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Alumni Awards

CSU Department of Atmospheric Science Outstanding Alumni Awards

Recipients of our Distinguished Alumni Awards are former students who, by their distinguished careers and service to the college, university, state, nation, or world, have brought honor to the College of Engineering, Colorado State University, and themselves.

2016: Dr. Thomas C. Peterson - M.S. 89, Ph.D. 91

Tom Peterson
President of the World Meteorological Organization's Commission for Climatology
Jim Fleming
2015: Dr. James R. Fleming - M.S. 73
Steven Ackerman
2014: Dr. Steven A. Ackerman - M.S. 79, Ph.D. 87
2013: Award Parameters Update - No Award Presented
Robert Adler
2012: Robert F. Adler - Ph.D. 74
Dennis Shea
2011: Dennis J. Shea - M.S. 72
Roland Madden
2010: Dr. Roland A. Madden - Ph.D. 78
Paul DeMott
2009: Dr. Paul J. DeMott - M.S. 82, Ph.D. 90
2009: Dr. Paul J. Demott, M.S. 82, Ph.D. 90
2008: Major Thomas A. Quinn, M.S. 89, Ph.D. 92
2007: Dr. Greg J. Holland, M.S. 81, Ph.D. 83
2006: Dr. Bruce A. Albrecht, M.S. 74, Ph.D. 77
2005: Dr. William Frank, M.S. 73, Ph.D. 76
2004: Dr. Bjorn B. Stevens, Ph.D. 96

College Honor Alumnus Award

(Awarded by CSU Alumni Association)

Each year, the Colorado State University Alumni Association honors an outstanding alumnus or alumni from each of the university's eight colleges. An Honored Alum is a former student who, by his/her distinguished career and service to the university, state, nation, or world, has brought honor to Colorado State University and to himself/herself.

1998: Robert Madox, M.S. 73
1995: Jerry Mahlman, M.S. 64, Ph.D. 67
1987: Vincent Salomonson, 59
1979: Harry Parker Foltz, Ph.D. 67

William E. Morgan Alumni Achievement Award

(Awarded by CSU Alumni Association)

This award is named for Colorado State University's 8th President, Dr. William E. Morgan, whose participation in and commitment to the life of Colorado State University for over 30 years has significantly contributed to Colorado State's position as a premier institution of higher education. This award is the highest honor given by the Association and is reserved for Alumni who have excelled at the national or international level. The purpose of this award is to recognize a graduate of Colorado State University who has attained extraordinary distinction and success in his/her field of endeavor, whose achievements have brought credit to Colorado State University and benefit to his/her fellow citizens.

James Rasmussen
1993: James Rasmussen, Ph.D. 68

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