building. Refreshments are served at 10:45 am in the weather lab (room 105 ATS) with the presentation starting at 11:15 am. The department also hosts other seminars generally announced on the associated mailing list. You can subscribe to the list by sending a message to info (at) using "subscribe colloquium" as the subject.

Current Schedules:

If you would like to invite a speaker, please see the colloquium guidelines and timeline for host and contact Michael Bell (Michael.M.Bell [at], Jeff Pierce (jeffrey.pierce [at], or Jaime Joseph (Jaime.Joseph [at] with questions. Here is a template for a visit schedule for our speakers.

Recorded presentations may be viewed on the Colloquium and Defense Recordings Website.

Past Colloquia:

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